Laugh Hard w/ Louis C.K. | 2 Bears, 1 Cave Ep. 169

Laugh Hard w/ Louis C.K. | 2 Bears, 1 Cave Ep. 169

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It’s 2 Bears, 1 Cave and Bert Kreischer welcomes guest bear Louis CK! They discuss growing up, faith, and David Goggins. They trade their views on living and dying, testing amusement park rides, and old commercials and TV shows. Bert educates Louis on quicksand content, Louis recalls making Patrice O’Neal and David Letterman laugh, and Bert asks when Louis changed his comedy style. Louis talks about his fall from the peak and live streaming his next comedy special from MSG on his website.

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YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:06 – Sports and Growing Up
00:06:32 – Faith and Following Orders
00:14:41 – David Goggins
00:18:51 – Living Forever
00:24:58 – Chunks of Sobriety and Testing Rides
00:32:28 – Old Commercials and TV Shows
00:39:26 – Quicksand Videos
00:47:57 – Louis Recalls Making Other Comics Laugh
00:51:29 – When Louis Changed his Comedy Style
01:01:52 – Don’t Worry About Stuff
01:07:28 – Louis Discuss His Fall From The Top
01:14:23 – Live Streaming Comedy Special from Madison Square Garden


  1. Bert is such a shit host and tom carries the fuck out of it all the time. Shame he wasnt there for such a great guest.

  2. I love Louis… and i feel lucky and thankful just knowing he exists and being able to watch his specials and the podcasts he’s in.

  3. Bert explaining his quick sand fetish was the biggest head scratcher to me. That’s such an obscure genera of porn I didn’t know he was being real

  4. Just finished Rogan Louis EP..they talked about ppl who soak in the applause too much, it made me think of Bert..then I go to 2 bears and who is he on with 😂

  5. Bert: "He’s not slick enough to try to sell it to you, he just happens to be selling it to you. Does that make sense?"
    Louis: "…No."

  6. World First – Most Watched LIVE comedy show in history.

    and that’s just on the night. MSG + the world can see it as it’s recorded (Louis said there’ll be maybe a 20 minute delay…. probably for quality and the chance of something they don’t want to, or can’t share/broadcast.)

  7. Everyone who thinks Louie is frustrated, he was on theos podcast, he spent his whole career around weirdos. He actually gravitates to people he finds peculiar & enjoys how strange they are. Listen to him talk about how he started in Boston around the weirdest comics. How much better is this then seeing Louie on late night with those tards excluding Conan of course.

  8. I’m really sad we missed years of Loius CK. IDK what happened, but I really am sad we missed those years.

  9. The legend already heard this on Spotify and will gladly listen to it again just to watch a man resurrected

  10. It’s evident within the first 10 minutes of this podcast how much of a mess Bert is. Almost having a panic attack at the concept of there being nothing when you die, as if he’s a 16 year old just learning of the idea and having an existential crisis. Isn’t Bert in his 50s? I’m pretty sure most people have it worked out emotionally enough by their 30s to where they don’t almost go into panic attack (while being sober too) while contemplating their death, especially in public lol

  11. Louis is humble about being a part of the crowd, Bert needs the close up. In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet. MORE AT 11!!!!

  12. Louis so casually dropped unbelievable wisdom left and right throughout the course of this podcast and Bert genuinely just took a shit

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