1. I’m surprised the narrator didn’t give us a blow-by-blow account of cell division, mitochondria, DNA and RNA sequencing and what allergies, meals he’d had for dinner, lunch, breakfast as well as his favorite treats, his dog’s favorite and non-favorite treats, the results of his brother’s blood tests, setting up his KEO account, his 401K, the funny jokes his accountant told him, the tales from the Korean War and how he had met Mao Tse Tung. . . .

  2. Obvious thumbnail CGI click bait, is it really this easy to make money on youtube? There are no consequences for this???

  3. If this was a true story, what happened to the woman? He never touched her, she never touched anything he touched too implausible.

  4. What do I think of Mark’s story? I think it was anticlimactic and wildly over sold.

  5. This is click bate. Don’t waist your time watching this like I did. There is nothing to it.😑

  6. It seriously takes a very special kind of casually inconsiderate, disrespectfully nonchalant type of evil, to intentionally take 15 minutes out of people’s lives for something that could be told in 90 seconds or less.
    60 seconds in I thought Nooo, no one is that much of a prick, surely..but – upon checking the comments – YEP! Sure enough, someone is.
    Absolutely unbelievable. Indefensible, no matter what one says. Wow..mind boggling.

  7. There are so many things wrong with this story it is difficult to know where to begin. Allow me to sum it up: Bull Fertilizer.

  8. man goes to doctor, weird shit on fingers, doctor panics, call police, more panic, find out he touched a poisonous plant, he gets medication, he can fap again. happy end! now you know the story. also, nothing interesting to see in the video.

  9. took the video 14 minutes just to get to the point…l!!!! fk…………..sake…!!!!!!!!

  10. Really ? Talk about taking the long route Jiminy Christmas. could you imagine this fucking guy giving you directions!

  11. Could you possibly drag this out further with more superfluous thoughts and events that have nothing to do with the point? Also, as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as a flesh eating "virus". There are, flesh eating bacteria. Bacteria are not viruses. Viruses don’t "eat" anything.

  12. I remember a long time ago these trending stories got ridiculous. every one started off like: Man comes home and noticed his grass was turning brown, calls the cops.

  13. You could cut this down to three minutes and maintain the story.

    This video is riddled with medical, legal ,and physical impossibilities. It’s completely fictional. The still of the holes in his thumb is a mango worm infection photoshopped onto a thumb, not a virus. You can clearly see the larvae. Google Mango worms, but if you’re a dog lover, you may not want to.

  14. What do I think? I think this video and your entire channel is nothing but clickbait and I will never come back to this channel.

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  16. I’m glad I skipped through to the end and didn’t listen to all of it but wow that’s crazy.

  17. This should be banned from YouTube. This was the worst video of all time. Listening to that pathetic voice was like being water boarded. Additionally, it was pointless and most likely just made up to torture everyone.

  18. This is crap, and that photograph is a composite. Some years ago, somebody faked a photo of a woman’s breast exactly as this, and it was debunked almost right away. As another poster has already remarked, photos like this are made by superimposing a plant seed pod over a perfectly healthy organ. Try to be a little more skeptical, folks.

  19. I was 20 years old when I began watching this story…. I’m now 41 years old after the completion of this story….

  20. The only mysterious thing about Mark, is why did he have a picture of a ‘Lotus flower head’ photoshopped onto his finger.

  21. This story is a waste of time. Get to the point already. It sounds like a 9 year old or ai wrote this.

  22. For anyone else traumatized by the hideous thumbnail like I was – if you play Tetris for twenty minutes or so, the image will not be transferred into your long-term memory, and you will forget it. Doing a task (like Tetris) that requires visual concentration disrupts the visual cortex from being able to encode memories. (Psychologists are actually researching it as a way to possibly prevent PTSD.) You’re welcome.

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