Legler recaps Grizzlies-Lakers Game 6: AD was the most powerful force on the court | SC with SVP

Legler recaps Grizzlies-Lakers Game 6: AD was the most powerful force on the court | SC with SVP

Tim Legler joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to break down the Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 6 blowout win over the Memphis Grizzlies to advance to the second round of NBA playoffs.

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  1. Lakers is a potential team to get out of the west, good luck. They won against Memphis cause it’s a bad match up and Memphis players are too cocky n playing like high school.

  2. I thought AD was pretty good even in the games they lost. His presence alone means the other team better hit outside shots because the paint is closed for business. If you just look at the stats, AD didn’t really have a monster game, but because the Lakers are so dialled in defensively, AD’s ability gets magnified because it just seems like the other team can’t score. Ja and Bane were both terrible shooting last night, some of them are bad luck but alot of others ones are just the Lakers locking them down.

  3. that version of AD is a top 5 player in the NBA.
    unfortunatelly, we don’t see that version of him on a consitent basis.

  4. No one knows what to make of this Lakers team, and that includes me as huge Lakers fan. I’m not sure there has ever been a team like this in NBA history. They began the season 2-10 (no team has ever made the playoffs after similar starts), and were in 13th out 15th place in the Western Conference after 60 games of the regular season. They basically revamped the entire team at the trade deadline (5 new players including Riu, 6 including Austin Reeves who transformed after Westbrook’s exit opened up an opportunity) after which they have posted the 2nd best record in the NBA despite losing LeBron to injury for a large stretch of that time. Toss in the age of their best player, and the injury history of their second best, and it makes sense that nobody has any idea of how they’ll do in these playoffs. Every outcome from being eliminated in the play-in to an NBA title was a genuine possibility entering the post season, and that’s not typical. It’s a very top heavy league with only one team lower than a 3 seed ever winning a title, and that was almost 30 years ago.

  5. Lakers have Bron, AD and D’lo as your main stars plus Reaves.

    Vanderbilt to play Lockdown D against the best scorer.

    Rui and Schroeder scoring punch off the bench.

    Shooters like Beasley and Walker and Energy guys like Gabriel and Bamba.

    They can go all the way, the West still wide open.

    Suns struggled against the depleted Clips.

    Lakers have a winning record against the Nuggets and Warriors.

    Games against the Celtics and Sixers went to OT before the trade deadline

  6. AD played like top 2 player last night. I might even go as far as #1. That defense was freakin otherwordly.

  7. Dillon Brooks… actually congratulated the Lakers after the series loss and perhaps was looking for LeBron, but Bron bounced early. Bron denied Brooks the win and the chance to say, "I’m saaweee your majesty King James."

  8. Outstanding defense by AD this series my goodness. Also wanna give LeBron love for his defense on JJJ. Also wanna give a big shoutout to Rui, AR and DLO. Hope everyone can now move on about LeBron not being able to play off ball. Great team win

  9. Hi remember legs saying its impossible for Lakers to go to 2nd round from play in. I guess a month earlier😂😂😂 …

  10. Whoever comes out to face them is losing next round imo. Grizz defense was really bothering Bron and AD. These next team are nowhere near that defensively

  11. Pat Bev didn’t even make the playoffs 😂😂 talking about knocking us out the playoffs 😂 I know ur at home watching us😂
    🟣🟡 Baby!

  12. Not saying he’s not capable but this the same AD that made that UK team so tough. His defense this series never fell off.

  13. AD single-handedly took away the composure and confidence of the whole Memphis Grizzlies team with his defensive presence and intensity. He came true to his words to give everything he got in Game 6 for able to Lakers to close the series out. He may not scored 25 or 30 but man!he played out of this world tonight. You can hear the crowd chanting AD!AD!AD! This may be the best game he had as a Laker. 🔥💜💛 That dunk over the DPOY JJJ is a statement from A.D who has more impact defensively come playoffs. Hopefully he will be healthy throughout the playoffs. Lezgoo!!😊

  14. I feel so bad for Memphis and whom ever the Lakers play from this point on, the league wants the Lakers to win so desperately, no team really stands a chance from now on…….

  15. Watching all these media takes i rarely here dlo mentioned tho this would be the game to mention him.

  16. It’s crazy how much of a 180 the media has done on the Lakers😂….Rob Pelinka is executive of the year. These guys were completely wrote off 2 months ago and here we are saying they could win the west. Wow 😮

  17. I jus don’t know how bro don’t have his own show lol(cuz he’s straight analyst and no drama factor)

  18. Brooks got all kinds of 40’s dropped on him since he made that statement. Shoulda stuck to poking bears, bro! See how you messed around and poked a Goat too, and now you gonna be poking tadpoles in Cacun

  19. That was share bullying from AD. That block and snatch on Morant 😫😫😫 AD is a very disrespectful man lool

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