Marlins vs. Phillies Game Recap (7/18/21) | MLB Highlights

Marlins vs. Phillies Game Recap (7/18/21) | MLB Highlights

Marlins vs. Phillies full game highlights from 7/18/21

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  1. Beautiful 🎉🎩✌️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ literly great bounce back

  2. Wheeler barely looks like he’s putting any effort into throwing a casual 99mph. Always impressive to me

  3. miss chase Utley 26 hitting second he was good top ten best Phillies list

  4. Keep it up Phillies! We’ve had enough pain for one year already! Keep rollin’.👍

  5. Marlins pitcher Bender didn’t do good in this game but it didn’t help that the umpire gave him the most BS call I’ve ever seen. The pitch was almost in the middle of the strike zone and it was called a ball lol 🤔 I think Bryce was batting at the moment and he ended up getting walked 🤦‍♂️

  6. Hard to believe that the Phillies are in the very thick of the N.L. East race despite the atrocity from the bullpen throughout the season but it has been very good as of late.

  7. Also in the 7th when the pitcher had the runner off second base he immediately threw to third. If the runner had immediately sprinted back to second when the pitcher threw to third he would’ve been safe by a mile…..what the heck?

  8. Does the Phils finally taking a series from the fish a sign of good things to come lol, I feel like the marlins always win these series the past 5ish years

  9. Nice win by the Phillies and good job by the Phillies bullpen and Hector Neris this game. Now the Phillies are only 2 games behind the Mets after winning this game and the series.

  10. Would love for Falter to get some save opportunities. I could definitely see him becoming a solid closer for us. I get that vibe from him whenever he pitches.

  11. What’s all this bull about half of the Phillies not being vaccinated ,, you can still get it even with the shot,, , have know quite a few people who have been sick for days after getting it,, ,, but seriously you can still get it!

  12. I was at this game sitting row one above the right center wall. Great game. Close to catching a couple home run balls

  13. Sundays with Schmidt are a nice complement to Ben’s and Tom’s commentary. Mike Schmidt has some really good obscure remembrances and relevant insights into what we’re seeing.

  14. 6:42 Harrison is literally the last Marlin I want at bat in that situation lol not to sound harsh. Maybe if Jesus Sanchez and Jazz Chisholm wasn’t out, they’d be batting there.

  15. The versed wilderness ironically join because beginner conversely book pro a able cellar. abrasive, mushy cappelletti

  16. Love seeing Cutch try to deke the runner at 2nd by looking up over the fence before coming in to catch the fly ball, lol. Dude has so much fun out there.

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