Major Reform to Divorce Law

Major Reform to Divorce Law

Brief explainer: Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020

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  1. It’s only difficult because this country is so ungodly, it’s pure evil and people don’t understand what marriage actually is and what it means.

  2. If anyone can divorce for any or no reason then whats the point in legal marriage beyond a piece of paper guaranteeing 50% of the mans assets can go to the woman at her whim

  3. No fault already existed…
    It was called ‘irreconcilable differences’

    Makes no difference to arguing over the kids and money
    Divorce is war

  4. Best way to avoid this mess. Never get married! And if you do, when it all goes wrong. You only have yourself to blame!

  5. Does this change how miscellaneous marriage breakdowns will be treated? For example where an English person, marries in England a foreign person (who takes their money) and after a year, then returns to their own country. Or the sad situation, where one partner just walks out without saying why to kids and their partner. We may not think it is important, but when your kids need to know the truth, what the court records is surely very important indeed.

  6. My girlfriend is richer than me so I *should* get married, right, gents?

    And I’ll buy all you bitter bastards a beer once we’re divorced πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  7. Sounds like they are Americanising our system and making everything an order, something to be obeyed. You don’t petition the courts as if the courts work for us, no we now have to apply to our betters to issue an order. I know its just wording but its kinda gross.

  8. I did a deal, gtfh out of my life and never darken my door and never ask for anything ever again. AND I will NEVER darken your door again or ask you for anything ever again END OF.
    BOTH parties sign it and job done. I lost the lot but I dgaf a clean break was just that. Fresh start, new life, job done !!

  9. Do not get married. There is zero benefit for men, they lose, lose lose. The game is rigged. Do not enter a government contract that allows you to lose all you have worked for, through no fault of your own and only see your children on your exes terms. It’s a legalised scam.

  10. Thank you; very informative, as always. Unfortunately it’s yet another ‘nanny state’ nobody can be blamed rule ( unless it’s a man)

  11. lets make it simple. Person X wants a divorce , it gets granted , what are they tryng to cling onto , I dont know , but its very odd. Make getting married more complex , that might solve the divorce issue

  12. Thats that then, don’t marry.
    Up Next:
    New law making it a requirement that a license and proof of competence required to marry or have children:)

  13. β€œRemoves the possibility for one party to defend the decision to divorce.” I think that says enough. Unless prenuptial agreements become legally binding I foresee a significant decrease in marriage now you can be divorced on a whim. This does for marriage what zero hours contracts does for employment.

  14. Another example of how we have become a throwaway society.
    Marriage is (or should be) a one-way buy-in. Not an excuse for a big expensive party where you get to be β€˜me me me’ for a day, then Chuck it in when you’ve had enough.
    This law change effectively encourages us to consider marriage as transient.

  15. I wonder if they will share the money and property 50/50 instead of giving it all the the woman now? Of course not !

  16. There’s no point in getting married unless you’re deeply religious, otherwise a couple are just legally bound for no reason.

  17. just run. marrage isnt worth the paper its written on for men. the saying cheaper to keep her comes from being trapped in a marriage lol

  18. The only contract in the UK where the person who decides to break the contract gets rewarded. Why marry now anyway? Most of these people getting married are not even Christians. Silly really

  19. i decided to avoid getting married, then was forced into one in a third world country. now shes got her citizenship she wants to play the no fault card. & i gotta decide if its worth pursuing a forced marriage. not much help out there for the boys on this one tho…..

  20. I’d like to ask what are the next steps if the respondent doesn’t/refuses to respond to served notice of proceedings? Because they beleive they can fight it in court.

  21. Lesson one don’t get married that’s it.

    You fall or the biggest hustle there is out there .
    A Man is defined by his Actions not words .

  22. I was about to go through divorce proceedings, we had been separated for 4 years, last weekend she died which kinda put a stop to that, I knew she was ill but not as ill as she was.

  23. Watching this video should make it clear that the only way to avoid an expensive, messy, emotionally damaging(to both of you and any children) divorce is not to get married in the first place. Of course I do understand If you are both religious that marriage is the only way to cohabit that’s acceptable to the church, In which case I advise great caution before embarking on a course of action that you might later regret, Oh and good luck with that!

  24. I’ve known men in their 60s who have ended up skint & in rented bedsits because of the tricks women pull.

    Be very careful with women, they have much more power with the law than a man does.

  25. Our politicians aided and abetted by our lawyers have terminated marriage in the U.K. over the last half century so they may as well remove any last possible reason for a male to marry in the U.K.
    These laws are self defeating for our lawyers though as marriage rates continue to drop therefore lawyers incomes from divorce will thankfully reduce.

  26. It sounds like an easy way for women to clean a man’s clock in divorce court with ease. Make marriage even more senseless and obsolete. Find them, feel them, f##k them and forget them.

  27. No change on men getting fleesed or not getting to see there children just making the divorce easy and faster still not worth getting married

  28. More evidence that marriage is nothing more than a contract that someone pays for when it’s broken.
    Nothing to do with its sole reason!

  29. Simple point: men, do NOT get married. Do not even co-inhabit, as it can often be seen as "kind of marriage". Reason being that men will NEVER have any rights when it comes to marriage. Domestic abuse performed by women – quite common, but to the law and society this is not an issue, not a problem. Man raises his voice against woman once – immediately seen as an act of violence, man’s at fault, everything man’s fault, poor woman’s a victim.

    Anything bad that happens in marriage will be pinned to a man. Even everything that woman does, including cheating. It’ll all be man’s fault, man’s responsibility. Woman will literally never be seen as at fault, she’ll be always considered as a victim. There’s no "consensual" or "amicable" resolution in absolute most cases, because the law and society doesn’t support it, it’s easier to always blame a man. Things get way worse if there are children involved, because they are automatically considered as "woman’s property" and man has no rights to them. Sure, they talk about 50/50 parenting, but in reality woman can, at any time, simply not let man see his kids and there’s absolutely nothing he really can do about it, because no-one will enforce it, she is always seen as the "preferred side" in these kind of questions and she can just say "oh, he’s a bad parent to kids, abusive/violent/whatever she comes up with" and absolutely no-one will question it, will look into it. Everyone will immediately peg these "qualities" to a man and he has to prove, through lengthy process that this is not the case and even then he can never escape that stigma. Not to mention that as soon as a man gets married, woman will immediately own half of his everything, even when she didn’t bring in a dime herself and in case of divorce, men get robbed blind, in mid-day, with the support of law and society at that.

    Don’t get married, don’t get kids with them. Want to date them, sure go ahead, but if anything seems even slightly off, leave immediately or start recording, because women can blame anything on you and without a single piece of evidence needed and literally any investigation done, men will be immediately flagged as "guilty". Basically date but don’t get tied or linked to women in any way and in case of any doubts or anything weird, even in slightest of ways – drop her and forget her like a bad habit. Because there’s only one side which will get royally screwed over, and that’s a man.

  30. I’ve never understood why men ever get married. It’s just not in their interest.

    I know so many men who were taken to the cleaners. Why do it?

  31. I see an absolute disaster for men. I have been happily married 40 years now but if I was young today I would never do it. Much too dangerous.

  32. I can’t listen to any more of this. PTSD kicking in. BBB you forget that the judges have enormous discretion built in to the law which removes the chances of a successful appeal and that mostly male judges have no idea about real life or finances, so make unrealistic awards to women. The laws made by the government don’t matter! The practice of it is what matters. My appeal judges were great but their hands were tied. Unless these changes remove discretion, then these changes will mean nothing. Please reply.

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  34. No way, two people saying their relationship is over used to not be enough? You used to have to give evidence? Common sense tells you that’s so stupid. Just makes lawyers more money while parents argue and the kids suffer.

    Common sense tells you if one person wants to leave their relationship they are divorced. How one person can keep them in that against their will before is beyond me.

  35. No reason whatsoever to get rid of the proper Latin terms for things and replace them with longer less precise terms. The excuse is "inclusion" but when you do a law degree everyone learns the terms anyway.

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