1. Your dad might be playing with bots, but that’s fine. It’s got its own difficulty curve and makes you work to survive the whole round The pvp mode is really toxic and if he has fun playing with his ships, it’s all that matters. I wish my dad had any interest in computers. He struggles to even work the oven or the fridge buttons :/

  2. i could only imagine the NPC train of thought their world renowned spartan making those movements a total machine at work they will never understand the method of a born killer

  3. The graphics on Halo look way worse than I remember them looking wtf

  4. Sorry to break it to you, but that 99% win rate is against bots in the co-op mode. In co-op, the other live players are only on your team while the enemy team is entirely made of easily beatable bots. It’s pretty hard to lose in co-op. It’s time for him to step up the challenge and play randoms, ranked, or clan battles. Only the very best of the best break 70% win rate in this game.

  5. It’s great being able to bond about videogames with your dad. It’s something that I wish to have if I get a son of my own.

  6. Your dad’s doing better than me since my dad got me hooked on k&m I never looked back and it’s to hard to learn again but respect to the man for giving it ago

  7. Oh my gosh your dad is adorable and badass at the same time. Also him calling you a little shit was somehow so wholesome.

  8. He only started playing Halo now since he wanted to give a chance others at the Charlies Halo Challenge. What a kind man!

  9. The day his dad learns to control both sticks, it will be doomsday for everyone on the team against

  10. Notradamus- Les Prophéties. (Century X:27) Through the fifth one and a great Hercules They will come to open the temple by hand of war: One Clement, Julius and Ascanius set back, The sword, key, eagle, never was there such a great animosity.

    North American (eagle) Paul walker was working on the sixth Fast And Furious movie ("through the fifth"). When, with financial adviser Roger Rodas (sword&key) left from co-hosting a charity event (Temple) for a 2013 Philippines Typhoon. They died on Hercules st. Santa Clarita California by car crash. The weather was mild (clement) and the natural disaster caused both to fundraise for typhoon which caused aprx. 6600 deaths and 2.98 billion in damages(war). They both died (a great animosity).

  11. Damn lucky you Charlie I would love to have that type of relationship would my father but it’s far from happening but if I become a dad someday I’ll surely have a relationship like that with my child! You’re a really cool guy!

  12. War Thunder is like World of Tanks/Warships, but has Naval, Air, and Ground battles, and is better imo. Charlie’s dad probably enjoy that, considering he enjoys WoT

  13. Bro I went to my grandpas place a few weeks ago and he bought a Xbox one and loved to play fh5

  14. Hold your head high, kiddo – you’re the son of the feared High Seas King! 🏴‍☠

  15. There is no way in hell that he has a 99% win rate in PvP. No way.

    If you are at 50% you are a good player.
    60% is a great player.
    70% is an Elite player
    80% maybe 5 players in the whole world
    90% yea, right
    99% nope.

  16. If he’s playing with M&K in world of warships, maybe he would be a bit more comfortable aiming with a mouse, not sure about the keyboard though.

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