Is a Mutual (Uncontested) Divorce Cheaper than a Contested Divorce?

Is a Mutual (Uncontested) Divorce Cheaper than a Contested Divorce?

How expensive will a mutual divorce be compared to a highly contested divorce? Attorney Genelle Johnson breaks down the differences in cost and shares the “trifecta” of divorce decisions that usually add costs to any divorce when they are not agreed to and need to be litigated in court.

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0:00 – Costs of Divorce
2:15 – Costs of a Low Cost or Mutual Divorce
2:46 -Costs of a Contested or Litigated Divorce
3:42 – Factors that Add Costs to Contested Divorces
5:09 – How Much Does a Highly Contested Divorce Cost?

In a contested divorce, you can expect to incur costs between $5000 per party to tens of thousands of dollars per party. Attorney Genelle Johnson says it will depend on the types of issues, the nature of the litigation involved and the level of complications. Typically, contested divorce falls between $10,000 to 15,0000.

To avoid additional costs in a contested divorce, understand that these three things will lead to litigation and trial in family court: child custody and placement, property division, and maintenance. As Genelle Johnson coins it, this “trifecta” will create the perfect storm for a highly expensive and drawn out divorce.

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