Marilyn Fettner, LCPC counselor in Northbrook IL

Marilyn Fettner, LCPC counselor in Northbrook IL

Marilyn Fettner is a professional counselor and master career counselor practicing psychotherapy in Northbrook, IL.

She answered the following questions in this video interview:
00:26 Q1. Do you specialize in treating some particular problems? How did they come to be your specialties?
03:43 Q2. What philosophy or therapeutic style guides you in your work with clients? Please explain.
06:35 Q3. How would you characterize yourself as a therapist? How would you define what you do?
09:45 Q4. From your perspective, how would you suggest a person go about finding the right therapist?
11:03 Q5. What do you believe are the most important character traits for a psychotherapist to have to be effective in their work?
13:15 Q6. What are some common misconceptions people have about therapy?
15:26 Q7. What are some important factors that help people make best use of therapy?

To learn more about her and how she can help, you can view her portal at the Agora Mental Health Network :

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