Locked Up: Divorce Packet: How do you carry on???

Locked Up: Divorce Packet: How do you carry on???

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  1. Been a few months since I checked out your nuttiness. Still doin’ the shirtless, barking routine huh? Gotta go now.

  2. Thank you brother for speaking the Truth from your heart to help bring us out of our feelings and emotions that have no Truth to them🙏🙏🙏💙🙏🙏🙏🤺💪✊👊👋🙌💯.

  3. "Gives me MOTIVATION every day everytime I watch these MF videos "
    Thankyou Wes for being extreme! We all need to be a little bit more independent and work on our daily Routine.. So important 💪👊✊💯

  4. @GP- Penitentiary Life Wes Watson
    If your a Jew going into the Pen do you have to check in because of the AB?

  5. (Forwarding, I am in no way saying I could handle prison, I absolutely could not.) That being said, keep doing your shit because you’re a real one. Nothing but mad respect for you. Honest question, is there Jewish gangs in prison? Me being Jewish and a white boy I was just curious.

  6. Yo Wes I’d love to hear your thoughts on letting go of somebody toxic whom you still have an attachment to.

    LETS GO.. fuckin love you

  7. Mr. Watson is what motivates me! Because he is on some real game. When are we going to hold ourselves accountable!

  8. GP Wes you want to make it worse I’ll make it worse! Fight man. Your not hear in person theirs no you haven’t confirmed me

  9. Let me ask you this. If I continue to give my all to someone and they continually take and never appreciate should I continue to give my all? At some point it’s wasted effort on my part on a person not willing to change. Is it me giving up or is it them not stepping up? That’s the questions I’m struggling with. I feel I live my entire life for someone else and I think we all should. If I give them my all and they gives me their all then we’re both building each other, but when there’s a continuous mismatch it’s just one taking from the other.

  10. Tbh I notice your views are going down. You should do more focused vids on prison stories. Detailed accounts of fights or any event that is a story we’d haven’t heard or retell some events in more detail. That’s why your channel was super interesting. Now it starts with a prison story not detailed or long. Then it goes into these inspiring talk after which is great it’s just not as entertaining. We’ve heard the motivation talk. I’m more into the stories like prison riots. That my my 2 bit coins

  11. I smell an awesome podcast and worldwide seminars on how not to be a bitch! 👍🏻 You have to get the mind right first and the body will follow 🙏🏻

  12. “When you need to be strong 💪🏾 strengthen yourself” – Wes Watson🎙

    Yep that’s how it goes man keep up the content g

  13. Went thru a divorce 3 years ago and it took me 1 year to fully recover from it emotionally but honestly only reason it took me that long was because 6 months of that I was too busy being a wimp and feeling sorry for myself and allowing my ex to fill my head up with bs until I realized ONE thing imma fucking alpha male !!! Everything I’ve ever owned was earned thru hard work and dedication and I started hitting the gym hard I dropped 25 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle and now 3 years later I’m with an even HOTTER chick I have a 1 year baby , I’m doing way better financially and I laugh at who I was 3 years ago !!! Lol🤣🤣🤣

  14. Only person harder than an inmate is roofer. You heard it from me, I’ve seen tough ass motherfuckers broke from the roof

  15. Subscription Earned🙏🏽 look into Greg Plitt My Brother , I know you will resonate with his frequency 🔥

  16. Can’t be your own man if you have to listen to this one ? Dude panders to weak males . Can’t believe people pay to listen to this shit and honestly think he cares about your well being or whatever the fuck he says

  17. Bro looked u up cuz Matt cox was making fun of u, but 1 minute into ur video I see wat ur doing bro, I’m subscribed

  18. Will you tap is you lose all your money will you tap if your wife left you will you tap if your child goes with her mom will you tap if your program fails !!??

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