Le Lenin – French Commies in a Random World Hearts of Iron 4

Le Lenin – French Commies in a Random World Hearts of Iron 4

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The challenge is to play as France, give power to the communists and use them to beat some people up.
– Play as France
– Go communist
– Wreck stuff
– Ironman
What did I do wrong, what did I do right? What should my next challenge be. Let me know in the comments.
Hearts of Iron IV france.
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hearts of Iron IV challenge
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Hearts of Iron IV france challenge
Hearts of Iron IV france



  1. Taureor’s videos are always insightful. I never knew Dover was named after the famous Benjamin Dover, more commonly known as Ben Dover to the locals.

  2. Another communist Taureor gameplay. Can’t wait for Taureor to insult communism again as his Polish patriotic duty

  3. It could be really interesting to see you tag switch in one of these big games and try to reverse your own work.

  4. I found that you can get cores on all of Austria-Hungary as Poland. First, you let Czechoslovakia form Austria-Hungary, and then you can unify with them through the Habsburg Path. This is quite difficult to pull off because Czechoslovakia needs to be fully independent to form Austria-Hungary. One method I found was to annex all of the territory required to form Austria-Hungary. After going to war with and letting Czechoslovakia occupy the territory required to form the nation, you can then puppet them in the peace conference. You can then unify with them once you unite with Bohemia through the focus tree. That is how to get cores on all of Austria-Hungary as Poland.

  5. I wonder if you’d be interested in a Manchuria run? One in which they undo the mistake of the Ming and not only retake all of China, but what they could have had if the the Golden Fleet hadn’t been destroyed. That would mean a Chinese empire in control of all South East Asia, India, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand.
    You know…, easy. 🤣

  6. Hello Taureor, it would be amazing to see the Franco-Spanish Union from the Légitimistes path (monarchy) of France.

  7. I need someone to come up with an in-universe story/explanation of the Cold war between France’s faction and the Czech entente

  8. @taureron, it is enought to have bomed the puppets to have them in a piece deal. since france has much oversees territory this should not be a problem.

  9. Although I’m not really that big of a fan of map games (I’d never play this, lmao), Taureor somehow manages to have me fully invested. It’s amazing how being nonchalant does that.
    I tip my hat at you, man. Respect.

  10. Lot’s of time ago I played Yugoslavia.
    I put non historical.
    I joined the allies.
    Germany did the Moscow Berlin axis focus.
    After that also USA joined the axis and invaded UK.
    I decided to never play a minor nation again without the historical focus.

  11. If you do a civil war for (*brown ideology) malaysia and have germany help you take down the netherlands while you knock out the DEI, you can form indonesia without angering the allies. Might be a fun challenge!

  12. Taureor, I think you only need to bomb them to involve them into a peace deal. So you do not need to bother with the naval invasions, which to be perfectly clear are messy.

  13. thats ironic that you only got indochina in the french union since its the region with the lower probability of accepting, and no even if you did the others focus that wouldnt change anything you cannot influence the probability of any region to accept, even at 100% complience its no more likely to accept than 0% comp and 100% resistance

  14. Actually it’d be interesting to see you tag switching into someone else in this campaign. I don’t think I’ve really seen people dominating the world in the first half of the game, to then try to destroy the behemoth they’ve created with someone else.

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