Integrated Counseling and Wellness

Integrated Counseling and Wellness

Note: This video and most of our complementary alternative medicine videos are intended for two purposes.
– To increase and/or maintain folks wellness. These videos can help folks cope with stress but are not intended to replace counseling in any way. These videos are also to help people who have gone through counseling and need a reminder of some basic skills that they may have forgotten.
– Unfortunately rural areas such as Rexburg, Idaho does not have as many professional counseling options as more populated areas do. Because of this, we created these videos to help folks who are already in counseling (couples counseling, marriage counseling, and individual counseling) and wish to augment their current process with additional skill building exercises. We hope that counselors in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Rigby, Driggs and the entire area, will feel comfortable providing this as a resource to their clients as part of our Professional Partnership Program.

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