1. Imagine being a women married in the 70s in india in an unhappy marriage and still carrying on through all those years..i think women can be strong if willing to

  2. It’s a hustle. She’s lazy, don’t want work, then move on to the next one, the hell what he saying. She has a demon in her head whispering.

  3. It’s how the West is set up. Unfortunately the West spoil women. From the court system, tv, movies, people, and society as a whole. We now live in a matriarchy but unfortunately the men have to deal with this crazy society even though we helped build everything for women.

  4. Cutting this clip off at that moment didn’t allow the point to be made. Also, more men cheat, don’t participate in domestic and parenting responsibilities, eat poorly, are addicts, commit domestic violence, have sexual addictions, are emotionally detached and have lower language skills, making them poor communicators. Women are more attentive sexually yet have fewer orgasms, I mean the list goes on and on and ON. Most men whose wives stay with them, or who could even get one in the first place, should probably thank their lucky stars.

  5. All American women are married to a man that’s a narcissist. They verbally abuse them. They don’t see her real value. Lol can’t tell you how much I’ve heard that.

  6. .
    Did I miss something? How did it go from neuroticism to women have less upper body strength and they’re smaller thing?

  7. Studies continually support that women are treated like slaves in marriage an a mass scale, all over the world.
    This asshat: iTs bECauSe fEmaLEs aRe sEnSitIvE To sTReSs 🥴

  8. Peterson. 🤦‍♀️
    Pray that Mrs Peterson doesn’t watch your online videos about women.

  9. Women proving we dont have to put up with what lazy and useless partners most men make. If men were fully realized people and actually capable, we wouldn’t leave them. But men can’t handle one job and sitting around on their butts for all their free time. Lesser beings I guess. Men, improve. You’re all STRUGGLING. 😅 Tell yourselves "this lazy entitlement of mine is an actual evil and I owe it to myself to not be the loser so many men are"

    Lets call it "Units of men being less disposable" and see if Peterson can do the mental gymnastics on that one!

  10. Bullshit. They don’t want to fucking work, and they don’t have to thanks to feminist judges. A little depleted uranium is needed just above shoulder level in every family court in America.

  11. So — why tf do men keep telling single women who are happily childfree and want nothing to do with marriage that we will regret our decision of not making men a priority?
    Obviously, these broads who waste their youth on men only come to find how non-conducive men are to their happiness once they get older so that’s all the more reason to secure to the bags while you’re young as opposed to working to get wifed up.

  12. Thats the reason in islam only men can divorce on the spot, only with "im divorcing you" (but after that they have to resgisterd the divorce and pay some penalty)

    If women need divorce, words doest apply. they must go to certain administrative procedures including counselling unleas they got a lawyer to skip all that.

  13. Because women are the one sacrificing 90% of the time in a relationship. When she feels unheard,unloved and unappreciated that’s when divorce kicks in

  14. It’s also because men just want a simple life and are happy with very little. And women are told since birth that they’re “a princess” and have goofy female friends who make their self esteem too high

  15. when a guy does a switch up after marriage and the wife does everything she can think of to build a happy home and all he does is complain and tell her she’ll never be good enough, guess what’s going to happen?

  16. Woman have no loyalty or commitment and never will admit when they are wrong! American woman are selfish, self centered and of course Gossip way too much

  17. I’ve noticed two things when asking divorcees why their marriages failed.

    The men tended to blame themselves.

    The women tended to blame the men.

    But last time I checked it takes TWO people to maintain a relationship. And it’s not easy, but it seems women are the quickest to tap out instead of trying to make it work.

  18. All you have to do is look back and see for yourself why a woman in a particular situation wouldn’t divorce say a hundred years ago vrs why that same particular situation just won’t keep a like-minded women from divorcing today in other words what’s changed.
    In my view it boils down to this, women divorce because they can afford to and because of family law in many ways women are being incentiviezed towards single motherhood because of child support, welfare, Medicare, and so on witch many women consider as they’re earnings as if it were a paycheck that they control.
    And so you never hear a woman say I’d rather stay married to my husband and be his free maid service and free day care for his kids then get divorced take have our assets, and children, and get paid for taking care of them and get to go where I want when I want and if that doesn’t work out I can always get a boyfriend.
    Yeah a hundred years ago good luck with that shit.

  19. Marriage is like a Tornado: "In the beginning there’s a lot of blowing and sucking, then you lose your house".

  20. Women initiate MOST OF DIVORCES when there are children – because the wicked divorce judges extort enormous money and power for the women, without the women accountable to do ANYTHING good for the man, but allow women to be entirely wicked to the man and abuse the children’s needs for their father.

  21. Lmao give me a break Jordan!!! Some of us have stayed married to a Narcissist in a purely, "roomate" situation, because any intimacy at all impossible, but we wanted our kids could have financial stability, and now our kids are grown. 😂

  22. i have plenty of experience with women and have seen ALOT. women today leave really fast , once thye find one faulth with you, or you argue, they will easily leave. instead of working on themself and their issues, they rather not work on it, get out there on the cockcarousel and get a new guys very fast. thats because men are already lined up and women know they easily can get dick or new relationship. women put ZERO effort into relationships now a days and leave faster then you can think. my ex left me after 5 years because of one small argument, she broke up on the phone like a 12 year old and didnt look back. such a coward move but this is women

  23. The entitlement of women in the comment section is amazing, not shocking as it is expected.
    When you get incentivised to break a contract and with no consequences, chances are you are going to abuse it, men or women.

    Especially feminism which runs around and tells these women that they are everything and anything they do is right and can do no wrong. They still complain about patriarchy 😂😂. In a world every fricking law, media, system is there to benefit women and only talk about women all the time, they still complain.

    Imagine a man going on Twitter or any social media writing, "kill all women, I hate women". He would be jailed and all the women organization, feminists, media would burn him to a stake. But the opposite happens almost everyday and no one bat’s an eye.


    In a world built by men. Let’s see how many inventions and advancement are made by women in the next 50 years. Feminism has been here since 60s, that’s a good 130 years of empowerment.

  24. A Girl, I was talking to said she was lonely. She has 3 close friends three guys in her DM’s who want to have sex with her or at least foster a short term relationship she has 7 siblings who love her and her sister lives with her she also has at least for mutual friends she has the audacity the other gull to say she’s lonely

    I have no close friends. I have mutual acquaintances at best who were a little fond of me My sister moved out like three years ago I should be feeling lonely one week in my life will make her change her mind about how lonely she is because of what she’s experiencing is loneliness and I’m experiencing societal isolation Of course my predicament doesn’t bother me My feelings aren’t hurt women just find more things to be unhappy about than men for smaller reasons

  25. The only reason the other 25% of divorces are initiated by men is because some men are wise and beat their crazy adulteress wife to the court house

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