I'm Preparing For A Divorce

I'm Preparing For A Divorce

I’m Preparing For A Divorce
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  1. She gets alimony but does he get alimony? Why does she deserve alimony? Fs she has kids fine, have him pay child support, but she is old and if she has kids they are 18+

  2. I would like to humbly ask this Lady when she got married what song they both selected for the wedding and try to go back there to that special moment & see what was the match that lit that 22 year fire….maybe those words in that song can find the light at the end of this tunnel: "Love is Blind but Divorce is not"

  3. God bless everyone on this Contradiction Coronavirus we wish you good Health and keep up the Good Spirit.

  4. I always say, everybody should have emergency funds because you never know what’s going to happen. You can meet with the most perfect person on earth and suddenly things change and you need to get out now. What’s your exit strategy?
    The best strategy to protect your funds is to create a single and separate investment, one that generates profit short-term, so even in the worst case, the court is aware of your investment it doesn’t have jurisdiction on the profits.

  5. Yes go ahead and work through the divorce finances and go straight to those student loan debt which is federally administered, I love Dave but he is trying to sell a book.

  6. Fellas find a woman that makes more than you no stay at home wives. Get a prenup & always keep your finances seperate. If she divorces you file for alimony immediately!

  7. Wanted to divorce. Husband is financially abusive (among other things). Couldn’t get any college education. Put us in a rural area – nearest neighbor is distant. He held all the money and vehicles. Refused to divorce. Put us into debt so that I "couldn’t get any of his money". Can’t afford any lawyers. Just waiting for the youngest to leave the nest. I don’t want to be rich. I just want out.

  8. Counseling is very expensive, not everyone can afford it. Specially when money is tight. Easy to say go to a counselor Dave.

  9. From a legal perspective, there are several big errors in the suggestions he’s making that would hurt you in a contested divorce process. Consult a legal professional, don’t rely on this!!

  10. Isn’t it amazing how she starts the call by wondering what she should do with HER student loans? You may think she understands that HER debt is HER debt

  11. She probably wants the ex husband to be to paid for the student loans and all her debit…😁😁…!

  12. I’m so happy for my divorce . Best decision , we were no longer happy and that person was a monster. I’m free!

  13. I really hate how people talk about working through the relationship and saving it. I’m getting ready to go through a separation and when people talk to me about going to see a marriage Councillor or something, I HATE it. You don’t think we’ve thought of that? You don’t think we’ve tried various things before coming to this decision? You think that you suggesting that is what’s going to suddenly save our relationship? If people are talking about separation, and are asking for advice about it, they aren’t asking for advice on how to save the relationship.

  14. 22 years of marriage, no house equity, 160k in student loan debt, 50k income. Where did all the money go?!?!

  15. Actually in most divorce situations, the emotions become highly charged. Good luck in isolating your emotions. You’re gonna need it.

  16. Divorce does not turn marriage into business transaction. Marriage is a business transaction starting day one you get married.

  17. Tori of Cleveland, Ohio, how are you doing now? My husband divorced me after 34 years of marriage because we are not in the same page anymore.

  18. Why does Dave encourage marriage and counseling? I have been through both and they don’t work. 60 % of marriages fail – 85 % fail if the women has a college degree. Dave should at least encourage a rock solid pre-nup on all marriages.
    Marriage is a one sided business contract.

  19. Sounds. like the husband was propping her up. She will be like most divorce women. Broke and struggling. Still trying to live off the man.

  20. How on earth does someone get $160k student loan debt and only earn $50k when you are at least 20 years into your career?

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