LIVE: Divorce Attorney Answers YOUR Questions! Don't Pay $600/hour–CALL IN!

LIVE: Divorce Attorney Answers YOUR Questions! Don't Pay $600/hour–CALL IN!

Problems with your wife or husband?! Thinking of a divorce?! Going through a divorce?! Don’t have the MONEY to talk to an attorney for hundreds of dollars an hour?! CALL IN! Speak to a 20-year divorce attorney live! So many of you have questions about the custody of your children. About visitation and parenting time. About they way your husband or wife is now treating you. Is she cheating? Should you stay married or find someone else? Talk to a veteran attorney WHO HAS SEEN IT ALL.



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  1. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ sorry my guy MooseLocs

  2. If that young man loses the Ethiopian Girl trying to apply backwards, Ghetto, American logic to marriage, he will regret it.

  3. I didn’t even get MARRIED and I wish I had a contract on this shit… Moose, be real not pussy whipped.

  4. 1:38:00 a whole BOZO. This not where you want to be at 26 press and desperate for a woman he knew for 2 years, been with for a year and has been living in 2 different coast for a year. She’s definitely getting her back blown out by someone else and East African (especially Somali and Ethiopian) women don’t even rock with us (Blacks). 🤡🤡🤡

  5. You’re bent on your ways. Nothing is forever, even if it lasts 10, 20 years or 30 years, at least he is not running the street as a Homosexual or on the down low, you’re UNQUALIFIED TO COUNCIL, you keep Pressing him . Your teeth are too many it’s killing me, you’re NEGATIVE??!

  6. TLA you are a Godsend boss! Next month I will donate another Ulysses Grant ($50)! I hope one day you make a small show about post-nuptial agreements and everything that has to do with them. Keep up the great work sir!

  7. Hey tla you should make a clip of the young guy mooselocs. He’s a prime example of a hard head makes a soft ass.

  8. Immigration?
    Ummmmm TLA is not familiar with I-184 support form….permanent lifetime support to the Immigrant?!?!?

    Guaranteed TLA will re-think that immigration answer as a good reason to get married. Whoopsie

  9. Dude with the locks… he’s not going to say shit to that women about the prenup. This why all high earners are not alphas or High Value, there are plenty of simps who earn great livings.

  10. Ethiopian women have a different value system than women in the states. They are gorgeous and have better cultural values…..than women from the states……I m trying to get me a nice ethiopian women…Yes i know ethiopian means darks skinned……Ethiopian women are nice most have good values……..Still get the prenup though you may not need her

  11. I give Moose credit for taking the steps to consult before jumping in. I got baby trapped and decided to get married at 23. Really wish someone said the things TLA did to me. Problem is I only spoke to her family and they ALL gave me the green light to the slaughter house smh

  12. Lead i wish i would have seen this 8 years ago. My wife is now a narcacistic demon, where were you lead with this knowledge. i’d never got married when i did. this boy is me but he won’t listen somebody help him.

  13. He’s not lying, Habesha Women are extraordinary and loving, but the culture is very strict and closed.

  14. Why are you so bent on forcing this young man to not be with the woman he loves???? I get very bad homosexual vibes from you 🤦‍♀️ let him take the chance. You’re not good influence for him… your speech is Volga


  16. I don’t agree with the concept of waiting to mature before marriage. People don’t grow without stress. Relationships/marriage is a form of stress, you’ll only learn how to get better at being with someone by being with them.

    You’ll never truly be ready.

  17. Moose is about to get traaaaashed. He thinks his woman is the exception!! Please young man, look at the men/marriages BEFORE you! He’s a chemist that doesn’t understand human or woman chemistry!

    More than likely this young woman has caught the eye of other men, and he’s trying to wife her thinking that ring is going to lock her mind on only him!

  18. Why do lawyers avoid fighting for child tax credit to be regulated fairly between both parents. This would provide relief for fathers doing overtime and working hard to pay the child support.

  19. The young man is making a pow pow, loading it and handing it to his chicks family to use on HIM

  20. Moose is suffering from One-Itus. 3 kids and court ordered child support later and he’s gonna wish he listened.

  21. I don’t understand, moose locs wants advice correct? When he doesn’t receive information that he wants to hear , he argues against it. Young man listen to people who know … the red flags are obvious, stop 🛑 fighting it. This women may be special, but your in the honey moon phase, exacerbated by long distance “longing” … it’s masking the potential red flags, the reality of day to day living experiences. You may light up a room as a couple but wait a few years and that honey moon phase will subside. Once your faced with daily living, work , family input undermining your decisions .. it will lead to familiarity and familiarity breeds contempt. Now with that said, it’s ideal that you have a mature rational discussion about prenups and divorce. Any women that is the chosen one should be able to have that discussion without fear… if not ., then you have your last and final red flag. Do not say I know , when fact of matter is that you simply do not know .

    A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

  22. TLA: You mentioned these type of topics will not be your most watched. For us who tune in, we sincerely appreciated the knowledge you provide. Lots to learn and benefit from. Thank you 🙏!!!

  23. First time listening. As a woman i do NOT believe all women no matter what. I know what bs we can spout.

  24. This young man is exhibiting class and you’re using FOUL language to explain things to him . You are from the down low world, you are calling woman bitch and using cussing 🤬 words to be descriptive…please go council some one your own kind… (HOMOSEXUAL GROUPS) Bye 👋 Bye 👋

  25. @1:50 hell no. He’s being set up for the slaughter and he’s a willing participant. There’s an issue with immigrants & immigration that has festered for over 59 yrs. He’s also super simping…He needs to set all of the rules, wait til 30 & keep lead on retainer until he sweats all of the simp out. Leave those recent and naturalized folk alone. You’ve been warned.

  26. Lawd!!! Please let me know when Ms.Linda starts her own channel 🤣k I’m done. Lo prometo lol 😆

  27. What lead is not saying. Is these men are irresponsible. You were not married , not trying to get married , we’re not committed . And now your not financially not trying to commit to your child. In family court the Judge considers all these factors. I don’t feel bad for the guy Micheal Wilkes he has a 6 year and looks well into is early 50’s. A Old fool was once a young fool. You lay down with no consequence you get pay.

  28. Mooselocs is drinking that Kool-Aid hard. p whipped to the extremes. Lying to himself. I’d feel bad for him but this dude is choosing to put his d in the blender despite seeking and getting good advice. You’d think a black man would know about how often women accept the ring then drop the man. Mooselocs deserves to be screwed if he doesn’t take the advice.

  29. The lead attorney has a scumbag personality. I mean most lawyers are slimeballs but thanks for actually showing us how you scummy people think.

  30. Your English is poor, your Syntax is deplorable, your communication skills lousy and…anyone that puts god above their children is NOT a "Good brother, Solid brother"!

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