Jordan Peterson: Divorce

Jordan Peterson: Divorce

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  1. I’ve NEVER been through anything more difficult than considering divorcing somebody I love more than anything.. I just don’t know how to move forward at this point.

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  3. Let me tell you a little history to answer the question. It is a sin to fornicate (sex outside of marriage). Those who practice sexual immorality will not go to heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9; Galatians 5:19-21). Fornicators and adulterers will be judged, but the marriage bed is undefiled. The question is not should we get married, but what kind of marriage should we be a part of. For this, you will need a little bit of history. Marriage is a covenant. The word covenant is a Hebrew word that come from the root word to cut. You were cutting an agreement. We would say, cut a contract. The cutting would usually involve blood. That is why we use wine at marriages. The wine is called the “blood of the grape.” You are making a blood covenant. This can be seen in breaking the hymn in intercourse. The woman belongs to the father. He has authority of her as long as she is in her youth and living under his roof. It was always assumed the woman would stay at home for the father’s provision and protection. Young girls going off to college is not a good thing (fornication and rape). Marriage only took a covenant and becoming one flesh in sexual union. Therefore, it was a private affair. It did not involve the state or the church (synagogue) traditionally. This can be seen in the Old Testament. God set up a monetary transaction called the bride price. It transferred ownership (authority) of the woman to the man she was going to marry. We practice this by having the father walk his daughter down the aisle and giving her away to the man. Coverture law at common law said the woman was to take his last name. When she took his last name, she lost her legal identity. She because the legal extension of the husband. She could not sign contracts or own land. Biblically as well as early English law did not permit a woman to divorce her husband. Countries that practiced bride prices usually allowed the man to marry more than one wife at the same time. They did not need to get the State’s permission for marriage. All they had to do is report the marriage to the church/state. This is the same for marriage in the United States. England said since all matrimonial matters were handled by the church, the church said who got the children and who could initiate the divorce. Under coverture law, man got 100% custody of the children because children were considered his legal property. They were under property laws. Women only got custody of small children for a short period of time for breast feeding if the man divorced the woman when the child was still an infant. This is called the Tender Years Doctrine. It was practiced in England and the United States. The feminist movement under Carolyn Norton wanted the right to divorce their husband. To do that, Parliament created an Act where they took jurisdiction of divorce away from the church (Matrimonial Clause Act, 1857). Feminism spread to America through England. The Woman’s Suffrage Movement pushed to give women the right to divorce in the United States. The States agreed. States started to require marriage licenses. This was to give the State jurisdiction over marriage (matrimonial matters). Before this, it was a civil matter handled by the courts that allowed only men to initiate the divorce (except for extreme circumstances). Woman’s suffrage pushed against this using the 14th Amendment (Equal Protection Clause). The United States created Family Courts (as England’s courts of equity) to handle matrimonial matters in 1917. The United States also unified marriage certificates at the same time. This gave the state full jurisdiction of marriage and divorce in the US. Before, marriages were private accounts, and the license was people recorded their wedding date in the family bible. They would then report it to the State. However, in the 20th century this all changed. The question is now, should we get married through the State? The pastor will say, “By the powers vested in me by the State of … I pronounce you man and wife” Not God. The State created unliteral, no-fault divorce statues from Russia under Marxism in 1917. Unilateral, no-fault divorce allowed the woman to divorce her husband without requiring proof of abuse. Before this, the burden of proof was on the woman to provide evidence there was abuse in the marriage. It was pushed by the feminist group called NOW (National Organization of Women). Since the early 20th century, women got primary custody of young children. When the State started to allow women to divorce, divorce increased exponentially, they started to require men to pay child support so the State would not have the burden of taking care of single mothers with their children. It became a federal law as men started to jump ship and leave the state to avoid the financial burdens and responsibilities. The truth is, child support is too expensive for most fathers and the state uses unfair equations to determine support. They will charge the same amount for an infant as with a teenager when clearly, they will have different financial costs to raise them. Child support does not take that into account. Men are mad. They are rebelling. However, if a man has a child outside of wedlock, the State will charge the same child support payments but automatically give custody to the mother (legal and physical). Men can’t seem to escape the involvement of the State. Many Christians and religious people are choosing to have private marriages and not to report it to the State (marriage licenses). Unbelievers are choosing to co-habitat (co-habitation increased 900% since no-fault divorce laws). You are darn if you do, and darn if you don’t. If you have children outside of wedlock, you automatically loose the children (only get visitation in most cases). If you marry and have children, you automatically loose 1/2 your assets, and only get 25% custody of your child if you are lucky (which is not custody at all and was called visitation until recently). The courts can still require alimony if you were married. They usually only do this if the man makes considerable income and they were married. The courts can require you to pay alimony and child support even if your former wife remarries in many cases. The new husband is not financially responsible for you and your wife’s children. However, they are allowed to impede in your custody and visitation (they will usually be that third wheel that tags along in PTA meetings and child exchanges). All in all, it is a bad deal all the way around. There is no win-win situation for the man. If you have sex outside of marriage you have the real possibility of losing your salvation. If you have sex inside the marriage, you have a 75-80% of being divorced, losing the home, kids, money, bank accounts, military benefits, etc.. You will be called abusive and if you push against the system. The courts and the police will put you in jail by creating unrealistic and unconstitutional restraining orders for you to obey. Like not saying hi if you see your children outside of visitation hours. Over 1 million restraining orders are made a year in the United States. And that mostly against men in domestic relationships. They can kick you out of your own home with just an accusation and without warning. The police will show up at your door and give you 5 minutes to pack your bag and leave the home. Then try and get enough money to try and pay for a lawyer while the woman of an alleged abuse can get free lawyers from the State. Most contentious divorces the woman will claim abuse. There is educational abuse in California, as well as, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and lastly physical abuse as a buffet for her to choose from. Why file for no-fault divorce then claim abuse when trying to attain custody? Why not just file for an at-fault divorce and claim abuse is the reason for the divorce and custody? I will tell you. The reason why is under no-fault divorce, they are guaranteed a divorce and abuse does not need to be proven using clear and convincing evidences to get the kids if you claim that is the reason why you would be the better parent. It is like the Presidential election today. You don’t’ have to prove you are the better candidate for President, you just have to dig up some dirt and show the people why the other person shouldn’t be. What choice does the man have today in this modern world. NONE. It is all part of the MATRIX.

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  5. I can DEFINATELY relate to JP’s lecture here. I became a ‘cancerous monster’ after my divorce like JP mentions here. I married a ‘single mom’ when I was a very young ‘childless man’ … so NO WAY THAT was working out anyway, but I developed a ‘defensive chip on my shoulder’ in the dating market EVER SINCE … hence ‘the cancerous monster’ was BORN! DO NOT Marry the WRONG Person, or the ‘Wrong Situation’ as I DID!!!

  6. there should be one video of him of learning about these giant families with half brothers and sisters and divorced mothers.

  7. Totally off topic……but this is but one reason why I believe the Hancock stance that we are a species with amnesia not aware of our true historical past, and that civilization probably predates what we think it does by many many more thousands of years……this story…so simple on the surface…yet when analyzed by a person like Dr Peterson you see the depth of wisdom in it……that’s, to me, not a level of insight and wisdom into the human spirit that comes from one of the first relatively fledgling civilizations……that seems the wisdom of a species that has risen and fallen atleast a few times before… know despite the best we can be,,,,,we have the blood of the kind of monsters still flowing through our viens.

  8. Jordan peterson, a father and mentor for all the boys and men who lack guidance in life. Divorce is an increíbly destructive life experience.. Waste of energy time and resources… But its not always your choice, sometimes its your with a destructive person or unfaithful person… Only in divorce do you really learn the true personality, Moral boundries and evil or goodness of your ex. I personally found Satan or a Demon… If you are going through the same… No storm lasts a 100years… No bad or evil will last 100yrs it will end… Just not When you want it to.

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  10. Hi Jordan. Unfortunately a male and a female have a difference in opinion with regards to how there child is raised. I was completely amicable and paid for mediation and lawyers for us to agree on a way to raise my child.
    Despite my best intentions for my son my partner wished to make things difficult. He is thirteen now and I have thought about him every day.

  11. A bit off topic but still relevant: adultery isn’t cheating on your partner. Adultery as stated in the bible is when a woman remarries. Both her and her new husband are committing adultery. Not doing this is the seventh commandment. Marriage use to mean something, a covenant and bond outside of the physical limits of time and our bodies…. that is until government took it over for profit and control.

  12. First few mins: This happens to me all the time and I exactly do what Dr Jordan Peterson suggested. But I have to tell you. I see behavioral changes but not realization. I want to say that is a bad thing.

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  14. I’ve done a great deal of work on myself over the years and felt I really came a long way being more confident and assertive both internally and externally, until I was out walking one afternoon. A man, who I later realised was a bit drunk, called out, waved and said hello as we both met on a footpath coming from different directions going in the same direction. I said hello and immediately he went into a verbal diatribe of describing what he would like to do to me against my will. I was obviously quite shocked but the emotion that was most prominent, and equally shocking to me, was my rage. My immediate response was, I’d like to see you try! I obviously later regretted this. But, in that moment I was so angry that he believed I was a victim. I didn’t and wondered what he saw that made him think that.

  15. I did that. no one could debate me.
    I wrecked everyone.
    I knew almost everything.
    but then God came, and crushed me.. cause I wasn’t being kind and loving. and i did sin willfully.
    he gave me a second chance.
    but I failed.
    now he left me. I felt him go. and he took who I was… my goodness was Him all along. and now I’m doomed.
    wtf. I was just trying to survive life.

  16. i dont have problem with divorce either. same way we sign marriage paper its same way we sign divorce paper. if you can get married in peace you should be able to to get divorced in peace too. my problems not getting married or divorced. my problem is not im not going to give you anything once you decided to leave. you free to leave anytime you want. you just sign the divorce paper and disappear. either way you not priority in life. once you decided to leave you just disappear.

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  18. Jordan said divorce is like cancer. I wish he would have explained why….. he did not mention the methods the family court uses to destroy the man like – quick claim deeds, QDRO orders, gift to the marriage, state child support statues, petition for alimony, wage garnishments, title 4D state revenue. Better know what this is if your a man getting married.

  19. Sorry but this one just doesn’t make sense. Dude jumps all over the place interrupting himself and not qualifying very broad statements as if they’re obvious and self evident. Not sure I’m tracking with you Dr. Peterson

  20. The part of confronting issue that bother you jeeze word for word that happened today minus the divorce we talked it out. But damn, that bag of hot cheetos was mine…

  21. Totally agree. That is why God stated that revenge is His. I have always encouraged women to stay in their marriages despite the pain their husbands have done to them. And this is the basis " what God has yoked together let no man/woman put apart" meaning ONLY God holds the right to end a marriage In Malachi 2vs 16 Jehovah God has stated " For I hate divorce." This all means no matter what happens in your marriage not even the innocent party has the right to put apart what God has yoked together even though the man has done such evil against her. Women initiate divorces most times and they end up being alone for the rest of their lives because they have done what God hates and they end up being the ones punished the most when they take into their hands what they have no right to do. Then because the man has not divorced his wife even though he is the cause of the problems that led to his wife ending the marriage, he gets away with it by being blessed with another woman whilst the woman lives alone to death. I always advise women do not return evil for evil because you never know that the evil you return , you could pay severely for it. Divorce is the worst evil than adultery because it destroys generations as well. Hence, these women suffer the most. Our grandparents stayed in their marriages even though they faced what we face today. Pray for your husband before you pray for yourself so God can help him with wisdom. Maintain your integrity no matter what, it will get better in time. I know it. Allow for forgiveness at slme point. Nothing is unforgivable. Even murderers get pardoned

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