Kariv's Frame Perfect Biotic Grenade – Pro Overwatch Micro Plays

Kariv's Frame Perfect Biotic Grenade – Pro Overwatch Micro Plays

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  1. Really great. For the pov cam at 1:58, you can disable outlines in replay viewer so what we see is closer to what im37 sees.

    But I’m so glad you guys use tailored highlights rather than just the live feed. I’m so sick of analysis on the live feed (depending on the context) the observers cant catch every detail and aren’t expected to.

    Showing the perfect spectator angle, the player pov and then the live feed with commentary is so perfect. Hats off for a great product.

  2. Really like the video and the music, but it felt a bit loud when you were talking, slightly distracting from what you said. I think it would be better if it resembled the outro volume during talking (maybe a bit louder), but at the current volume while the clips are playing in real-time. Love the micro play series!

  3. Awesome little selection.

    But yikes at the OGE led Mayhem, another team he’s joined that’s imploded and underwhelmed, and seen himself replaced. Orgs are going to have to learn after 4 years of OGE not working out on teams. He has at various points now been replaced by Trill, Cloudy, and backup flex DPS player Checkmate. Plenty of talent but from the outside it looks like the mental is just not there to be a pro player.

  4. I’d love to see an analysis of the Boston vs Houston game on Eichenwalde where Valentine got slept mid blade and im37 peeled for him so they still won the fight!

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