Judicial Separation and Divorce | Hindu Laws | Law Guru

Judicial Separation and Divorce | Hindu Laws | Law Guru

In this video Law Guru is talking about Judicial Separation and Divorce (Section 10 and Section 13) of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 of Hindu Laws in English as well as in Hindi, so must watch to get good knowledge in the subject of Hindu Laws.

Notes of the Video :-

PDF Notes of the video :- https://lawguruofficial.blogspot.com/2021/08/hindu-laws.html

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  1. पती ने सेकशन 9 का केस किया हो और अगर wife जुडीशियल सेप्रेशन चाहती हो तो केस बनसकता है क्या..??

  2. Hello sir…agar husband ko judicial sapration mil jaye to….kya wife aur bete ko mantanance kam milta hai….uske bad kya sirf bete ke liye mantanance milta hai…wife ko nahi?

  3. Sir I n my husband have applied for mutual divorce under sec 13 ,court has given time of 6 months ,in jully decree will be passed ,so this period can be called judicial separation or not ,I can fill government form under category of judiciaaly separated or not

  4. Apne jo pahle bola ki is act ke pahle aur bad mein before or after the commencement of this act.. shaadi se pahle aur shaadi ke baad.. uska matlab kya hai

  5. क्या ज्यूडिशल सिपरेशन में गुजारा भत्ता देना पड़ता है ?
    क्या ज्यूडिशल सिपरेशन में बच्चे किसके पास रहेंगे और कौन डिसाइड करेगा ?

  6. sir ek question tha divorce ke time mai joh six month ka gap hota hai usko kya judicial separation bol sakthe hai

  7. The whole content is good but please remove that background music of whistle it’s very irritating Pls sir remove that in new vedio’s

  8. Sir judicial separation is not that popular though it is a time bound process,like after the order of separation if cohabitation is not resumed after1 yr it gets converted into divorce.but divorce is a long drawn process. Still people don’t go for judicial separation why?

  9. Worst video., Judicial seperation bola Gaya last mai bolenge. Lekin difference bol kar hi video end kar diya

  10. Ek sawal hai Mera. When all religions are different and have different customs so why religion like Sikh Jain and Buddhism are included in this act sab alag riwaaz hai fir bhi included kyu h

  11. Sir Divorce ke and judicial papers me kya likha hota h….. Ek real paper uska dikhaiye or smjhaiye ki kya kya hota h usme….

  12. Hello sir .. agar pati ko judicial sapration mil jaye to kya patni aur 7 saal ke bete ko maitanance milta hai ?plz reply sir

  13. Judicial Seperate hone ke baad Bacchoo pe kiska haq hota hai ? Bachhe kiske pass rehte hai aur Unka kharcha aur future ka dission kon le sakta hai ? Plz reply karna,,🙏

  14. Or sir judicial ye hame apni choice lete isem court ko lege ki syad judicial separation inka divorce na tho sir kya use court judicial separation de skte h

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