1. Yeah, this is totally true.
    I have no doubt a psychiatrist or physician would be willing to give out juicy details about his patients. There aren’t any laws and norms set out about patient confidentiality. None at all.

    This is so sad.

    If that doctor had been the one who released this BS information, he’d be in a law office giving a deposition right now. Depp would have an iron clad case and the Doctor would lose his license.

    I don’t know what this bullshit is, or what it is pretending to be. But the way it is presented here is absolute fluff.

    Like everything that comes out of the United States these days, Americans don’t give one wet fart about truth and honestly anymore. They accept lies as normal and, just like with their idiotic Christian religion, they accept the pure horseshit spewed by their favorite Dear Leader, on faith. Can you imagine such a thing. To sell out the way so many Americans have. It is so greasy and nasty and cringe worthy.

    From the outside it is fascinating to watch, but I have to say, as much as Putin is embarrassing Russia, the Right Wing fools in America are making your country actually look worse. And let me be the first to tell you… That ain’t easy.

    Can’t you people ever stop lying for personal gain? It is disgusting. Are you really willing to sell your souls, your honor, your dignity, for a few bucks and a Like or two?

    It is grotesque beyond words.

    They say everyone has their price…
    Well, America, Yours was pretty fucking low.

  2. Johnny depp is the best. Appuse of lying is to make her more money with me too movement. But just separate the real ones with lyers🙏

  3. If Amber divorced Johnny 3 or 4 years ago , and now has a baby, why is she unable to move on and allow Johnny to do the same. Usually after a divorce people move forward. She divorced Johnny and the divorce is finally. One should not hurt the others career. Grow up Amber and clean up your act and hopefully Johnny can do the same. This relationship is toxic to both parties if they are trying to stop alcohol and drug use.

  4. These individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder are some of the sickest, most twisted, sadistic, seemingly INSANE individuals with who you could ever have the misfortune to encounter. People with BPD think the most extreme, bizarre, paranoid thoughts, and they confuse and conflate reality with fantasy, and they will TURN YOUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN so quickly that you won’t even know what happened.

    I actually hope that NO ONE understands this….and that no one can relate to what I’m saying….because I would not wish someone with BPD on my worst enemy.

    People with BPD can whip through your life like a tornado…or the Tasmanian devil (cartoon character)….leaving behind them a barren path of destruction and terror, leaving you with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    …and god help you if you have the misfortune of encountering a Borderline male because they have often have the size and strength to do considerable damage to anyone that rubs them the wrong way.

    Again, I hope to god very few people understand this. You can have had a stable, calm, relatively successful life and career…for many decades…and one of these individuals can feign interest or pretend to fall in love with you and once they know they have you hooked…BAM!…those pretend feelings of love and adoration turn into contempt and hatred, and they will try anything to destroy you.

    You honestly have to experience this…or be very closely associated with someone who is going through it….in order to believe it because…quite honestly….it is too bizarre to believe.

    In fact, even while it actually IS happening to you, you’re saying to yourself, "This cannot be happening right now" because it is almost too shocking and confusing to accept as reality.

    …but the truly frightening aspect of it is that they ENJOY tearing others down and then just moving on, like nothing ever happened. They do this because they "get bored easily".

    Oh, and their gender and sexuality….they don’t know who they are…or what they want, so they can flip flop between being heterosexual to bisexual and they especially seem to like polyamory (since they fear abandonment), so be forewarned.

    Oh, and here’s another MASSIVELY WAVING RED FLAG for you. They have some weird fixation with feet, especially the way feet SMELL. If given the chance to smell truly RIPE stinky feet, they can’t get enough of it.

    Watch out for these incubi and succubi. They WILL suck you dry and toss your carcass aside and move forward treating you like YOU are now the axis of evil.

  5. 🌸🌸🌸I am passing through similar situation, just pray,we need the system change, IF ABORTION LAW IS ALLOWED ALLOW MEN TO KILL CHILDREN WHOM THEY DO NOT WANT TO PAY MAINTENENCE, "AMERICA IS DOOMED BY MY WRATH, NOBODY CAN SAVE IT, USELESS TRYING…remember i said it….🌸🌸🌸

  6. Amber is an example that all angel faces are not angels inside. Something’s wrong in that head of hers. Pity she’s so lovely on the outside.

  7. Why would she wait until after they separated to claim abuse if she was not referring to Johnny?! I think she enjoyed fighting bc negative attention to her was better than no attention.

  8. Victims who are psychologically impacted from physical abuse don’t try to dominate conversations and situations like Amber. The marriage counselor said Amber wouldn’t even allow Depp to speak, constantly trying to control every situation and he would just give up.

  9. Men like wild slutty girls that all the dude wants. They both are toxic dysfunctional substance abusers jet setters. Entertainers actors are wild and swing try to get each other jealous competitive and high powered narcissists egomaniacs and malignant Mysogynist use gaslighting diabolical schemes are dangerous

  10. You can just tell Amber is such a fake person and appears to come across as if she’s better than everyone…

  11. Once this all over Johnny rebuild yourself
    Even better visit our beautiful green country Aotearoa New Zealand love and support Justice for Johnny 🧡🧡🧡

  12. Johnny is a survivor of childhood abuse, people that survived this will understand, let’s face it, we always unknowingly are drawn to what is familiar he married his mother’s personality& which is,< Deja Vue,> I hope he will save himself again GOD HELP HIM!

  13. Hopefully jonny can find another 30 year to date that is more mature that he dont wish death upon. Or maybe a 18 year you know how them hollywood pervs be.

  14. He only lost the UK trial because here in the UK the justice is absolutely shit I know this from experience and because they wouldn’t allow the majority of his evidence be admitted to court but hers was allowed sounds about right over here

  15. FYI- the domestic violence hotline is a scam. There are NO SERVICES OR LAWYERS ON STAFF, INCLUDING NO FEDERAL FUNDS TO HELP ANY VICTIM.

  16. So let’s recap Amber beat JD, her sister, spit at her ex assistant, hit a friend while shopping for thanksgiving, hit an ex female lover/ partner, made Paul bettany’s teenage son cry over food. They should just stop this trial already this is just a waste just take her to jail yesterday!

  17. They had a sick, toxic relationship. As far as I’m concerned if they need to stay as far away from each other as possible.

  18. I’m proud of jd coming out and being a voice for men who experience domestic violence from the women they are involved in. This is a hard subject for men to admit.. That they are victims at times and can be abused mentally and physically.. It’s not always the man doing the abuse. I would suggest that he aims to live a more sober life bc that dosent help in these situations either and is a sign that deep down he’s struggling with something.

  19. I am disappointed in Johnny. There were red flags and it was obvious that she was a gold digger 😔. He should of known better. She did not want a prenup, she made drama with his kids, so why on earth would you get involved with someone who was not mature and got even deeper into his demons and addiction. He is paying the price with his career.

  20. Amber I believe lied about being hit and having her nose broken look at Riahna picture yet no one can see a thing on her she gave doctored pictures and the doctor said it was because amber said he hit her he never admitted it the judge in the sun trial didn’t allow any of his evidence. She just admitted to taking ambient so she took drugs and stole it

  21. What is the point of court cases if psychologists and psychiatrists cry childhood trauma childhood abuse it’s all about their childhood abandonment issues its just nonsense criminal behaviour is criminal behaviour no matter how hard it is to believe that some people do what they do. Stop crying sickness of the brain psychiatry.

  22. This case is not just about JD, This is for every DV victim throughout the world, because for the true victims we know too well when people believe the lies perpetrators tell .
    My hope is she is found to be the liar she is, because god help every true DV victim if she gets away with this.

  23. Dr Kipper is fast asleep or on drugs – he makes me think of old sleepy Joe Biden – the ‘president’ of the USA.

  24. Shocking claims.

    One on one counselling, amber heard claimed Johnny vas violent against her, but when Johnny was there she never said anything about it.

    She is calculating manipulator and her tactics worked here.

    But too many claims have been debunked showing she is a liar.

  25. She needs anger management .i did it and i grew as a person that i had a opioid issues also.why cant u guy’s just play nice .cuz amber is not NICE.if i was married to johnny i would treat him like the king he is .

  26. Johnny Depp is abusive, a rager and an alcoholic&drug addict. Their marriage counselor witnessed her bruises. He controlled her career. She presented enough evidence that a woman can get without provoking more abuse. He texted that he wanted her decomposed corpse rotting in a trunk.

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