Long time Green Card Holder Getting Divorced

Long time Green Card Holder Getting Divorced

Today’s question comes from Phil, who wants to know if he should get divorced before or after he naturalizes. Phil has had a green card for longer than five years.

If you have had your green card longer than five years, the divorce shouldn’t affect the naturalization process. However, if you have had your green card less than five years, immigration can be suspicious.

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  1. Hello sir. Thank you very much for ur helpful vdioes, Sir , Q , for green card holders they have to report foreign country marriage and divorce to US 🇺🇸 immigration ???

  2. Hello Sir,, I’m married for 11 yrs, and separated from my husband for 1yr and 4 months but not legally. And now I’m planning to file for a US citizenship I’m a little bit shaky of what I need to do first because my husband wants to file for divorce already, I need some advice Sir,,that you.

  3. Phil could have filed for naturalization while he was married to the US citizen spouse at 3 year timepoint.

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