Kitany-Linturi Divorce Case: I tasted miraa for the sake of my marriage, Kitany tells court

Kitany-Linturi Divorce Case: I tasted miraa for the sake of my marriage, Kitany tells court

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  1. I won’t even dream to divorce my wife if this is the brain capacity of all ladies🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. Linturi should be the one put into task not this Lady,he was the one caught pants down.Againt the issue of miraa is irrelevant since it has never been classified as a drug in kenya or in meru county and therefore it is like an any other vegetable!!

  3. Evil Linturi decided to spoil an innocent beautiful girl by introducing her to miraa ..thunder where a u??

  4. Counsel you don’t ask her to give an opinion about the health status of her husband. How does it concern her? She’s only an ordinary witness of fact and not an expert.

  5. In developed countries,this kind of cases are never publicized . Think about the kids and all the people involved. I find it so sad

  6. This episode is the real defination of messy,noisy and their will be a casualty that senator weta used to talk about; my senator has lost already.fear women..kitany is beutiful though….hahaha

  7. This solicitor must have watched a lot of American movies. Was waiting for the killer remark… “ oh God gracious” 🤣🤣🤣

  8. She is very beautiful and can easily find anoanother man. This lady is also very sharp and she can do well without the men. So why all this nonsense.

  9. Who says the world hasn’t changed, when we can all see on TV that, washing dirty linen in public is no longer a taboo? You can now do your intimate domestic "laundry" in full glare of cameras, while people watch your embarrassing details from the comfort of their homes, on laptops and smart phones.

  10. This case would have been settled out of court
    court but the fact Linturi was embarrassing her in full glare wacha akule ujeuri wake. This lady ain’t a push over she has her shit together.

  11. Those who think the questions lawyer Danstan Omari is asking are stupid. As a lawyer, he has to prove to the court that indeed the Parties to the case were married under customary law. There are things that have to take place for a ceremony to qualify as customary ceremony one of them being exchange of gifts (token of appreciation to the girl’s family). That is why he is insisting on the car which Mithika gave to the Kitany’s mum as a gift and ensure it is not misconstrued as anything else but a gift!! Also the miraa part is part of Meru traditions while marrying a subsequent wife. You’re welcome.

  12. This messy divorce reminds me of the divorce between the late Wangari Mathai/ Waruru Kanja and her ex Mwangi Mathai.

  13. Lawyer Omar is asking the right questions. He has to make sure nothing is left out according to what they tabled in the affidavit. It’s the only chance she has. It’s supposed to be the way Omar is doing. The question may look stupid but they proof a point.

  14. That woman is very sharp when it comes in answering questions.. Smartlady……and who is this gentleman asking questions not even close to called a lawyer .may be he should try preaching

  15. Love is the best thing while it lasts and the worst thing when it ends. We all know that. She is pretty and the holidays they had as a family are admirable. Money is a good thing.😊

  16. Balaa jamani,bosssful women,ngumu kukaa na mume,they run as if chased by a Snakes.
    GOD forgive them.

  17. This saga is messy, noisy and very intriguing. Linturi thought this lady was a pushover kumbe atajua hajui

  18. Omari is tough…those men who encountered him as the District Children Officer in Kirinyaga many years ago would never wish to meet him in a domestic litigation…tough is an understatement…he was lethal then as he is now.

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  20. I now Agree some secrets should be between You n God alone.. great advice from my grandmother..should have applied on this case tupchet

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