Maplewood Counseling NJ Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy

Maplewood Counseling NJ Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy

Do you need a marriage counseling, couples therapy or help for a personal or relationships concern? Maplewood Counseling is located in Essex County in Northern New Jersey, but we can also provide online therapy and Telehealth sessions if you live anywhere in NJ. Debra Feinberg is also licensed in NY so she can provide online sessions to anyone in New York or NYC in need of a licensed, experienced and professional to help with relationship or individual counseling.

What types of issues can we help with?

Communication problems
Infidelity and betrayal
Family conflict, in-laws and parenting issues
Deciding if you can stay or need to separate
Anxiety treatment
Depression treatment
Loss and grief counseling
Help through and after divorce
Going through a break up
Mixed race and interracial couples counseling
Interfaith couples
Same sex couples and gay marriage counseling

We are open, accepting and provide a safe place for couples and individuals to get they help they need.

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