Legal Strategies To Deny Maintenance To Wife

Legal Strategies To Deny Maintenance To Wife

I talk about the two main strategies which can be used by husbands to deny paying maintenance to their wives.
I also talk about some common misconceptions about maintenance law in India.

I am a Delhi based lawyer.

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  1. My wife is earning 77k in hand and asking for maintenance! I have a video evidence that she left the house with no reason ! Actually she has a bf of whom her parents didn’t accept cuz he was of diff caste ! But does court listen to me at all ? All I got is dates till now and she isn’t attending regularly !
    I lost hopes on Indian judiciary!

  2. The legal system in India helps no one. Neither husband nor the wife.
    Believe me. My wife is a govt appointmented marriage and family counselor at police commissioner office and district court.

    As per her, every one suffer and the seeds of sufferings are sowed very early in marriage mostly unknowingly. It happens due to past baggage, immaturity and mostly wrong guidance by family (elders) and friends.

    Once relationship has turned bitter, there is very very slim chance of things working out .

    What is need is pre-marriage councelling and couples counseling.

    We indians can waste millions on rupees of marriage function but will not be willing spend few thousands for marriage and couples counseling which can save the very marriage, time, money, litigations, and most importantly broken hearts & lives.

    That’s the sad reality.

  3. And recently you published a video wherein a husband brought physical evidence about wife’s high salary job and court still made him pay maintainable charges. F%*** marriage

  4. I have proof that my wife left of her own accord in the form of messages from her and her family members etc. She is Medical doctor and voluntarily quit her job to claim maintenance. The case in court and I’m paying interim maitainence even though I lost my job in Covid.

  5. Why maintenance is needed when your not doing your duties as wife ?
    Why maintenance is needed you women are claiming to be equal to men in society ?
    Why maintenance is needed if your educated like men & can apply for job
    equivalent to men ?
    maintenance can be payed if their is a kid not to women (is wife kid) ?

    Women law has become a monopoly and this needs refoment, still following old and void law’s for today’s time .. Both Men & women should be treated equally …
    Else ask women to say at home, then men can pay maintenance to both his wife & kid

  6. Sir you give a genuine information and in very simple way, it is very useful, law students like me, it will be definitely helpful in our career, your honest way of delivering knowledge will help many law practitioners, students, thank you

  7. My wife telling she was in depression she was depression for few days n after treatement she was ok and now can fight but now saying cannot do job forever and not able to remarry n asking huge money 15lacs

  8. Draconian laws of India. A third class and banana republic called India. What can one exxpect from the incompetent and useless Judges and law makers

  9. Sir recently I read a judgement that occasional adultery is not a ground to deny maintenance. Any comment?

  10. Sir m suffering from a vry distrubing family pplm with my wife .nd i hv a daughter to .sir can i consult u as i need an expert like can i aproch u sir.plz help me m 4m assam .nd im in vry much of an need ing ur precious hlp sir.

  11. *Boy 1:*
    Boy 1 Earns 12 Lakh p.a.
    The Girl is Educated who used to earn 4Lakh p.a. but chose to become Housewife after Marriage.

    *Boy 2:*
    Boy 2 Earns 2 Crore p.a.
    The Girl is Educated who used to earn 4Lakh p.a. but chose to become Housewife after Marriage.

    How much Alimony is Boy 1 & Boy 2 Entitled to Pay. Is the Alimony Price same OR the Boy 2 have to give more Alimony because he Earns more?

  12. Would like to get words of advice from you. How can I contact you.

  13. Sir pls guide , if wife is well qualified and leaves her job and claims that she is not working then can something be done. Regards

  14. Speaks about equality but asks money from ex husband to maintain her expenses..poor bitches..cant live on their own money..beggars..

  15. what if there is significant difference between earnings, can wife quit her job and ask for maintenance?

  16. Guilty under proven innocent. What kind of laws are these. I dont accept these biased laws. The judge’s should consider the changed landscape of the society. It no longer the same old patriarchal society rather it is inclined towards matriarchy

  17. My only answer to this is if system is not with you, make your own system. That is the answer. You only need to hit so hard that things completely go silent. Samaj rahe ho na bhailog. Mard bano aur sab samne ka shaant karo. Yehi hai answer. Logon ne yahi shuru kiya hai as this tons of paper system will not be of any help.

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