1. पहले आप अपने बारे में बताइए आप फ्री हो या नहीं मैं आपसे दोस्ती करना चाहता हूं

  2. 5 saal case chala to ladka kharab he aur ladki kya doodh se dhuli hui he ? ladki kya ladke ki property ke peeche nahi pad sakthi ? your mentality is shit dear

  3. Devorce Ler-ki Cha-hi-ya,Ma-ra Age 60 year’s old,Ler-ki age minimum 50-55.Hindu Ler-ki ho-na Cha-hi-ya, Qualifications minimum 12th or Graduate.

  4. Mem jaruri nahi k case laba chale to usko paresan karne k liye ho sayad ladka usko vapis lana cahta ho pyaar karta ho

  5. Ma’am I am unmarried man and looking to marry a divorced woman….what points should be taken I mind before we materialized it.

  6. i am a divorcee ..i have legally approved proof that cause of our divorce is due to my ex wife …and i am a employee of psu but still i am not getting a good match ..because people have a inbuilt notion that the fault lies with the boy .

  7. Fully not agree with your views.
    If a girl would not want to give dvce and coz of that the case is hanging around doesn’t mean that the guy is not good.
    Always it is not true that a guy would be at fault.

  8. marriage certificate ke liye husband ka hona jaruri hai na sir woh aa nahi rahey hai..bachi ke document ko nikal ne ke liye marriage certificate chahiye

  9. In indian context divorcees are viewed as second hand vehicles ….where every potential person will test drive ..ask many questions ……but will not bring the vehicle home…this goes for men and women alike ..ALMOST 60% OF .MARRIAGES POST 2018 ARE FRAGILE AND ON THE VERGE OF BREAKDOWN ESPECIALLY IN URBAN SETTINGS ..PEOPLE DONT LIKE TO MARRY ANY MORE AND COMMIT UNNECESSARY RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH OTHER ITS A MAMMOTH TASK .

  10. Common guys wat about lady she is good and bad lady you now what I mins 👍😳🙄🥱🤔🧕🙏😁😃😜🙆👈

  11. How could you say that if Sec498 case consumed above 5 years that means all men are wrong? How could u say like this?Everybody not wrong, but you girls are wrong because when you people get divorced you get 50%compensation money along with 50%property, nowadays hindu girls get marring 6 to 8 men in her life just for earn money, enjoy sexual life, this journey starts from her age of 21 ends up in 32 approx in between she takkles 7 to 8 men easily, 6 months after marriage she put a false aligation like dowry on his family, the police starts to give torture to the boy & his family they will get depressed automatically, if he try to fight against injustice according to you people fake feminists is it wrong? Do you have any common sense? You dont know that our indian court will take long time to give the judgement sometimes? We boys should be careful from the divorcee girls that who put a 498 case on her ex husband because there is no guarantee of our family safty , she will repeat the same thing on us to earn money & property , how could you feel if I say all girls are gold diggers? One of the survay says that 95% sec498 cases are fake, women using this weapon to satisfy her needs and wants. I have a 1 question for you [faminist ] you people are always talking about gender equality but why you people are asking the compensation & part of property which belongs to husband? Y you people are keep quiet in this situation? Where is your gender equality? This is the gender equality? Do you people have bo shy?

  12. लंबा केस चलने वाली बात उचित नहीं है। क्योंकि चार पांच साल तो लगभग हर केस चलता ही है।

    जल्दी केस तो केवल एक ही कंडीशन में खतम होता है। जब लड़के ने, लड़की को मुंह मांगी रकम दे दी हो।

    नही तो लड़की के मायके वाले और वकील लड़की को भड़काते रहते हैं। लड़के पर और प्रेशर डालो। तब अच्छी रकम हाथ लगेगी।

    इस चक्कर में केस सालो तक कोर्ट में लटके रहते हैं।

    अगर कुछ देखना ही तो, ये देखो केसेस में लड़के के खिलाफ सबूत क्या थे। और केस पेपर को किसी अच्छे लीगल एक्सपर्ट को दिखाओ। और वो आसानी से बता देगा। केस में वास्तव में था क्या।

  13. Girl paisa kamane ke liye husband ko irritate karti hai taki husband chhor de, wah Purana boyfriend ke saath maje kaRe aur maintenance husband se leti rahe

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