Let's Talk INFIDELITY/DIVORCE in Military | Requested!!

Let's Talk INFIDELITY/DIVORCE in Military | Requested!!

Thank you to the anonymous subscriber that requested this because I don’t think I’ve covered this topic on my channel. Also, if you’d like to see more videos like this, leave a like and comment suggestions!! I’ve run out of ideas 🙁

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  1. I’ve been afraid and worrying myself about this so I’m thankful for this video. My boyfriend is currently practicing for the ASVAB so there has been a lot of emotions. I won’t be able to move with him once he goes to his dirty station because I have school myself so we have to do a long distance relationship 😭

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  4. Ugh I missed you and I saw you on mildenhall at the Food truck rally awhile ago but i was too shy 😂😂😂 and i seen your hubby and The Bx On lakenheath 😂😂

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  6. Girl thank you so much for this! My husband just left for BMT last week and I’ve been so worried it’s gonna change him or that he will lose interest in our marriage. 😭

  7. I hate to say this but cheating is rampant in the military. It’s the environment that influences the actions. The people who cheat the most in the military are service members who deploy. Yes, the deploying person has ample opportunity overseas, especially Navy personnel pulling in to Port. It’s a bohemian environment with no responsibilities and lots of alcohol. The ports are basically set up for that very thing.

  8. My ex was an enlisted , my friend an officer. They have an affair , the army did anything just move me.
    They say if they make an investigation I will lose the benefits. Now he is out, she is a 1 lt. Gloria Rosario and they are living together. This is the real army. They act blind to avoid investigations.

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  10. Hey girl hey! I honestly love your videos and hope that you will do consistent uploads! I honestly have so many questions. I am now a military spouse and my husband is about to leave for basic training soon. How long is the process of getting stationed with your spouse? How does housing work? What do you do while your spouse is at work? Does Josh have weekends off from work, or does he work ALL of the time. I’m worried and my husband and I not spending a lot of quality time together when we are stationed together. Can you give me some insight on this? Thanks girl.

  11. My husband had never cheated on me and never even thought about it. When he went off to BMT we didn’t talk much obviously and when he graduated he went to tech school. He was 8 hours away and we’d never been so far apart. Long story short, we were strained and he just wanted to be free and have fun because he finally had some “freedom” and he “let loose”. Obviously he was wrong but it definitely happens. Just remain confident in your relationship and keep showing love. It’s hard being so far away for so long. Best of luck anon!

  12. I was with my husband for 6 years and he was military infantry and I witnessed many husbands and wives being unfaithful to their partners, including my husband. Snap chat was the devil and then he was physically unfaithful. I know that he would’ve cheated being in the military regardless because that doesn’t really play in effect but being around a whole bunch of single soldiers and the influence of drinking 24/7 does play huge roll being in the military. I’m very happy to see that your marriage has not been affect to that life style.

  13. I love that you are so honest about this. I feel like people try to make being a military spouse scarier than it is. if you have a healthy relationship to begin with, the military shouldn’t change any of that! 🙂

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  15. Thank you for this actually I have been getting a lot of military guys trying to hit me up on Facebook. I talked to a guy for not even a week he asked me to marry him he said he’s going to take care of me for the rest of my life. If I say something like you’re going too fast because I’m hurting his feelings why am I doing that to him that’s a big question mark and a big red flag. But I love military guys. Army Navy it doesn’t matter. I just find him very attractive it must be the commitment that they have to go through if a lot. And I love a man in uniform. Most ladies do

  16. I mean it when I say that the military attracts the WORST kind of people, bottom of the barrel GARBAGE with no morals or consideration for others. Every single person I’ve ever been with in the military either cheated on me or dumped me for a one-up (surprise surprise, it never lasted long).

  17. Casia, physically, this is the most beautiful you’ve ever been. Emotionally, this was the very best / honest video. DON’T stop doing this!

  18. You’re still young… you trying to be positive, but this isn’t true. you have no idea how much cheating goes on. Dual military is a very hard thing to do, this is coming from a person with experience.

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  20. We’ve missed you! Good to see you back 🙂 As for video ideas… hmm can you do a video on stuff milSOs should get familiar with or should know? I’m still kinda in the dark with everything and it has been a year since bmt. lol am I not trying hard enough? Idk where to even start…

  21. I need this cause my boyfriend is leaving for his new base today and I don’t wanna make him sad or worse for him

  22. From a black woman to another black woman, are there places in England/London that do our hair ? Lol might be a silly question

  23. My husbands last deployment he cheated on me. We were married for 13 years. We did work it out and we are still married.

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