1. why are yah leaving the casket In the church, after the service……aren’t yah suppose to carry it to the hearse, then everybody go to the gravesite?

  2. respect and dignity is for the living and once your dead only your family cares. Honestly once your dead all fighting about words spoken is pointless.

  3. Thx Joe Biden dems for not letting thiis family to see off loved one …..ONLY ON YOU TUBE ! SICK SICK SICK

  4. Give me a break. It was a simple mistake. Unless someone raped the corpse then who cares? No money for them I hope.

  5. Sue the hell out of those disrespectful morons. Not to mention unprofessional conduct brings into question what else did they do or not do. Where is she buried?. .

  6. Shes cute she deserves prayers?? Whats wrong with that?? Too bad the live stream didnt stop but accidents happen. Anything to Sue these days!!

  7. Who does that?
    it’s these young people that they get to work in these funeral homes that never been through anything don’t know nothing so what they do is make jokes thinking it’s funny talking about underneath their clothing and I know this for sure because my daughter was about 22 years old and she had a friend that worked at in a funeral home and he would discuss with her about underneath women’s clothing that she stopped talking to him when she told me I was so angry I even stopped him from coming to my home because that was the limit total disrespectfu😭Well I’m sure if those young people was around the family’s they wouldn’t have done that "but thank You Jesus those people was exposed for what they do behind the families Back! so what needs to be done is what the Gentleman is doing to Teach them and not only that funeral home any other Funeral Home a Lesson
    P.S. I’m so so sorry for you and your family loss and May God bless your little angels❤😇 That’s left without a Mother And May she rest in Jesus Holy Arms🛐#ittheafteraffecthurt

  8. To the commentors, when a person has lost someone close to them, it means everything in the world to them to hear your comforting words of sorrow felt for them. It just does. Even if you are actually there at that person’s funeral with their grieving family. I feel bad for this family. I’m sure it may have been an oversight on someone’s part and sad they had to hear what they heard, but it doesn’t dimiss the integrity and professionalism the funeral home is to service to that family. May her husband, family get closure and may the young woman RIP.

  9. So turn off your computer and call the funeral home. Some people are always looking for a reason to sue. It’s disgusting.

  10. Wow sorry for your loss brother. That is so wrong for what they did an said. Hope you get your closer for you an your family

  11. Omg shut up she’s dead it’s just a body lol if she was heavy then oh well. lol stood over her and said who’s this? 🤣 like he want her number

  12. The fact they even said that… there’s no excuse for disrespecting a dead person at their funeral by the staff! Families may joke because they try to lighten their pain but nothing like this. I can’t imagine how hard that was to see

  13. Morticians are insensitive while only pretending to care, for their benefits only. What disgrace. They should get their money back !

  14. ✨♥️Prayers ♥️✨
    but this reporter’s mask wearing in open air makes me question his perceptions

  15. Never understood why the news media would wear a mask when facing a camera at 10 ft distance?
    Is it all about Optics/ compliance?

  16. The first thing they do is look to see if any young women came into the funeral home… comments are commonly made about a woman’s breasts or a man’s penis. People have to get through their day at work just like you do. Jokes are made. You are silly and ignorant if you think they aren’t

  17. Oh give me a break. This guy just seen an opportunity to get paid. So what, somebody said she was heavy. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  18. So someone said she was heavy, while lifting the casket… and someone said she was cute (which can be exchanged with pretty) and wanted to pray over her..? Am I missing something….? I don’t see where anyone was being disrespectful to her at all. This was covid 19 times – having to live stream a funeral was not typical before this. Of course the video should have been turned off – but come on… 🙄

  19. I’m sorry for his loss, but his wife’s dignity wasn’t taken from her. She was clearly already dead. That man is clearly looking for a payday not an apology.

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