Life After Divorce 5 Years Later | Getting Divorced | Divorce Advice for Women

Life After Divorce 5 Years Later | Getting Divorced | Divorce Advice for Women

This video is a follow-up from my Part 1 and 2 video explaining my experience getting a divorce. Five years later life is a lot different, but I have hope about the future. Getting a divorce was hard, but I am a better person now. God doesn’t want us to divorce, but he also extends his grace and mercy! Also, CeCe is deploying soon, so I want to document my last few weeks with him as well. This is the first of a series of daily vlogs I will be posting until the end of the year. #divorce #divorced #storytime #adviceforwomen #datingadvice #gettingdivorced #divorcestories #advice #divorcingyourhusband #love #relationships #couples #relationshipproblems #marriage #gettingoveradivorce #howtogetoveradivorce


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  2. I see some pretty dumbass comments here. What did Jesus say about divorce? The Gospels aren’t a buffet where you get to pick what you want and skip the rest. There is no confusion here, the "command" concerning divorce is clear. No sense in arguing about this, take it up with God- He wrote it. 1 Corinthians 7:10 "Now to the married I command, *** yet not I but the Lord ***: A wife is not to depart from her husband. But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife. Take that salt and let it burn- it will cleanse the filth and rot.

  3. My husband of 30 yrs committed adultry multiple times but this last time I caught him twice back to back. He did me so dirty I was on dialysis & dealing with Lupus. He got engaged to this thing and started a business with her while married to me then he claim we was not married. This was stupid if we were not married then how could we have gotten a divorce with legal divorce papers, going through it all she was there looking at me go through the nasty th i ngs he done to me with my sons presented and what he done to them taking them to court whrn he was denied not to put them out the house. He was terrible to me and to this day hus excuse was he wanted to enjoy his life, I was too sick, and he wanted to be with her. I forgive them but I dont care to see her bc she literally make me sick to my stomach. So now Im working on me. Being selfish right now with me and my time. Sometimes Im asking how is it a person can be married to you so long and then walk away like you was a piece of dirty tissue and sleep with someone the next day with no guiltiness. Wasted your whole life with this person and get to 50s and you back single and in thd gsme again. Its like dam this is not what I wanted.

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    People will forget what you SAID .People will forget what you DID But they will NEVER forget how you made them FEEL.

  7. Yes…when you feel like there is no way out it’s better to part ways instead of staying miserable together… tough decisions mostly set us towards the right directions.. n may your dad get better ..

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