Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Degree [Is It Worth It? Career Outcomes & Yearly Income]

Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Degree [Is It Worth It? Career Outcomes & Yearly Income]

Are you wondering if a marriage and family therapy masters degree is worth it? Here’s everything you need to know about marriage and family therapy such as how much marriage and family therapists make, what a day in the life of a marriage and family therapist looks like, what services marriage and family therapists offer, and the type of counseling marriage and family therapists do. If you are thinking about getting a degree in marriage and family therapy, watch this video for information to help get you started and please do yourself a favor and make sure your program is COAMFTE accredited.


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  1. I would love to pursue a Licensed independent MFT license in Ohio but I have to finish HS and undergrad first the Ohio board is named CSWMFT if your in Ohio

  2. Why a job that requires a masters degree and so many hours to get has such a low median pay wage across the board????

  3. Great video, Michael Joseph the description is very accurate. I am pursuing my license in Nevada and received my MS in California. Getting over that AAMFTRB Exam is the biggest hurdle I am facing towards my career. Its a difficult career and once you get into the thick of the career its demystified and more complex than what the movies portray the career to be.

  4. Awesome video, Michael. Personally I am a bit biased and would want to be a mental health counselor.

  5. Leave a like on the video and let me know whether or not you think a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy is work it or not

  6. This video was informative but didn’t really answer the question after which it was titled. Most people seeking this kind of information probably understand the basics like salary and requirements and are seeking your opinion about ROI for this kind of profession, as well as deeper, more interesting considerations about therapy.

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