Leftists want people to be 'defenseless' when protecting their families: Ted Cruz

Leftists want people to be 'defenseless' when protecting their families: Ted Cruz

Texas Republican senator reacted on ‘Hannity’ after President Biden’s address focused on gun control legislation and an assault weapons ban. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Law enforcement stayed outside, nice point about good guys with guns, and you don’t pay teachers enough, now they have to carry guns too.

  2. Our whole U.S. system has failed due to the infiltration of the enemy into our government and school systems. We’ve got to put accountability, responsibility, ethics, morals, and integrity back into society. We’ve left too many special interest groups rule and control over our society and not focus on what’s good for America as a whole. Get God and his teachings back into society! This has to be done from the ground up!

  3. A snowball could be an assult weapon. Pass all the laws you want, but criminals don’t care about laws. Timothy McVeigh murdered 118 people without firing a shot. The solution is better security and armed prey.

  4. Let’s go even further the cops could have stopped the whole f****** thing by storming the building

  5. We pay for our governments protection, but our children cant have that. Thats beyond disgusting.

  6. I’m sorry I HAVE to respond to that crazy talking Ted Cruz

    So let me get this strait we should lockdown our schools in fear with an armed cop at the front door and funnel EVERYONE through this door (completely ignoring the safety factor about that) like scared cattle or something instead of raising our children to respect others and understand that you can’t have everything you want and you actually have to work hard to get anywhere in life, sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me……

    Society is the problem not guns. Loving in fear is not the solution RESPECT is the solution and respect works both ways you MUST give it to receive it……

    There are SO SO many people out there that are responsible with weapons which proves that people with respect and compassion can and do own and handle weapons responsibly so we know that SOME people have raised their children correctly while OTHERS have not or cannot and THATS what should be the focus of this issue not living in fear and passing MORE worthless laws…….

  7. America has a tyrannical government and nothing is being done except talk! Let me know when you stop talking and DO something!!


  9. I would like to see forming a competing NRA organization of pro 2nd Amendment gun owners & military veteran heroes. The difference is they believe in protecting children and gun safety legislation. Current GOP are so afraid of their NRA score going down which signals they are against the 2nd which is ridiculous. This new organization will give gun owners and politicians another choice not to be 100% for NRA and never ever speak about gun safety but for making changes while protecting the 2nd amendment.
    This will erode power of the NRA and finally get us common sense gun safety legislation. Spread the word

  10. When family court allowes lies and deception to deny fathers their children is just as bad.

  11. The Democrats are working for the f****** communist and the only way they can take over America is if they take our f****** guns away from us

  12. A big part of the solution to gun violence would certainly be to shut down the border to fentynal so gangs won’t be having gun battles over it.

  13. If they take away our guns, not only we will be defenseless against criminals but also defenseless against a tyrannical government.

  14. Did u see what happened to those unarmed kids? Same thing will happen if they unarm all of us.

  15. With me, it’s usually not personal, it’s performance based, that’s why I want the Democrats and RINOs voted out. Don’t defund the police, defund the people who make problems worse. Vote the bums out!

  16. The only reason the USA is not like Mexico over- runned with cartels, is because unlike Mexico the US citizens are allowed to own guns to protect our families and ourselves. The moment guns are banned in the US, we will become Mexico 2.0.

  17. Parents can buy a gun to their kids but not a book. This country is going down like a hill.

  18. In many democrat cities, they require clear bags in schools so no one can sneak guns or weapons inside, but at the same time, they argue that putting armed guards or police officers in schools makes them into "prisons"

    Sorry to break it to you, SCHOOLS ALREADY ARE LIKE PRISONS. You follow orders, walk in single file lines, have recess, and get punished if you’re out of line. Best part: YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE TILL THEY SAY YOU CAN.

    The kicker: Democrats want to make America into an open air prison.

  19. You ain’t smart enough to see that the Democrats are causing these f****** shootings and causing all the troubles that are running around in America right now then you know what you need to be on the ship that sinks with them

  20. John cornyn where you at why ain’t you here supporting Ted Cruz where you at John cornyn you are a hypocrite you are not a conservative enjoy your last term as senator of Texas you’re going out next election buddy

  21. You Republicans are useless, always has been, even when Trump was president, most of you turned against him. Why ?? Because your a bunch of rinos .

  22. Take the criminal back off the streets.
    And this administration is driving these kids crazy they can’t handle this pressure We need to address this in our school

  23. NOBODY wants you to be defenseless. you have to push everything right past the limit, you all know, including the radical fools like crudz that america is safe because everybody and their mother have a gun. Biden knows this, you all do. quit the friggen theatrics that get nothing done! I AM A GUN OWNER! if we lose our guns its because e have dumb*sses asking for it!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Antigun politicians want to disarm everyone who hasn’t sworn complete and unwavering loyalty to the government.

  25. The military type weapons aren’t needed for regular citizens makes sense but taking away guns from law abiding citizens for protection is not right…criminals will and can get a hold of any type of gun regardless, the right of having something to defend against those who mean to cause harm should be protected.

  26. The president is begging for the taking away of firearms, NOT A WORD ABOUT BABIES FORMULA, NOT ONE WORD!!!😡🤬😠

  27. They just want the power to subjugate the people so they don’t need to ask for their permitió. Only impose on them!

  28. The Democrats want us defenseless for when they overrun the country there will be less resistance against their illegitimate tyranny!

  29. Let’s circle back the LSD flower child’s of the 60s know Oklahoma law enforcement knows being trained for evil this admin has no right on excective orders or new laws Americans has voted Biden admin has no country or flag no green deal unconstiutional to take energy from armed forces someone add

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