Liberty University Counseling 505 Intensive

Liberty University Counseling 505 Intensive

Hey There! Congrats on making it this far into your program!!!! This was my experience so please double check with the professor on these tips just to be safe.

Here are some tips:

1. The class is 16 weeks long with 1 week (5 days) in VA
2. Don’t bring your books when you travel
3. You don’t need a car- they’re plenty of hotels nearby
4. Dress code is modest but not strict- ladies your good with anything that doesn’t show boobies, belly, or anything too tight or short. Guys your good with jeans and a nice shirt but others wore suits or polos as well. Either way, dress comfortable and presentable.
5. Don’t stress- Everything is going to be okay
6. It’s okay to be vulnerable with your peers
7. Make friends- exchange social media or info-stay in contact
8. Soak it all in
9. Enjoy the process
10. Be patient with yourself

Let’s be friends:


  1. Thank you so much for this video-you are literally the only info I could find on the intensives for this degree! You made me feel so much better.

  2. I love you for this!!!!! I was getting really anxious based on other students experiences. I am heading to VA for the first week of September and this was super helpful. How are the recordings? It seems like it would a while to get them done by all 3-4 people. How did you do yours? Thanks again, God sent!

  3. Is there a test or quiz we must pass during the intensive? I’m thinking about applying but the 2 seperate intensives did scare me because I don’t live in VA.

  4. Giiiirl you put my mind at ease! Thank you Jesus- Imma got you up on Insta to ask you a list of other questions I got

  5. I would just caution viewers to remember that, though it was YOUR experience that the textbooks were not used during the intensive, that this does not mean it will also be our experience in the future. I would not reccomends leaving textbooks at home unless the professor explicitly says that this is okay to do, when the intensive nears. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. This is really cool information!

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