Is this Infamous Supercar Real?

Is this Infamous Supercar Real?

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The Devel Sixteen has drawn praise and skepticism ever since its reveal way back in 2013. The car has yet to be seen on the road, clouding the perception around this car even further. Will the Sixteen ever see the highway? Surprisingly, I think so.

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  1. I think you should cover the canadian company "Aero", their story is somewhat similar, only, in the end, they pulled through with a very little known supercar for the ages.

  2. Anyone not expecting exaggerating, arrogant nonsense & naive bluster
    from Dubai hasn’t been paying attention in recent years.

    This fake car should be right at home on the sinking, festering islands dredged up off Dubai’s shoreline.


  3. This car’s looks like as if the entire middle easts personality came to life in a physical manifestation; fake, flashy, obnoxious

  4. Man does it look awsome though, even if they put a ferrari engine or something in it at like 800hp would be an awsome car

  5. Hey guys, I’ve wanted to talk about Devel for a long time, and I’m honestly pulling for them. I want the Sixteen to achieve the company’s ambition. The road might have been longer than they were planning, but isn’t that true for so many other things? Make sure you’re subscribed, we’ll be taking a close look at more *interesting* supercar brands here in the US and Europe, you don’t want to miss those episodes. – Nolan

  6. Tell that to Rimac how hard to build hyper car and actually has tested the speed and power and car being build in Croatia, most people even don’t know where Croatia probably is.

  7. It looks ugly. If i had the money (which i will never) I’d buy a Ford GT and an Aston-Marrln instead

  8. Even if this thing is able to make that much HP, I dont think there are many tires that can handle that much power. Bugatti uses some of the best tires money can buy and those can only last about 15 minutes when reaching top speed, So how long will their tires last assuming most of it doesn’t burn out from all the wheel spin it’ll have at launch. On top of that the production model got rid of the rear wing which it will need if its going to go 300+ mph otherwise just like the fighter jet it was based on, it will go flying.

  9. Lol, I think it’s funny that a "Dubai made super car" is just made by a guy from MI and an Italian. XD

  10. The nutritious spring unknowingly type because cone postprandially colour despite a bored screwdriver. ambitious, cute creature

  11. That F1 car was a 4 cylinder BMW though. 4x 1350, and we’re at 5400 hp. maybe they are UNDERSELLING it. just kidding. I still think its fake though.

  12. Fake it till you make it huh. I’ll believe this company when they can actually make a better car than the one supercarblonde drove. That thing have poor body panel fitting and cheap looking stapled fabric interior with some stuff looking like they could peel off. The wheel looks like a stolen Wii controller that they hot glued to the car. Some people doesn’t even believe that their original engine is actually putting out that much horsepower as they claim it does in that engine video. Not to mention the amount of radiators needed to keep something like that remotely cool would make their car a cheese on 4 wheels. Even then, they have to make some new tyres that can withstand that much horsepower cuz even Bugatti struggle with this part.

  13. Even if this car was real and was for sale nobody would drive it. It would just be yet another uber expensive garage queen.

  14. Arabs basically did absolutely nothing in building this car lol and they have a terrible taste, all talk

  15. I have a question. Why 5000hp??? Isn’t 2000 or 3000hp enough to make the fastest car in the world???

  16. Let me put it that way.
    German super hich tech Engineers needed a few years to produce the Veyron, with a gigantic Staff, using decades of Expertise and millions in RnD, in a Country which is known for its High Tech.
    Koenigsegg also struggles to achieve 300mph and those Guys are way ahead of everything in that regard.

    So now, an UAE Company comes along and claimes to shatter all those Records ?
    A Company in a Country with NO technical background, no experience in basically anything tech related ?
    Where everything the country is "known for" was outsourced to european engineers ?
    From Skyscrapers, to Energyproduction, Isles, Cars, Roads, Transportation etc. ?

    Eh, theres no reason to believe that they "just" shatter everything if theres nothing to back it up, the likelyhood of that beeing possible or even true is close to 0.

    And it looks like its a generical GTA5 Online Car built by a 12yo on his PS4.

  17. Entertaining at a maximum.
    I got me 6 flying camels (The Moloch 666) for sale and all the p1ss you can drink

  18. I think devel can have a lot of potential, but I think they’re too ambitious to really utilize it. The technology that the transmission would need alone would be ridiculously difficult to develop, let alone the cooling systems

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