Mark Esper on the second flying object shot down over Alaska

Mark Esper on the second flying object shot down over Alaska

The White House said a military fighter jet shot down an object over Alaskan airspace Friday, this after a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina last weekend. CBS News senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang has the latest from Washington. Then, Mark Esper, former U.S. secretary of defense, spoke with CBS News about what we know so far.

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  1. Don’t believe China didn’t obtain sensitive information from their ballon . Apparently the Executive Branch is friendly to China.

  2. Look at the views on spy balloon video’s its 100X more than the other video’s people are very interested in this saga.

  3. Recent vid from "Two Bit DaVinci ( Ricky Ray) that might prove interesting about the first balloon that was shot down. Give it a look.

  4. USA must be careful because China doesn’t play. Chinese are 1.5 B and all of them are successful, it’s economy is going up with the light speed. They are working day and night no sleeping.

  5. I have a friend that is part of a group looking into this examining this thing that was shot down and what I heard is scary. An object not from earth. I’m afraid that now we will be seen as attackers by the new visitors and could be in jeopardy. There is way more but to soon to say what else was leaked.

  6. If they shot it with a missile and it was only the size of a small car (vw bug) there’s a good chance they blew the crap out of it!!

  7. We should do the same: Deploy Valentines Day balloons and shower China with Winnie-the-Pooh Valentines Day cards ♥

  8. Just STOP Saying previous balloons!!! & It’s sad that my 1st thought is this balloon was staged so Brandon can order it shot down!!!??? Again…3 balloons DID NOT traverse USA under Trump!!! That is a LIE & HAS BEEN PROVEN A LIE!!!!! PS…I am NOT a Trump fan!!! I’m just fed up with the damn LIES about him

  9. 99 balloons in the air, 99 balloons. Shoot 2 down, 97 balloons in the air. 🤣
    What and where is the other balloon that was hovering in South America?
    Be safe and be 😎

  10. Gotta love the Republican hypocrisy over all of this. They were flying all over the place during Trump’s administration, and they were oddly silent about it.

  11. I remember everything used to be hushed,,,,,we have no info,,,,,,,…….
    … it is just what you need to know !!!

  12. utterly stupid to suggest that anyone missed the balloon, it was being tracked across Canada (remember, that big chunk of North America between the USA and ruzzia?)
    the balloon was assuredley tracked and surveilled, to capture information about its communication capabilities and payload…it’s also probable that it was jammmed, or spooffed, or that the military areas overflowing had the opportunity to obfuscate their activities and equipment/facilities

  13. Joe Biden is the antichrist he promised peace but has brought us to the brink of WW3 he been bought and sold the real life Manchurian candidate

  14. I lived in Alaska. Very scary if they are trying to gather intelligence due to military installations that are there.

  15. The balloon could of been a cover up or distraction from the Chinese to fly their real air ships, I honestly believe their getting ready for war while we’re to distracted over gender rights

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