If Your Parents are Getting Divorced (Watch This Video)

If Your Parents are Getting Divorced (Watch This Video)

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Are you worried about your parents getting divorced? It’s a change you might not have expected and might not feel prepared for but it’s possible to talk to your parents about divorce. Here’s how to do it.


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  1. It’s 2021 i can gladly say i hate my dad and they are divorcing.My father had 2 previous wifes before my mom and had a kid with each woman,The first one was croatian and my dad abandoned that kid when he was 2 years old,because a war started on croatia then he came back to kosovo,He married a albanian women and had a kid with her and since his parents didnt want her he left her too and didnt let the mother see his child,He married my mother and my mom only know about one wife,had 3 kids with my mom,Took the other son as his kid,And my dads mom always lied and said that my mother isnt treating her stepson the same way,but she actually did and since they lied to my father they always had problems for 30 years,My siblings grew up and on 2005 i was born,They are each older than me,The youngest sibling close to my age is my sis and she is 10 years older than me.My father dialed a wrong number on 2009 and met a woman,she is almost 20 years younger than him,My mom found out but she didnt want us to grow up without a father and now its 2021 still with problems,we moved to germany and i had a argument with my father that he should stop talking with her,I said choose either her or your kids,He said i have been keeping her hanging for 10 years i cant just leave her in the streets,Soo the bitch that knew that hes married is more important than his kids soo im gladly happy that im the reason that they are breaking up,Ill never talk to him again and this just happened earlier and it feels like i was talking to someone soo im kinda relieved,Sorry for taking your time

  2. Honestly, tonight, after work my dad drive me home and I vented him my frustrations with my family blaming my parents on certain inevitable circumstances. My dad told me after my vent that honestly him and my mother have been considering a divorce and that my father wants to move on in life but whether if he’s there or not he will always be by my side. At that moment, it took a huge toll on me considering what I could’ve done in order to be a better daughter, I felt like I myself could’ve been a better daughter in order to keep them together as if I was the reason why they were. My parents argue all the time but it’s one sided, my mother yells at him and my father never says anything. My mother is pressured with so much stress and people in her life that she even has heart conditions now. My father holds his emotions in a bottle and keeps it away from everyone in my family. My parents have done so much for me, so much to support my family, they’ve opened up so many businesses and love for everyone yet they consistently miscommunication, never understands eachother because of their differences socially, because of how they are as a person. I would’ve never thought I could sit here and vent to a YouTube comment section because I can’t find the right person to talk about this to. I appreciate and live my parents to death it’s not even in the image of seeing them apart having their own lives, my dad is willing to leave to respect my moms choices which hurts the most because my dad pretends he doesn’t need much to be happy. I’ve had so many promises that I am required to reconsider now that I’ve heard this news. I promised to buy my parents a new big home near the beach so they can retire in peace, I promised my parents eternal happiness and everything they need including a good career and good grades at school for them to be happy. I feel like I’ve never done anything to consider my parents and it’s selfish. I feel selfish even thinking this way. I always say some things are inevitable but why do I feel like this could be avoided?

  3. Things like this also happen today. Sadly no school so there’s no counselor to talk to. I just have to deal with it and hope for the best 🙁

  4. My parents divorced when I was a 7 year old kid I am a bit older now and my parents are now seeing people . I sometimes feel tired of life. But then I remember if I die what about my family my cousins my brother my grandma and my friends . I keep having mood swings . But for any young kids out there just whatever you like go down that path if you like making clay art then make clay art and be successful and blast down your path til the end

  5. i’m so glad that all these people are going through the same thing i am. we’ll get through this <3

  6. My parents are going to get one because when they are together they don’t fall happy and I just fell sad because they make me happy and when they fight I am scared and a lot of bad stuff has made me cry but this I don’t know

  7. My parents are getting a divorce and not only that, but my mom relapsed with painkillers and shes back to being an addict.

  8. My mom said that it was because of me that she has to stick with my dad, and they are saying they are divorcing…

  9. My parents got divorced when i was 11 ish (im now 22) for months now deep down its been on my mind and the struggle has started to surface theres so much more to say but basically with certain situations as ive got older im starting to struggle

  10. My parents are getting a divorce and it feels like my world is falling apart I don’t know who to go with what to do and why this is happening to me help me I don’t know what to do

  11. my dad wants to divorce i don’t know if i can handle it i feel so bad for my mom it’s all so harf

  12. i’m watching after a really huge fight involving all of us in it just in case they decide it’s time

  13. This hurts to actually be clicking this video and be going through it. Everyone who is going through it. It will be ok

  14. My parents might be getting a divorce and Im worried my life is going to get screwed up I pray to god that nothing happens and therapy works out 😞

  15. ur 13 ur parents are going through a divorce and all you can do is hear them telling you why the other person is the bad guy :/

  16. I’m 24 and my parents have been married 27 years but are now divorcing because they have ‘fallen out of love’ but remain best friends. Even though people tell me this is the best circumstance for a divorce, my heart is breaking. Selfishly I’d rather them stay together and be just content and mediocre the rest of their lives so I can have my parents together, but I have to remind myself that they’re individuals who deserve happiness, too.

  17. My parents told me they’re divorcing two days ago. I cry on and off sporadically throughout the day. They’re still sleeping in the same bed and plan to sell the house next year, they just said they realized they’re more friends than partners – but I feel like my family is dying. 😔

  18. My mom is moving out and it’s either I go with her or stay with my dad
    I love them both and I can’t decide
    I’ve never thought this would happen
    I don’t think I’ll ever be happy again
    I remember I was in the car with my mom she said
    "I’m planning on moving out soon do you want to come with me?"
    I felt my heart break
    What’s going go happen to my family
    What’s going to happen to my life
    Whats going to happen to ME
    The next day I woke up and started crying
    Thinking about who to choose
    Now here’s the thing
    My mom yells at us often and my dad is always playing chess on his phone
    I know they both love me but what if I make the wrong Choice…

  19. Today I asked my mom if she could stop shouting at me . Earlier my brother had annoyed her. So we didn’t talk for the rest of the day and while we were eating she told me she’s divorcing my dad on Monday. I told her that what us as parent and child doesn’t affect marriage then she told me that she’s a bad mother and a bad wife . It’s Friday and let’s see what happens 😔

  20. ugh my parents wont just divorced no my mom will take me and my brothers and travel away from my dad but I can still contact dad

  21. My parents are getting a divorce after 11 years my mom just kind of changed and didn’t love my dad anymore

  22. i just hate them so much, i don’t even wanna go home because it dowsn’t feel home anymore. My dad is not even at home all day so i would feel relieved if they would get divorce.

  23. i am 16 and my parents are really close on getting a divorce its not sure but its a big chance my dad was caught having women on his contacts and my mum didnt like that and now he is being really agressive not hitting her but yelling at her (my dad has never yelled at any family member btw) they (are) together for 23 years now and i am thinking of all these good memories with both of them being happy all together last night i grabbed a picture of me and my family together and started crying for 1 hour and remembered when my dad said to me to never cheat on my wife and always be a good person and i thought WHERE IS THAT GOOD PERSON NOW HUH?(i will keep you updated about the thing i know you dont care but i want to get it out of me)

  24. My parents told me an hour ago. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m feeling, my mum is moving out tomorrow

  25. My parents are gonna get divorced any minute even second. They started fighting at their 6th year of anniversary it’s 10 now

  26. i miss mydad and cant stay wit him cuz i live wth my mum everytime i expresse nothin changes wht do i do

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