Jordan Peterson – The Price of Divorce and Terrible Relationships

Jordan Peterson – The Price of Divorce and Terrible Relationships

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Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson talks about the problems with divorce when you have children. Your life will have no resemblance of your old one and step-parents will often see the kids of their partner only as an obstacle.

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  1. "and that’s why if your relationship fails you should consider jumping off a bridge…. Recess!!"

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  3. Divorced and remarried here, my wife was in the same situation that I was, divorced and had kids. The damage that Jordan is talking about is very true. The sad part about it, if you have kids with your new wife, your kids will also suffer a degree of damage as well. They have siblings (the half siblings that are either of yours children) who they consider to be their regular siblings, will go away to their other parents for visits, they’ll go on trips and have fun at their grandparents houses, that your kids don’t get to partake in. Granted, they still get to go on trips that you take them on, and have fun at your parents, but there’s this other world that their siblings get to be apart of, that they don’t get to be a part of, and I know that hurts them. It’s just how it is. So the generation that will be protected from your choice to divorce, will be your grand children, which is a sobering thought, that your choice to divorce will have such long and deep efffects on people that aren’t just you. Divorce is ugly all the way around.

  4. I always wonder why the Amish have a 0% divorce rate. And your average idiots has been divorced 1 or more times. The way we live is sick perhaps for the reasons for the divorce. Just like a 13 year old having a child. Why can’t people just wait until they grown enough to have children…. perhaps in there 35’s or 40’s… you should have your life together by then…. but we live in a culture that is sick. All of the counselors, Social Workers, Therapist won’t change the sickness. You have to kill off 90% of these people to make a real difference. Once we start our world over then perhaps we can make it more healthy.

  5. the price is all 3 of your kids get OCD.. turn bad, lose God. and are damned to Hell forever.
    that’s the price.

  6. There is indeed a cost. My divorce REALLY damaged my ability to tryst others snd my own judgment and i had to learn a lot to do better in the future… but 8 years into my current marriage I couldn’t be happier, but it’s not mess free.

  7. Married six years, my wife started accusing me of being unfaithful. No reason, nitpicked my past. Anyways, she ended up cheating on me. Who knows how many times. Isn’t life grand.

  8. My parents divorced when I was eight and my brother was five. That ruined our lives. My brother is now dead.

  9. You could count on one hand the number of step parents that would kill or die for their step children.
    That’s the benchmark for parenthood.

  10. Or maybe, for men especially, marriage is an outdated thing without benefit, men can get by other means. Happily single, debt free, no alimony, no child support, and no family court and attorney fees. Thank you Tom Leykis! Blow Me Up Tom

  11. They are not mutually exclusive. Thinking this is societies mistake, don’t do make it yours

  12. If u stay, you’re more likely to get to a solution. Problem is u can’t control women and women like to LEAVE. They’re wired to LEAVE. There used to be social stigma against women jumping in and out of marriages/relationships. Now it’s encouraged. That’s why the person asking the question is a female

  13. "Broken homes create broken children who become broken adults who have the tendency to produce broken homes and broken children." – brian padrick drake

  14. Wisdom. Why do people want to find reasons for divorce with hypotheticals? Its just because people want disposable relationships and God forbid they have to actually put up with someone and actually work with them and help them…the same for each spouse.
    Divorce is absolutely treacherous…and no we don’t have to put up with serial cheaters or beaters….but really….that is not the norm. Mostly people just don’t want to deal with someone anymore.
    And honestly, we all need to be dealt with.

  15. This problem arrises due to bad culture . you are more focused on relationship then marriage that’s why marriage don’t work . The parent who dovorce not on serious problem don’t care about there children I am criticizing your culture .

  16. It is not the money with kids it’s that when you have kids you owe it to them to say get them to 20 at least for their psychological well being and maybe even physical well being.
    Other than that life is like a chess board and what if all your children marry into circus families and you need a career change that requires a relocation. Sometimes you must say goodbye … Lovingly.

  17. I listened to 10 years of ‘Loveline’ and that gives 1000s of vivid examples of how crucial it is, for kids, to stay together and put everything you can into them.

  18. What JP is saying is that there’s a price to pay when you divorce. Sometimes that price is greater than resolving your differences, sometimes it’s less than paying the price of an abusive relationship but these aren’t the majority of cases. But ultimately, much of the burden of divorce is put on the children who grow up not knowing what a stable relationship looks like. They carry whatever scars or distorted ideas into their next relationship, and because they don’t know what a stable relationship looks like they make a poor decision in choosing a spouse and the cycle continues.

    Psychologist found that sometimes children look at their parent’s marriages and say to themselves, "When I grow up I’ll find someone good, I won’t make the same mistakes mom and dad have made". In reality despite their desires, they often seek people that give them a sense of familiarity. Nobody reveals themselves to be horrible person in the very beginning of a relationship, and eventually people come to realize they’ve made a mistake, often when they’ve already become deeply entangled.

  19. Educating our high school students on how to function in a relationship might help lower divorce in our society but then we would open up a can of worms with designing the curriculum as it pertains to male and female roles in the relationship (we would not be allowed to have an honest conversation about who should lead the family without feminists attacking the narrative even though everyone knows the true answer). This problem will likely never get solved because the judicial system makes far too much money of divorce and having families divided makes it easier for the ruling establishment to control society.

  20. The price? Bankrupcy, alcoholism, social infertility, emotional unavailable sons, children with bad grades or abandonment issues, loneliness,…

  21. I’d like to think that I’m the exception to the aggregate. My gf has three kids that I so love dearly, however, he’s right. Sometimes I do feel resentful towards time lost with her because of kid events. I of course don’t lay that on her because only an asshole asks a woman to choose between her kids and a man. The choice is obvious. On the whole I am happy and my alternative is loneliness. I don’t regret my choice to be with this woman because I’m getting older and my chances of starting a biological family is fairly slim at this point unless I start dating significantly younger women. I wanted a family. Because of the covid restrictions though. Each child is only allowed to attending people to children events and the biological father, a good man that I do like, gets first dibs on that second spot. He’s a good father and he makes all of them…which means I get none. It makes me feel like a second class citizen in my own family. I haven’t voiced this because I don’t see a way of doing it without sounding resentful.

  22. Just remember that life is meant to be enjoyed ,just resolve confrontation,or move on ,life is just too short

  23. My husband divorced me, he gave me no choice so I’m speaking from experience, these words are all SO TRUE!

  24. Told my buddy to sign a prenup. He came home from work to his newlywed wife latched onto a neighbor like a starfish. Idk if I should tell him," i told you so, dude". He kept saying," she’s not like that; she’s not that kind of girl".

  25. This is true.

    This is why single moms are garbage, yet ironically woman ask for divorce at a much higher percent.

  26. It isn’t obvious says the guy that never dated anyone else but his wife since young. I CAN tell you JT… great and jumping out is wonderful. Been in enough LTRS. …I will NEVER be in one again. Single is so much better in this day and age

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  28. Definitely takes a special person to truly love thier step children. My xwife was terrible to my son. Ultimately why I left her. Ashamed to say it took me 5 yrs to do so. I’ll never make that mistake again

  29. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting a divorce. I am single and successful after being free for 9 years. never again. I got a chance to have a life i want, not be forced to provide a live for someone else.

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