Marriage Counseling: Expressing 1) First Understanding

Marriage Counseling: Expressing 1) First Understanding

Marriage Counseling – Expressing Skills: 1) First Understanding – Be Honest, 2) Eye Contact – Focus

Marriage Counseling in Plano / Richardson TX

TOPIC: This video is all about communication in relationships.

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– First two of seven components assessing your expert speaking abilities in relationships

– 13 Components of Being Understood

– Motivation comes from meaning and a sense of mission

-The Distinction Between Purpose and Mission

– The 18 Building Blocks of a Healthy Lifestyle


I DO have a hard question: What can I say to him that will get hi to get a job.


I make enough to support us so he feels he doesn’t need to get a job. It’s not the money at all. It’s his lack of having a job for its own sake. This is what bothers me. He is wasting his valuable time.

YES – so what do I SAY to him that won’t make him mad? When I even bring it up, he gets angry.
Wow — YES — he really IS how you say it, “Self-Forgetting”!!
What does he want? —hm, really I don’t know!

My fiance was once the hunter, when he was singe, but now that he’s engaged. How can he transition out of the “hunter” and into the next stage of life as being engaged to be married?
How do I tell him that innocent flirting is unacceptable without him thinking I’m jealous or mistrusting?
He loves attention from women.
I think it makes him feel like the Alpha, dominant guy.
Yes, he has a lot of energy. He’s very competitive in everything he does…sports, work, life. He has to be the bet at everything.
He’s super intense.
Yes, you’re absolutely right.
I try and be his personal cheerleader.
Thank you Heather. You’ve been such a wonderful help.


OK – My wife’s whole personality changes when she drinks — But she only drinks A LITTLE. –I know her system is extra-sensitive to alcohol—but what do I say to get her to stop completely?
When I bring the subject up, she just brushes me off. She just becomes a different person; not the person I married.

I am just not attracted to loose thinking, loose-minded, immature.
But it is definitely NOT ok to use Alcohol to get creative.
You said poets.
Oh, I see, so, her life is just not interesting enough for her?
So – drinking.
THANK YOU ALOT for your help tonight.


Expressing Skills:
4) Calm Disagreement – Evaluating vs Judgement,
5) Setting the Tone – Respect and Caring. (Announce Google+ Hangouts) 

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