Lakers have interest in Kyrie Irving but are hesitant about a long-term deal – Windhorst | NBA Today

Lakers have interest in Kyrie Irving but are hesitant about a long-term deal – Windhorst | NBA Today

Brian Windhorst joins Malika Andrews on NBA Today to discuss Kyrie Irving informing the Brooklyn Nets that he wants to be traded before ethe Feb. 9 deadline.

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  1. I bet Kyrie didn’t even tell KD he was asking for a trade. KD definitely can’t feel good about this but he’s going to say he supports Kyrie’s decision.

  2. This great value Rachel Nichols can’t interview. One question on a topic like this and let him go?!?!? RN would’ve interrogated BW like he had weapons of mass destruction😂

  3. Lakers fan here. I know we’re desperate to turn the season around but a Big 3 with LeBron, AD and Kyrie is a myth. Kyrie won’t show up, and AD will be on the bench. It’s sad, but true.

  4. Why would brooklyn make the trade to the lakers? If you trade for russ thats a terrible line up with him and Ben. I could be very well missing something but on face value seems like something that isnt smart.

  5. Wow, what a surprise…someone of Jewish descent referring to another human being, a black man, as a "rental."

    Why can’t you see how unconscionably evil your…well, you don’t have a soul…so, that makes perfe3ct sense.

    Why? Per the recent 4 year brain study in conjunction with Harvard U…because they are afflicted by a "genetic precursor for an underdeveloped amygdala in utero resulting in sociopathic tendencies." And, now, I have to worry about my own safety because God forbid we stand up and call them out for their evil behavior.

    You’re your own worst enemies…grow a funking soul. How can you not see how unbelievably wrong you are??? Always!!! Just sick.

  6. LA thinking they can hesitate on this is hysterical.
    Russ + 27 & 29 1st Round Picks for Kyrie, do it. Lakers immediately become favourites in the West and a real chance in the finals.

  7. Kyrie doing this outta spite lol, yall shoulda known he wasn’t finna let that list of requirements go jus like that.

  8. If Lakers don’t TRY for Kyrie then they deserve to suck, I wouldn’t even care anymore. This is literally once in a lifetime.

    Not saying it’s possible, but they absolutely should try.

  9. Kyrie for Westbrook ………
    LeBron and Kyrie back together again
    KD and Westbrook back together again
    NBA God’s happy again

  10. Before Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving requested a trade, the Nets offered Irving an extension according to The Athletic. However, it looks like the reason that Irving declined the extension is because the contract included guarantee stipulations.

    There have been numerous reports that Irving wants a max contract extension, or a new deal, that includes no stipulations…

  11. Lakers want everybody 😂.As long as Lebron is on your team,your team will definitely trade for other players

  12. the lakers has the best odds to land Kyrie. russ and lonnie walker and picks will be enough. saying russ and Ben wouldnt work, well Ben has been in and out of their rotation. russ been playing most of the games this season. forget about the chatters about russ, this will be good for brooklyn, they need a high IQ point guard, a VOICE and a LEADER for that team. its either between lakers and brooklyn, or a 3 team trade can work.

  13. Dude can still ball…….he’s lost a step, ain’t worth a max deal……and he’ll end up gettin political & F it all up.

  14. LA is out of their minds if they don’t do everything they can to get this done.
    Lakers could finish 8th and so long as they have LeBron, AD & Kyrie fit for the playoffs they’re immediately the favourites in the West. Kyrie for all his antics becomes reliable in the Post-Season when it matters and that’s the only time of year you need the guy.

  15. Irving a coward for wanting to go to LA with Lebron and AD. League moved the past the era of trios years ago and he can’t even realize how good he has it in Brooklyn

  16. Am I missing something? Why dont teams want Westbrooks expiring contract (40m free cap space).. you can literally buy another star

  17. Fat boy is never right when it come to the Lakers or him throwing in the clippers just seem like him reaching

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