If you have a body check out this AMAZING offer!! It won't LAST!! MyFeelGoodWay

If you have a body check out this AMAZING offer!! It won't LAST!! MyFeelGoodWay

Sit down with Cindi and meet Margo Guenther! Margo is fabulous at what she does and listen in to her exciting summer plans and why you NEED to come meet her!

Margo’s Website – https://myfeelgoodway.com
Request your spot for her retreat here – https://myfeelgoodway.com/contact-margo/
Margo’s YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPUymepbuyAPK9pSz5Mcqw
Margo’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MyFeelGoodWay

Thanks for watching!! You can find us and more at fabricpatch.net


  1. Oh Cindi what a wonderful thing you are offering. How I wish I could attend. I was in a head on car accident this past August. I haven’t made a settlement yet. I have daily neck and back pain. She seems like a marvelous lady.

  2. Oh my goodness I wish I was closer to you! ❤️ I am in daily chronic pain and see a pain doctor in Chicago. I wish and I pray that hopefully one day out of my life I can be pain free…..for just 1 day! Thank you for sharing ladies.

  3. Loved meeting Margo:). Chronic pain….several autoimmune health challenges & the past few days have itchy, burning blotches all over my body indicating a systemic reaction to ‘something’. Yes, I need someone like Margo. I’ll investigate her links. Thanks so very much for this information!

  4. Just like some people I wish I could afford to come to at least 1 of your sewing retreats, and come to see Margo, I have a pinched nerve in my lower back and can’t walk very well, if I didn’t have my walker to try and get around I don’t know what I’d do. I’m also on opioids, which I hate so…much. At this point no Dr can help me. So..I have to live with the pain no matter how bad my pain is. I’m getting ready to have therapy, not sure it’ll help, hope I can feel better.

  5. Cindi I tried what she showed you and I felt the difference!!! Unreal!!! I have a family reunion when this retreat is going on in Ohio. I truly need this and I know one other lady, through church, that is in constant pain. I will see what I can work out. Love you gal!!!!

  6. I’m a sewiat, now quilter and bag maker. I injured my spine aged 19, this year I will be 59.
    I also had anti inflammation drugs forever. I got an ulcer in 2018. No more pain meds allowed. So I now use a combination of tactics to enable me to keep sewing. Posture is definitely on the list. Also pacing your life, Having a plan and a purpose. I use a hot water bottle often when sewing to ease the pain. Before during or after.
    A tens machine and heat rub are in my toolkit. Of course a lap quilt for the dodgy knees in cold weather. I do exercise twice a week in a hydrotherapy pool.
    I wish all us painiacs, Those who live in chronic pain could have a blast at a wellness retreat together.
    Giving in is not an option fir me. But finding help from an occupational therapist in Australia has been a blessing for the last 18 months.
    Every one has their own journey and story to tell. Finding my quilting style keeps me motivated.
    Peace and love to the quilting community from the Harris home in Geraldton Western Australia 🇦🇺 💜🇺🇲🖐🥰🤩

  7. I filled out the form but I think I only asked for me…I’d like to bring a special quilting friend with me if there’s two spots available. Should I fill out another form for her as well?

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