1. I don’t see why Papa SEO had to meet Gabin and apologized to her with a stash of money. It’s not like she was his first pick but his son dumped her. Also, he said the upcoming daughter-in-law is not much better than Gabin but he didn’t want to bad-mouth her to Gabin. Huh? Does it mean everything about her is bad and Papa SEO just can talk about it in front of Gabin?

  2. Nu-Shin is "giving in" because he’s LOST Sa Pi Young! He’s lost his first born. But I still have a feeling A-Mi is gonna kick him to the curb! So his karma? He’s lost his family and his mistress but he keeps his step mom! Who btw I’m thinking she wants to set Nu-Shin up Nam Gabin NOT knowing that she and A-Mi are friends! Can’t figure what Ghost Won was doing in Nam Gabin’s living room. I think Nam Gabin might try to harm herself and be successful and Ghost Won is there so they both can cross together?!

  3. I love watching your reviews. I feel bad for Hye-rung. Everyone gets love and happiness in this episode but her. The ghost plot just annoys me. They introduced the ghost kid and completely forgot about him this week. Was the ghost kid supposed to be Hye rung’s son?

  4. It very much seems like we are going to have a *fourth season?* I‘d love that 🫶🏾but what will it be about? …There are still so many questions/plots open like for example: Ghostkid, Mr.Seo’s condition, The pregnancies,Hye-rung not being possessed anymore and how she will deal with that.. etc etc

    I mean will they try to be like Fullhouse? 😂 with Dong Mi seducing the Chairman moving in, competing with Pi-Young and causing more drama along with the Maids? 😂 Dong Ma possibly toying with Ga-bin again (since he suspiciously called her) and so on hahah we will see

    I am soooo happy for Pi-Young and Dong-Ma 🤧🥰🥹she is even EXPECTING!!! All the doubts I had about Dong-Ma have faded as he genuinely seemed elated to finally be married to PY…he really loves her ☺️ The fact that she knew she was already pregnant by Dong-Ma when Nu-shin confronted her about it …made me feel sorry for him..just a tiny bit bc he’s such a loser 😂

    Poor Hye-rung 💔😣😣 I really can’t imagine how it must feel to loose a baby..so I get why she would be irritated after such a tragedy …however it’s pretty much obvious that she got her old self back …wish some of Song-Wons nice manners and characteristics would’ve stayed with her…Unfortunately I don’t believe she will make a character development…

    *Omg and Si-eun and Mr. Seo look so good together!!* They are a bit toooo laid back and prudeish but they are still cute..and they obviously still had *** somehow for her to be pregnant!! 😂 so🤷🏾‍♀️

    * A-mi doesn’t deserve this* I am starting to reallllyy sympathize and feel sorry for her …out of all the mistresses..A-mi was the most naive in my opinion..she had daddy issues, low self-respect . wanting to be friends with PY showed how delusional she is and how she still doesn’t grasp that Nu-Shin doesn’t love her one bit..Song-won had been married before and Ga-bin came out of a long relationship…A-mi seems like a teenager new to this game and trying to copy her friends by trying to get married to Yu-shin…eventhough she is nothing but a sidechick to him and doesn’t get that she is wasting her time with this verbally abusive narcissistic man.
    I hope she wakes up from her delusion. 😫

  5. WHAT! Okay, yes the maid really overstepped her bounds. I think she is one of those that has always been in love with Mr. Soe or not. We will see. She may be gone by the end of the drama.

  6. In another episode of Love Ft Paranormal Activity ghost kid disappeared and 2 grim reaper looking dudes show up. And body snatcher ghost gets evicted.

  7. The lead housekeeper seems like she is in love with gramps, I hope she doesn’t sabotage the pregnancies.

  8. Initially as I watch… fart/toilet humor seems to be a very big thing in Korean drama/film/comedy
    Must admit- darn if it didn’t give me a “giggle” 😜

  9. I think ghost Won is going to possess Si Eun, maybe because of that Se Eun is pregnant. I dont know it might seem far reached but Seo Ban did marry Song Won in the last season’s finale. Or maybe she’ll possess Ami. 1 thing for sure is she is going to possess someone else

  10. I really didn’t like Song Won dying 🙁 She was so sweet but she shouldn’t have liked a married man..

  11. I felt so bad for hye-rung I think she really really wanted a baby when will her time come😞this ghost thing is out of hand. Honestly Ga-bin is just getting tiring, Dongma and piyong are the cutest I’m so happy their pregnant I screamed lol! A-mi really needs to find her self worth at this point. Dongmi is a looney bin😂 . Yu-sin and the other dude are LOSERS LOL they’re pathetic🤚 The maids are mad jealous and bitter lol. I just love seeing the ex husbands lose their minds lol they can move on but the ex wives can’t how sad and doubled standard that is🤚🙄 ALSO THAT ENDING!! IS EVERYONE GETTING PREGNANT NOW!

    Anyway love the video☺

  12. It actually would’ve been more interesting *if Song-Won fell in a Coma* instead of dying , while Hye-Rung takes care of the baby, becomes more affectionate or (tamed lol) thus making Sa-hyun fall in love again, cheat on Song-won with HYERung getting her pregnant…it would be a mess but more likely….having all these supernatural plot lines is just so annoying 😫

  13. So hye-rung got rid of that greedy ghost and now loses the baby and everyone else is miraculously pregnant and happy and smiling from ear to ear 🙄🙄🙄 these writers must hate the actress or something lol cause her storyline don’t make sense

  14. Poor Hye Rung…. she deserves happiness too. She honestly isn’t that bad. Let’s remind everyone: SHE WAS THE ONE CHEATED ON.

  15. Always love your reviews….so much fun!!! I don’t even know what the hell is going on anymore…the scenes are so disjointed and crazy…I feel like the work of the actors of the past 2 seasons just went to shit in this last season…if you know what I mean.

    Anyways….2 more episodes 😅

  16. I loved watching what you had to say about both episodes! I think I enjoy your comments more than the show right now! 😁😆

  17. I don’t know…this drama lost the complete sense of reality…ghosts, possessions, everybody getting pregnant…I mean, how old is Si Eun? Early 50s!

  18. Why are the maids acting like someone’s spending their money? Head maid needs to be reminded of her place.

  19. Yeah, I do Not get the evil/bully maid(s) storyline…too late in the game (unless another season)
    Yes -Gabin is tragically Boring, and I have to admit it-cannot sing , sorry.
    Don’t know why her storyline is still happening…bad me.
    And I ha ha ha agree with you about A Mi …Oddly she was sort of sexy siren in first season and now – super whiny baby teen-
    I Am having fun watching Seun and Py (sp) have a fun and romantic storyline – call me la dee dah…😝
    And -well- okay- let me look at that Dogma for another season or more- call it “Dogma’s Body” 9plus keep on dressing the guy up ha ha ha
    The ghosts are a strange interlude… just letting it float by. Sad for Won- could give a hoot about Hyrang(sp.)
    I cannot tell a lie,
    I have been super fanning on this show this season. Thought I wouldn’t even watch 😳😳😳
    And every now and then- there is actually something said to ponder on….
    Also ps, the actor who plays the Baby’s Grandfather- cannot get out of this to look him up.
    I have adored him in other projects.
    Thanks again for your you tube entries! I giggle and giggle 🤭

  20. The ghost aspect of the story is out of line. The appeal of the show is showing normal people dealing with day to day issues. No ghost to complicate things. It becomes unrealistic.

  21. What’s with all the bad attitude by the servants, nothing good will come out of their vicious uncalled for drama!

  22. What can you say about these episodes…..monks, pregnancies, farting….They had everything! I’m very perturbed by Papa Seo’s view of older women. PY made him breakfast at the last minute when he comes over and all he has to say is…."If only she were younger."…?!? Then in his conversation with Ga-bin when she asks about Dong-ma’s fiancee he goes "She’s no better than you"….WHAT?!? THIS GUY! He is awful but I suppose his fixation on a woman”s age is because he wants to have grandkids related by blood and feels that these GRANDMARELLAS are unable to produce. But he is in for a surprise I guess. I mean do we really need for Si-eun to be pregs? I guess since she isn’t working anymore she has the time. Also, Hae-reon and Yu-sin are the worst! They just came to the conclusion that the Seo brothers married their exes because they must be crazy!!! Who would want to marry such old hags as they have nothing to offer? Hae-reon even said that Si-eun was done for as a woman?!?! REALLY?!? Then why did he try to get back with her a few episodes ago? What a colossal POS! I guess it isn’t just a male way of thinking about a woman’s age as the maids are roasting Si-eun every chance they can. Dong-mi admitted to A Mi that she "killed" Dr. Shin. IMO, Dr. Shin killed himself. He was a diabetic and continued to eat bad foods. He was a doctor for crying out loud so you’d think he would know better. Ghost Won has been exorcised from HR and now is she gonna possess Ga-bin? Now HR is back to her old bitchy self and that puts Sa-hyeon in quite the predicament. They should have just left Ghost Won alone and took their chances. And what’s with this obsession with J’ia that she wants U-ram to treat her as his senior? She needs to relax on that. Leave U-ram alone! PY and DM looked really good at their wedding. I hope they will have a happy ending.

  23. I don’t think pi young and dong ma will last long dong ma is very unpredictable he only left ga bin beacuse pi young screamed I won’t pi young to be happy but these storylines just keep getting worse and worse I get mr Soo and si eun but pi young and dong ma is random and uncalled for pi young could have done better for her self he is crazy and borderline stocker. He won ga bin back just to hurt her again and he better not do the same to pi young im just scared someone will scream better than her he will leave her beacuse he’s that crazy anyways the writer wrote grim reapers they could have let hye ryung keep her baby like even si eun is having a baby like come on anyways I don’t think I can handle anymore seasons of this show it went down hill after season 2 and again I would have quite the show too if I read this script and writing I would have been done

  24. I’m starting to feel sorry for AMI. She’s has apologized to PY and did her best for Yushin. I hope she leaves the house. Gabin can replace her. What’s with the 2 Grim Reaper and the maids? they are dragging the story. Though I’m happy for PY and Dongma.

  25. I think they added the head maid drama to prolong the seasons but really hope they end it in Season 3. My emotions cannot handle this rollercoaster. Also foresee Park Hae-Ryun marrying Nam Ga-Bin after all. I was happy to see the ladies – Pi-Young, Lee Si-Eun and even Hye-Ryung. I don’t particular like Hye-Ryung but don’t think anyone deserve to lose a child. That has to be awful!
    I think her husband’s parents will blame themselves for it. Maybe they will feel like they shouldn’t have got in touch with the monk. Unsure where Song-won’s spirit will go and sure we will see eventually. Yes, the ghost kid vanished somewhere. So many answers to provide before the season ends which is why I think they are purposely prolonging it. A-Mi won’t get that guy Yu-Shin unless he wants to also marry for revenge like Park Hae-Ryun. Just a big mess all around. I wouldn’t want Yu-Shin after how he treats her which is the complete opposite of Pi-Young but don’t feel pity for her since she wants someone’s else husband.
    Anyways, ex-husbands pride were hurt because they didn’t realize how good they had it and going to be replace. Ex wifes getting remarried and starting new chapters and I am all for new chapters. Just hope they get a happy ending after all!

  26. I’m happy to see Dong-ma and Pi-young married finally. He made the right choice. Gabin is so B-O-R-I-N-G!!! She could have been happier at the wedding. It’s sad that the lawyer’s wife had a miscarriage. I think she is back to her old self but the husband will accept that as this is their second marriage and he will do it for the sake of the baby. Good for U-Ram’s mom that she’s pregnant too. Guess Papa SEO has to be super happy. (Yes, your older daughters-in-law can still have babies!) Did anybody see Dong-ma’s bowtie at the wedding? It’s a plastic one!! Also, I noticed Dong-ma’s high-end fashion always has a big patch (showing the brand?) below the back neck and a row of buttons down the center back. Another men’s fashion trend in Korea? Looks like Dong-mi is trying to hook up the professor with Gabin not knowing they were an item before. Interesting to know what comes out of it. Since Dr. Shin is thinking about marrying A-Mi out of revenge, there won’t be A good ending. My guess Ban has depression issues because of his childhood. But man, he has one heck of a sad face to look at. (Maybe a good match with Gabin.) Isn’t it the SEO’s residence where the two ghosts appear at the end? Is the director telling us that the Housekeeper is possessed by Dong-ma’s mother? Can’t wait for a satisfying ending next weekend. By the way, please, no more season 4. We should all end with happy ending and move on.

  27. I don’t even know why I’m still watching this drama everything is just messed up😂😂 But it’s like an habit to watch it on weekends even my brain remembers. It is so annoying and funny at the same time🤣

  28. i admit that this drama is good, however, it seems that there’s genre shifting. They included ghosts..

  29. Not gonna lie, the combination of watching this crazy show and your potty mouth review is the highlight of my tv viewing 🤣 Who knew that ghosts have shadows too? I hope nothing develops between Dong ma and Ga bin as I’m for P-Y getting her happy ever after. The housekeeper needs to get put in her place asap. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would watch a S4, if only for your rofl comments!

  30. Okay this episode is proof that the writers are coasting and run out of gas. What The Hey? So we witnessed the marriage and the first night scene was about the bride cleaning out the wax from the groom’s ears? And where is the follow through on the little kid ghost? I find that most of these Korean dramas whittle out at the end .

  31. So step dads are an issue because they’re "Men" but a stepmom is okay because it’s a "women" like hUH! This whole age thing is also a kill joy because the way these men talk about their ex wives and how dongma and his brother are crazy or "out of their minds" because their fiances are older then them like who gives a crap lol they’re mad because their wives found BETTER LOOKING AND FIT MEN and that their kids also love them so they act out because their jealous and ig regretful. i feel like yu-sin only wants to get married and have a kid because Piyong is and he’s mad cause she’s giving another man a baby like these men are just pitiful

  32. You know eventually Head Maid is going to go down in flames. I hope it’s the Sao brothers who give it to her. It’s so weird how formal they are on their wedding nights. I feel no romantic chemistry at all between Si-eun and Sao Ban. Not one bit. I realize they’re focusing on them being more "mature" but, damn, can we see a little something? Her pregnancy feels like the immaculate conception. I will say that the actress who plays Ji-a is adding the most depth to the storylines. She’s amazing and I enjoy all of her scenes. New Shin is a mess and about to be miserable for the rest of his life with Ami. The whining and the pouting from that chic. Okay, and the grim reapers at the end. Tf?? Where is ghost child? Why are all these broken story line ghosts wandering around all over the place?? Please end this on season 3. We can’t go through a season 4.

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