LaTisha Opens Up To Her Therapist | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

LaTisha Opens Up To Her Therapist | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

LaTisha speaks to her therapist about Marsau’s depression and how she feels out of alignment with the life that she’s currently living. Tune in to Love & Marriage: Huntsville on Saturdays at 9/8c, only on OWN.

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LaTisha Opens Up To Her Therapist | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

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  1. Her husband doesn’t love her. She needs to face up to reality. STOP living in denial and set herself FREE from this bondage she currently living in!!! 💯✅

  2. Dr Francis is a 💎 so empathetic and offers clarity in a digestible way. This new information from Tisha about not wanting to be wife and mother.

  3. I just feel if he really is depressed it’s cause he is not happy in his marriage. He is bored. He at least was smart enough to get a vasectomy. He probably got a scared moment, and rushed to the doctor WITHOUT telling Tisha, remember. He is a cheater that will never get caught. He makes sure to play it safe on both sides. He definitely doesn’t ruffle the feathers on television so the other woman will get upset. I’m tellin y’all……. He knows how to manipulate the masses

  4. Shes always about to crumble. Shes an emotional train wreck. Shes way too needy. Her friendship are draining because she needs sooo much from ppl. She needs to work on her!

  5. I think she and Melody made good friends. Melody was a career woman and that’s what she wanted to be before life got in the way. Melody was introducing her to other women in business.

  6. God Ways are Not our Ways. It wasn’t Tisha plan to get Married. But God’s perfect Will For Her Life Prevailed. Don’t let the Devil steal your Joy, Your Husband, Your Family, Your Confidence. God Has All the Answers that you are looking for. Spend time with him in Prayer, Get in the Spirit, He will order your foot steps and Guide you, So that You will get The Understanding and Peace that you Want in Your Marriage. God Lifted you out of that Generational Curse of Being a Single Parent struggling alone to raise Children So that his Love for You and Marsau Can be Seen in your Family and Prosperity. Stay Focused! God is not the Author of Confusion. Love Always Wins!


  8. Why are they doing this in public? Having kids early and getting married is not a bad thing… Of course there will be work from both parties but if her husband is refusing to help her as much that’s a problem… The man is providing for his family and all the outside presence of being successful needs to take a back in regards to getting their family back in order… not sure if he is cheating but that grass is not greener on the otherside…

  9. Lets b honest Tisha and Marsau got married because she was pregnant. She didn’t want to b a single mom and Marsau looked at as responsibility. Thingvis kids can’t hold a marriage together it will eventually crumble. Tisha gave up herself and her dreams for kids and so did Marsau. They r great parents but they r lousy as a married couple partners. Tisha needs to go find out what makes her happy besides her children and live a well rounded life. Marsau needs to do the same and if that means they divorce then they Divorce. It is better for children to have two happy healthy functioning divorce parents then two miserable married parents who r only there for them

  10. Rebuilding credit takes time, I know I’m so far from where I came a year ago. Educated myself on what to do and it’s literally paid off.

  11. I hate the way Marsau silences Latisha! Anytime she is unhappy with something and expresses that he manipulates and twists the logic with his words and silences her! I do believe he has outside children, thats why he is putting latisha on a budget and wants her to stay home. Honestly Marsau saw a strong woman very career oriented woman and wanted to break her down

  12. Tisha is still in love with her husband. But Maursa is not in love. She badly wants his attention, affection and love. Shes crying out for it. He doesn’t make her feel loved.

  13. Tisha needs to break the struggle, dysfunctional cycle from her family. Otherwise she’s teaching her children to follow in that same path.

    Girl, you’re unhappy. The first step is to admit it. If Marsau is going through depression, help him find the help he needs, but don’t put him in the forefront of life. Catering to him, will not get you anywhere. If you are the cause of his depression, there’s your answer. Tisha needs to find her voice outside of this dysfunction and if being single is the answer, it’s ok. You’re not your mother. Having a peace of mind and freedom to do you is priceless instead of being in this dusty relationship.

  14. Women need to learn to be more selfish. If Marsau wasn’t helping much with the first one no way he should’ve been blessed with two more especially considering the high death rates of black women who give birth.

  15. I hope the show won’t be a spring board 4 another divorce. A public platform, attention from the fans, people in your ear & now more money can make it easier 2 move on. (I’ve always believed that Melody was very strategic in leaving Martell & filing 4 divorce once LAMH was popping).

    The Scott Brothers were raised by a single mother (I think). So, I’m wondering if Marsau is driven by the traditional southern roles of a married couple. As a husband, he values being a provider but completely obtuse 2 Tisha needing emotional security. That usually ranks high 4 a wife. Plus, the pursuit of status, wealth, etc. may go into over drive if a couple grew up low or modest income.

  16. Tisha slow down. "I’ve been a wife and a mother my whole marriage." The wife part didn’t make sense. Redundant. She acts so much like the victim. She didn’t mean for her life to go in this direction but it couldn’t without her participation. I don’t understand her. I hope Dr. Francis can help her.

  17. A man that doesnt want to take every measure to keep his marriage and himself healthy, including going to therapy, is a RED FLAG. I think Tisha needs to continue therapy and find her own voice cause her husband is definitely manipulative. He may be depressed, but he doesnt treat his wife with respect at all. I wouldnt doubt him cheating on her the way he acts. He acts like he likes Melody too. He had so much to say about Martell when they were in Vegas but he embarrasses his wife also. I feel bad for Tisha.

  18. Tisha let’s not forget how fine this BLACK QUEEN IS💯👏👏😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 we not gone sleep on her now.

  19. I think he is a very good therapist. He gave Melody and Martell the tools 🔧. Martell did not want follow through to make the marriage work.

  20. I hope he can get through to Tisha. She is so clueless. Marsau has been cheating for years just like Martell. I read somewhere that he has another family in another state. That is why he travels so much. It’s just so sad to watch Tisha. She is beginning to notice things now. Hopefully she will get to the truth. Some part of me thinks she already knows but just not ready to accept it yet.

  21. I truly feel sorry for Latisha
    she married to a man thats blames her for his down falls
    Shaking My Head but its great that Tisha is growing in her Career..I 🙏🙏 that she stop allowing Marsua to play so many mental games to benefit his ego..Trisha find yourself girl its ok to self 💘 yourself.. find peace ..find confidence yourself more than u love your husband ..for the life of me I don’t understand why men never wants a woman to speak their truth or walk around in silent or roll around them ..just crazy..alot of marriage crumble behind staying together for the sake of the kids 😊

  22. It appears both Tisha and Marseau married because Tisha was pregnant. Tisha admitted marriage was not her original plan. The doctor gave Tisha insight. However I think both Tisha and Marseau are both depressed. This seems like a marriage of convenience. The problem is neither one of them are aware of it.

  23. Women make sacrifices for their husband and kids. That is not uncommon. The key is balance of self value and family values. Therapists can help with that.

  24. I don’t think either of them are in love with on another and that’s facts. Their in a marriage with three children and I believe they both feel stuck. It’s sad🤔

  25. Marshmallow is a narcissist He scared and doesn’t want to go to therapy because he knows the therapist has figured him out. & soon Tisha will have the right tools to see and take action to hopefully leave.

  26. She never wanted to marry him I think he got her pregnant on purpose to trap her because I bet if she was not with child she would not have married him

  27. Okay, after watching this I understand Tisha better. I feel for her. I wish Marsau supported her and really rallied behind her and her dreams more. It’s her time.

  28. Marsau playing her in his so called pursuit of having so many things going on in terms of income. Why are they renting that small manufacture home their currently staying in . I know darn well Kimmie in real estate could found them a bigger nicer rental. Tisha still driving the old SUV Mercedes. Dude you working all these hours on all the projects & claim he too busy to go on a family vacation. I’m assuming he must be making hella money but it don’t show. He gives Tisha the bare minimum & now he claiming depression. Marsau slick & he know exactly what he’s doing & he married to the right one. He continuously mind F Tisha.

  29. This is why it is sooo important not to judge ppl, you never know what contributes to the way they do things or feel and the pain they may be carrying. That was very brave of her to allow her session to be recorded for us to see.

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