JJ Redick preview The Western Conference Finals match-up between LeBron James, Anthony Davis and The Los Angeles Lakers and Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and The Denver Nuggets.

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  1. If the Lakers bench is consistent throughout this series Lakers in 5. Doesn’t matter what the Nuggets do. If the Lakers bench is slightly inconsistent and Nuggets play well Lakers in 7.

  2. Lebron is this close to another ring, he’s not going to let it slip thru his fingers. This is playoffs, not regular season.

  3. I’ve only heard one yt analyst utter 4-1 Denver win (first two, split in LA, win game 5) – But I think this is a very real possibility. Imo, Lakers have to win one of the first two games to get it to game 7. I think Denver is playing at higher level than most people realize. Game one? Shall see!

    I got Denver in 7 in an all world matchup between championship contenders.

  4. The most important player in the series will probably be the referees. If they treat LeBron as untouchable, it will be difficult to beat the Lakers.

  5. Lonnie walker 4 vs KCP, Rui vs MPJ, DLo vs Murray. Some of the matchups that people should not sleep on.

  6. Because of injuries to LBJ and AD, this series is going to be a bit anti-climactic. Nuggets in 5.

  7. Hope AD has a few more moves for this series since he will get looks. But defense first. Defense defense defense. Let’s go

  8. I would insert Tristian Thompson in the starting rotation to get AD off Joker… Think about the mismatches on the floor. You would have
    Tristian on Joker
    AD on Gordon
    Lebron on MPJ and either you can harassed Murray with either Schroeder, DLO or AR. Vando can do that job as well. 💜LakeShow💛 in 5

  9. Damn, Aaron Gordon is going to make Lebron work for everything on the offensive end, and if AD doesn’t play at his peak, I don’t see how the Lakers win.

  10. Following from Serbia. I ask myself one question and wait the series start. Question is Davis. What he will do when he meet first centre in PO who play atomic offence and use his pace. Memphis without C and GSW with Looney who is role player was easy for him. Series will give answer.

  11. Joker vs AD is not the battle. Who on the Nuggets is going to stop LeBron? NO ONE. Bottom line. Who can stop Murray? Bron. AD. Reaves potentially. Hachimura….. Obviously Jokic can’t be stopped and basically won’t be stopped. But outside of him everyone else on the Nugs can be stopped.

  12. My prediction, Lakers in 6. They got the size, the spacing and depth to outplay the Nuggets, Jokic will average lower numbers against the Lakers because they’re a better defensive team and AD is him. Murray will need to step up and I don’t think he’s averaging 30+, nor is MPJ having a consistent 20. That’s why they’re losing.

    If AD is not feeling it, there’s Lebron. If Lebron’s not feeling it then there’s Reeves, if Reeves is not feeling it, there’s D’Angelo, if he’s not feeling it there’s Hachimura, if he’s not feeling it then there’s Lonnie Walker IV…and no way all of those guys are off, at least 3 of them are on all time and the Nuggets lack the defense to counter them.

    Jokić is not a great defender in the first place, AD is going to town and averaging 30/10 unless he gets injured.

  13. First person I’ve ever heard say the same thing!!! (Guess you know when you play professional basketball, haha). If AD doesn’t hit that game-winning 3 in the bubble then the Nuggets likely win that series. If you watched that series then you’ll know the Nuggets looked sluggish and had low morale after that game. Also, coming from a ‘true’ Nuggets fan, their Achilles Heel is their coach, Malone, and his mind-boggling rotations. If I were the Lakers then I’d be thinking about how to exploit Malone’s predictable rotations tbh— not trying to slow down Jokic… Jokic has won 2 MVPs since the bubble and is a mastermind at adjusting his game. Can’t say the same for Mike Malone…

  14. They say who’s gonna guard jokic right AD can easily guard him way longer arms same height lebron can a guard him lmao they got a lot of length on the lakers they say nobody can guard jokic so what about lebron AD who’s gonna stop them lmao nobody keep doubting us keep hating

  15. this gonna be a great matchup for sure. As a lakers fan im def not underestimating the nuggets. I think if AD stays healthy lakers will win in 6 or 7 though.

  16. As long as AD shows up every game, I don’t see how the lakers lose this series. All respect to the Nuggets, they will not be an easy team by any means but lakers in 5 tbh

  17. Just a heads up, we’re going LIVE on YouTube after tomorrow night’s Lakers vs. Nuggets game. Subscribe if you haven’t and we’ll see you then.

  18. The nuggets lost in 5 I doubt that game would’ve changed much lol but they are better now so they’ll lose in 6 this time around😂😂

  19. The way both team wins is by having the other star center in foul trouble. If Jokic or AD accrue 2-3 fouls in tye early stages of the game then thats game set.

  20. Warriors in game 1 hit 21 three pointers in game 1 and still lost to the Lakers. Lakers just know how to win these tight games. Lakers in 6.

  21. Jj lost all respect. He is just like Jerkins and other commentators. He is avoiding MVP Embid. Shame on you little white Jerkins.

  22. This Lakers run will be decided by whether AD gives you 2-3 awesome game and be healthy all the way.

  23. Yes, 3 years ago Jokic was 9/17 (which is not even that😅 bad) when guarded by AD but then he literally had one other option (Murray), now he has way more offensive options where he can pass or score.
    AD on the other hand had 0 rebounds in one point playing against Jokic and they had to bring Howard in and AD slide to 4.
    Comparing that series to this one is ridiculous, Nuggets have 100 times better team now and Lakers actually had better team 3 years ago then now.
    Im not saying it’s gonna be easy for Denver but right now they are favorite to win this series.

  24. C’mon man, AD cannot check The Joker, just stop. It was Howard and Javale as the main defenders w AD as help. Jokic cooks AD one on one.

  25. Your wrong. Denver is a bigger team. None of the laker guards can guard the two forwards. Dennis can come off the bench. Start Rui

  26. My heart will break for Lebron when the Lakers lose this series, but I’m afraid that’s what will happen. Jokic will dominate Davis, and that will be that. Don’t be surprised if Davis gets injured in Game 3 or 4, then not return for the rest of the series.

  27. Gonna keep it a buck. I’m a legm fan but ad couldn’t do ANYTHING with jokic in the bubble. They needed Dwight howard to body him up. They needed LeBron to guard Murray and he can’t do that anymore. Lakers are in trouble.

  28. Nuggets being the best offensive team in the playoffs is misleading since they suns literally played no defense along with tje twolves

  29. AD and Jokic will almost neutralize each other . But LeBron will over power Murray. So role players for Denver need to step up.

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