"Lustful Attractions" | Deadly Relationships | Pastor Bobby Chandler

"Lustful Attractions" | Deadly Relationships | Pastor Bobby Chandler

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  1. By far one of my favorite pastors to watch/listen to. You have a true gift. Thank you for your teachings and messages. They’re truly life changing! 🙏🏼

  2. I cant even begin to explain how this series has blessed me and completely revolutionised my life. Thank you so much Pastor Chandler – love from South Africa. 🙏

  3. These sermons are such a blessing from God, they’re convicting and encouraging me so much. Be blessed Pastor, Thank you so much

  4. I wanna know more Jesus, I wanna be more like Jesus. God bless y’all! I love you and Jesus love you too
    From Brazil 🇧🇷❤️
    It’s been amazing watching it

  5. I felt this all message… If you will please Keep this Child of God who is trying to fight my battle of addictions in your prayers…

    Please & ty, Olivia


  6. I will never divorce my husband. I swore those vows to God. My husband played in the NFL and cheated all over me. It was hard, but I never divorced him. I told my husband when I married him, I am only getting married once. I will never do it again. We are separated now, but Paul said in the bible; if you separate stay unmarried or reconcile. I will just stay unmarried. God is my husband. He is my all and all.

  7. Thank you, I’ve been looking for a way out of these lustful attractions for a while. I’m praying that in the coming years I can grow more and more like Jesus.

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