Its true. Every county has them, but does that mean we should just keep ignoring them? If I was a business owner, I would get involved. The less money wasted on misuse of funds and in the courts means more spent in my store. RIGHT? Watch this video and learn some issues we have right here at home! This is for all citizens of GUERNSEY COUNTY!!


  1. Guernsey County is a joke! I went down there for work for a month and someone on the street asked me to return something in the Dollar General because they forgot their ID. They told me it was stolen so I told them to take it and they called the cops and made up this story about how I stole it, and then I threatened to "hurt them". THEN, the Cambridge Police put a warrant out for my arrest (which I didn’t even find out until I applied for another job). I called them and they said they put out the warrant for questioning. You don’t arrest people for questioning. You don’t arrest people for returning stolen goods. You don’t press charges as an officer if it’s all hearsay, and you have no witnesses or footage. I called the Law Director and he gave me some big long speech about how serious this is…and I told him to get lost and go find something to do.

  2. Cindylee Dodd
    1 second ago
    So glad I moved from there if it’s that bad, God Bless you, I pray that things get turned around.

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