Jeff Bezos’s Mind-Blowing Divorce Settlement | The Daily Show

Jeff Bezos’s Mind-Blowing Divorce Settlement | The Daily Show

CNBC pundits find out about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’s divorce on-air, and Desi Lydic explains what a divorce settlement is like when you’re the richest person in the world

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  1. I don’t think she did anything at all. If she had done, she would have some shares on her name. Yeah for 25 years being his wife, she enjoyed luxuries.
    Now she earned herself a name I. E gold digger

  2. this doesn’t surprise me a bit…… when a man does something shitty to a woman, it’s unacceptable……. but when some useless broad basically steals 66 billion bucks from a man, that is completely fine :D:D:D

    feminists: "we don’t need men" yeah, that’s why she takes his 66 billion :D:D

  3. I bet that the CNBC anchor had a lot of investments in Amazon stocks & he was upset that Jeff’s announcement brought down the prices

  4. FYI, his wife is not getting 66 Billion cash. Just saying.

    Jeff Bezos wealth is largely held in the stock he holds at Amazon, not hard cash. He owns about 12% of Amazon and she got 25% of his stock holding at Amazon i.e: 3%. You cant just sell 3% of Amazon and pocket the cash….in case that’s what you were wondering 😄

  5. Lol wth that girl on the show look EXACTLY like my French teacher! I was wondering how she got on the show when I saw the thumbnail but then realized it was just a lookalike lol

  6. Seriously trev is Amazon sending you parcel bombs. Arrrrh run…
    Desi is straight up funny…
    Come on desi were did you hide the $66 billion dollars.
    We know…

  7. I see bullshit here. Methinks there is some Elizabeth Warrenisque here. Maybe the wealth tax has hit home to Jeffrey.

  8. It’s fair! Cheating off a person is worth more than billions. The trauma, the sadness. The money is just a small consolation. Go Mackenzie! You stayed with him until he lets you go, it’s fair to take your share. Jealous people , cry mud

  9. Lol if Bezon has a personal falling out with one of Amazon’s shareholders they dont get half his assets. There was no reason for her to get that much money

  10. Come on… bezos will do fiiiiiiiine we are in no position to pity him in any level. WE are the peasants. That guy has whatever millions

  11. What the hell is this?
    Ofcourse, his wife should get monetary support following divorce.
    But $66 Billion after divorce is mindblowingly insane.
    Yes she supported him, but that support is a small part of his life and much of his success results from his sheer hard work and entrprise.
    $66 Billion in divorce settlement is crazy beyond belief.

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