LIVE Q&A: Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce! Don't Pay $600/Hour–Ask Questions For FREE!

LIVE Q&A: Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce! Don't Pay $600/Hour–Ask Questions For FREE!

Episode 2! YouTube’s ONLY 20-year divorce attorney answering your questions here for FREE! No need to pay the $600/hour fee tonight! Should you get married? Should you get a divorce? Is your wife/husband cheating? Can you get custody of your children? Ask the one person on YouTube who HAS SEEN IT ALL!



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  1. Child support super chats 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Lead – thank you so much for allowing people to discuss their difficult times, so many situations don’t get highlighted. Letting people see what others go through can help others avoid those situations or be aware of them at least. Keep doing what you’re doing! 💛🔥

  3. Much appreciation to TLA and the guests, who brought up important issues such as false paternity, divorce, child custody, and child support. The situation out here is serious and brutal. It’s real.

  4. That was a great conversation you had with Larry trying to get custody of his daughter. Learned a lot. I’m sure Larry did too.

  5. Good questions tonight from the callers the foreign wife and paternity test calls I know helped someone watching

  6. Lead Attorney my fave but honey I’ll take it easy on you since you are from the South and perhaps this is still how it’s said in Atlanta but the word “Maid” isn’t as pc as it used to be and mostly the person that cleans up and takes care of your mess wether in home or office should receive a better name like “House Keeper” or anything but Maid. Just saying boo-boo. Now about those Risqué Pics in Mexico 🇲🇽 Common now don’t be a Tease we all can handle that Sabrosura !!! Haha 😛

  7. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today*

  8. In an offical prenup you need to pay for the other parties lawyer as well, needs to be a completely different lawyer than prenupers and not the same firm.

  9. Thank you for doing these streams TLA! I’m sure lesser viewed videos are AS big of a deal anymore at your size but I just did a stream that didn’t have as much mass appeal but I thought it was important. It did NOT do well and my next couple streams definitely struggled. But this stuff is so important. I will happily be the first subscriber to the new channel for these type of streams!

  10. Lead is a great gem 💎 in our culture. Thank you for your service lead. Much gratitude 💯

  11. That last lady need a therapist not an attorney. That’s a lot of mental trauma that needs to be unpacked. She still mad at the mother over a decade later.

  12. You are a good man. I enjoy watching the replays on these. You are helping so many people just being you and being here. Really lovely Sir. Thank you. 😊

  13. Watching this from Africa, its such a shame that marriage in America has come to this. Men are worried about their assets, they want a legacy but only get a visitation. Women don’t want to be barefoot, pregnant and chained under the bed so everyone’s coming to the table guns loaded. I hope the rest of the world learns from this because they say smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from the mistakes of others.

  14. TLA! You inspired my last Live on Wednesday, I had to talk about you a little bit, all good things! Lol! We luv you, see you soon!

  15. I’m new and great you are getting paid to teach us education , with since of humor 👍🏿💃🤘🏽.. Much love, I pray never have divorce , but sure is listening 👀👂

  16. Elon musk just had 2 more kids and now he’s trying to pull out of the Twitter deal. Child support isn’t a joke man.

  17. Even as a 65 year old divorced white woman, I picked your stream, LEAD, over Emily D. Baker! Love, love, love your goodness and generous service to so many!
    I’m on a Kindle since I don’t have a data plan to be in the chat.
    Disabled, but I did subscribe and hit the like button to help! 💜

  18. So the Situation with the truth is 😳😒. And the part about the spouses from other countries all I can do is sighhhh. Am Central American and I can promise you that Latin , Central American and Caribbean are experts in finessing in order to get to the United States. It’s sad that the men figure out after the fact. Anyway , awesome work tla!💕✨

  19. (July 9)
    Word of the Day: Behemoth
    A behemoth is something of monstrous size, power, or appearance. Behemoth (usually capitalized) is also the name of a mighty animal described in the biblical book of Job.
    From Merriam-Webster

  20. I feel you about the maid thing. We always have to clean up before the cleaning ladies come through. I get it. If you don’t they will nearly stack your junk and clean around it.

  21. So much pain. Tough to watch some of these stories. But it’s a must. Brave of you guys to be so honest.

  22. 7:34 – talking about Tommy Sotomayor and his trolls. Now he can’t keep a channel up for a week before it gets flagged down. Funny thing is, Tommy Sotomayor played a video of Kevin Samuels (RIP) calling his show years ago. Kevin was complementary, claiming to binge watch Tommy’s content. Kevin also did suggest that Tommy avoid engaging trolls as it did nothing but harm his content. Kevin Samuels was right.

  23. You may experience grief, anger, sadness and even joy after a divorce… and know that the challenges you had to go through during that relationship, has made you the person that you are today.
    💙YouTuber That Helps People Overcome Toxic Relationships

  24. Lead has done it again great livestream tonight. Even though we lost Kevin Samuels a couple of months ago, I see his spirit is living through Lead Attorney his livestreams is running same time at night when Kevin’s used to run. Salute to the Lead on the road to million subs.

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