Marriage Counseling GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! 👁️‍🗨️🖤

Marriage Counseling GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! 👁️‍🗨️🖤



Ever since moving to their new place, the energy has been off. Mar, suggests a little date night at the roller rink! After one too many drinks, insecurities arise and so do accusations! In a moment their entire relationship changed. Marlowe is in the SHOCK of her life when Ben opens up at during their counseling session.


🌟 QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will They STAY Together, for the kids? If NOT Who Will Take The KIDS?



One Smoggy night in the forgotten city of port promise, Two runaway teens, Benjamin Daley and Marlowe Tumwater. Stumbled into each other by accident. Benjamin was inside a dumpster by some old shipping containers, scavaging for his next meal
when he heard a voice call out. “What are you doing?” Peaking his head up slowly he saw her, “What does it look like? I’m dumpster diving?”

Benjamin casually tries to get out of the dumpster but the garbage beneath him collapses, pulling him in further.
With a banana peel on his head, some questionable green goo and a STENCH that could MAKE YOUR EYES ROT.
Marlowe decided to not get mad at this stranger for digging in her dumpster.

Instead, she giggled and offered a hand “Need some help there tough guy?” Unfortunately, Benjamin was ALOT heavier than she thought.
As she was pulling she lost her balance and went headfirst into the dumpster. Crashing right into Benji.

The two laughed hysterically at the situation and couldn’t believe they were STUCK IN A DUMPSTER.

Eventually, the pair managed to find their way out and Marlowe offered for Benji to stop by her campsite for a MUCH needed shower
and a meal.

Up until this moment, NO ONE had ever shown Benjamin a greater act of Kindness.
Eventually, Marlowe and Benjamin’s accidental friendship blossomed into a meaningful relationship.

Several years later, now adults. Benji and Marlowe have done their part to put the PROMISE back in Port Promise. However,
they cannot do it alone. They are calling upon members of the community to come together and work as one to return this once-bustling hub of Evergreen Harbor into the gem it once was!

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  1. Byeeeee Ben , it’s about to be a Hot Gurl summer for My Girl Marlowe perioddttt 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️

  2. As much as I love them together Ben is pissing me off! While Marlowe may have insecurities, he’s definitely gaslighting her by acting like he isn’t emotionally cheating. He’s being sneaky, flirting with his bestfriend, etc. I honestly think this is it for their relationship.

  3. I love how Ben became more of a people person after admitting and living his truth… maybe he’s forming into a new person someone who accepted himself

  4. I don’t mean to make this weird. I love you and always have but I do need to bring up a good point. I understand him finding his sexuality but there is a huge stigma on bisexual men and women that basically say we cheat on of partners. I understand you mean nothing negative by this but I felt I had to share that. Even if he was bi and was figuring out his sexuality and want he truly wanted someone who is exploring that wouldn’t cheat if they were aware they love their partner. Hope you don’t take this in a bad way or anything I just don’t really like the way his character and people who are bi and finding there sexuality are portrayed in this. Hope you understand and I hope I explained that well.💙

  5. I do think they just need take a small break from each other. They both need to focus on what they ACTUALLY want and especially Marlowe because I feel like the drama messing her up mentally and emotionally.

  6. I love this family and couple so much. What we all want is for them to be happy and best verisons of themselves possible in order to do that. I think they need to have a trial separation. Living apart. Sharing the kids and if they get back together. They don’t discuss their time apart.

  7. I kind of feel like it’s over between them. There’s been too many lies & secrets & I think Marlowe especially is just over it. I also feel like she’s taking a look at her life & she’s realising that she’s never really lived for herself. It’s always been about her & Ben & their family unit. She doesn’t have a career she has a whole bunch of hobbies that she picks up & drops & I think she just needs to be single & to work on being a better person so she can set a good example for her kids.
    As for Ben I’m happy he can finally be honest about who he is but he needs to realise that he’s journey has been at the expense of his family. He also needs to be single & to really have the chance to figure himself out without either Marlow or Knox influencing his decisions.
    I also hope Knox meets a nice guy that wont mess him around or put him in the position of being the other person or homewrecker in their relationship.
    None of the three of them are bad people but this toxic love triangle has been going on for years & they all need to cut their losses & move forward in a healthier way especially for Cale & Blossom

  8. Y’know, my parents divorced when I was about Cales age and it absolutely broke my heart then, but I completely understand now. My mom loved my dad and vise verse but they wanted different things. They’re still on relatively good terms to this day, mostly because they share a child but still.
    But, you can get out of a romantic relationship with someone without hating someone.

  9. Honestly it’s terrible what Ben has done because he should’ve been man enough to leave long ago if he had even a hint that he wanted different things. Marlowe may be scarred from this and not trust the next guy. But…I want Ben to be happy too, I just think went about it in a very shady way. Would that carry over to his relationship with Knox? Marlowe can become a business woman, while the kids are going to school etc. Maybe the business career. Ben did not give Marlowe the decision to choose whether she wanted to marry and have kids with a bisexual adult, which is wrong imo and Marlowe should look closely at that. Her right was taken away, what if she was uncomfortable? They should go their separate ways and find their truths and be happy but continuing after a huge lie like that would be negative to any relationship. The kids will be fine, both are good parents ☺️

  10. Me: Marlowe and Ben totally need to break up and move on
    Also me: *is squeeing at Marlowe’s sentiment towards Blossom*

  11. im so invested lololol and I agree with few other comments I saw that he was def emotionally cheating but not reallly physically!

  12. Although i love them together, and my heart was breaking seeing it all come crashing down. But, in the end, it would be best for both people to take different paths, and Ben should explore that other side he has never had the chance to explore before. <3 Good Luck to them!

  13. I think a break is the best thing. I’m still team Ben/Marlowe but I feel like Marlowe has been taking blow after blow this whole time and I’m worried for her. I’m glad that Ben has figured himself out but at what cost? He should have done this before he married her because I hate how hurt Marlowe is right now. It’s not fair to her or the children. I hope that they can find a way to stay together happily. I also lowkey wish some other guy would come in to Marlowe’s life and make Ben jealous lol that would be so spicy 😅

  14. My heart is breaking for them but this is just a classic story of a couple growing apart. They got together so young and have been together for so long that they never got a chance to know themselves outside of this relationship. I really do feel like they would still be the best of friends outside of this relationship, I feel like it might be best to move on before they completely start to hate each other. I want Ben to learn who he is outside of Marlowe.

  15. Knox and Ben truly belong together. Ya know what people say, if you don’t know who to choose, choose the second

  16. I think maybe they could get their old place back and one parent stays there for a week and the other stays in the new house with the kids. So instead of the kids constantly having to move around it’s the parents

  17. I’ve been here since the very beginning, and they definitely seem to have drifted apart. I think Marlowe deserves better at this point, and Ben needs to go explore a side he has been trying so hard to suppress. Not everyone can be Pace and June…🥺

  18. This is such a good series! It breaks my heart but I really don’t think Ben can fully commit to Marlow until he explores his own feelings. Being open about them is just the first step.

  19. I think they just need time apart would be good for them both. Ben won’t fully be himself unless he explore his sexuality. But I would love to see Marlow become more independent. I think she should explore university maybe take 2 classes a semester and have a freelance job on the side.

  20. I dislike the narrative is kinda like "Ben is being pushed into doing this with Knox because she’s projecting her insecurities" when she’s insecure for a reason. Idk, maybe it’s my biased opinion because I absolutely hate cheaters and I see that Ben is an okay guy. But to me, no entirely good person cheats. Also not saying Marlowe is innocent, but both of them honestly don’t deserve this relationship and I think Ben may not have bad intentions and has the right to love who he wants to love but man… Leading on Knox like that while lying to your wife whom yoy have kids with? That’s messed up.

    Btw live this series, Jen! You make me feel for these characters so much you’re an amazing story teller! 😭💕

  21. idec flirting is still cheating so him gaslighting her making her feel like she’s crazy is pissing me off

  22. This could be such a stretch but I loved the idea of Ben listening to island music on the juke box-as if he always wondered what living Sulani would be like :0 ps- Im so invested in this LP thank you for the video and your effort into every one of them, never goes unnoticed!! 🌟

  23. I feel like neither of them are 100% happy. Marlow has given Ben so many chances and I feel like he’s still confused. They can be friends and Co-parent but I think Ben needs to be alone to figure himself out. Marlow Deserves someone who won’t second guess their love for her. They will end up resentful if they keep going down this path…

  24. The problem is that they had only each other for too long.

    (Hi I just finished to binge watch the let’s play and here are my thoughts about the situation i’m sorry for the lenght and the bad english)

    For Marlowe all of her life revolved around Ben for too long. At the beginning it was the two of them against the world they need to get food to survive and find a place to sleep and after it was just the two of them saving Port promise. When they started to get a comfortable life, she wanted to get married, and have kids, she started to make plans for the future while Ben was just taking what life was giving to him. She had Ben and plans, so why explore other things ?

    Ben had Marlowe, nice ! why searching someone else he didn’t got to explore himself and his sexuality because, he didn’t had too ! And then he met Knox, and at first they were friends and they learnt to know each other and he was taking it as it was a friendship no need to think about romance because, he already had Marlowe !.

    But then Knox put romance in this story, and Ben had to think about things, things he didn’t force himself to think about because he didn’t had to do it. And Knox gave him the answer to his questions really fast "You got an amazing girlfriend" So he forgot about these questions and focused on his "amazing girlfriend" and he focused on it. They had kids, and Ben loved it, it was like he found his place. Until Knox came back.

    It’s not Knox’s fault. I think Marlowe and Ben needs to find who they are. And if the people they are can live together.

  25. I feel like they just need to split, Marlowe has been manipulative and deceptive with Ben, just like Ben has done so too just in a different way. This is not what makes a lasting and healthy marriage and I feel at this point that its been going on for so long that there isn’t much to do to fix it.

  26. I downloaded the cheating mod, broke off the couple I’ve been playing with for an entire year, instantly regretted it, and married them again right away. Some people say this game is boring, but for me it’s my chill place where love is forever and nothing bad happens, so storytelling mods are way too much lol.

  27. This situation is heartbreaking but honestly I feel like it’s just an example of a relationship that has grown apart over time and has stopped benefiting them both. Marlowe deserves better than to be cheated on, period. And Ben deserves to be able to explore his sexuality and this thing with Knox. I feel like ever since Marlowe hid the marriage for inheritance from him it went downhill. They were both hiding things from each other and it just kept growing and growing until it stunted the growth of their relationship. I do want to see both of them going forward in this LP, I would hate to cut either of them out. Maybe alternating days (the duration of an episode) with the kids between Marlowe and Ben would be a good way to go about that? Great episode as always Jenn!

  28. I think they should separate and but stay friends and co-parents! it’s going to be a strained friendship at first but it’ll grow again over time, just in a new direction. ben can explore his feelings more and marlowe can explore her job options LOL. but really I think they’d live together for a few more months as marlowe works out her money and then maybe they live close together so the kids can easily visit them both?? maybe marlowe can find love as an elder? but i’m really curious to see how their relationship effects how kale sees relationships as a teen/young adult!! also maybe you could have people make sims to be in kale’s friend group as teenager?

  29. this roller rink venue was so cute!! idk why I never thought of making one of those. where is this one from?

  30. I don’t know. I would be concerned that Ben will become fickle. Does he truly know what he wants?? Is he really and truly happy ? I just don’t want Ben to do this whole sexuality experiment while he is with Marlowe. Marlowe doesn’t deserve that

  31. I’m sorry to say this, but Marlowe and Ben should just put an end to this shit show at this point.
    I understand that Ben was struggling with his sexuality, as a bisexual who has had to deal with coming out and internalized homophobia myself, but if he does not feel comfortable enough in his relationship with Marlowe in order to confide in her about his issues, it means that there is something deeply wrong there. Also, the fact Ben went so low as to actually consider cheating on his wife and to go and kiss Knox (which is still cheating, no excuses,) says a lot about him as an individual. I understand the anger he must’ve felt when Marlowe accused him of cheating, but it still isn’t a good reason for his actions and I can’t consider him a nice guy. He needs to get his head straight, no pun intended.
    Now, I’m not going to only bash Ben, because Marlowe hasn’t been the best either. She basically rushed their relationship into marriage in order to get that inheritance money and never told Ben about it, which, again, says a lot about their trust in each other. Moreover, she has often jumped to conclusions or has been really brash when it came to confronting Ben about his secrets.
    I believe they should just divorce while their friendship is still salvageable, so the kids can be spared as much of the possible trauma that comes with such a separation.

  32. It’s definitely time for them to go their separate ways. It’s super sad when relationships end but I really feel like they will be better as friends and coparents, than as a couple. Marlowe should definitely go back to teaching, and have her own income, and she should move to a smaller house, and rebuild. Ben should truly explore his relationship with Knox, but casually since he is getting out of a long term relationship. Omg it’s just so sad, but sometimes you have to cut the finger to save the hand

  33. Honestly I think Marlowe just deserve better , I think it’s time to just end their narrative so she could really find her true twin flame/ soulmate

  34. I feel like they need a separation. They’ve been together since they were teenagers. They need to explore other relationships, before figuring out if they should stay together long term or not.

    Okay but also I want to add something. I feel like the kids should be with Ben. I feel like for Marlo and her income, she should have them on the weekends for now at least. I feel like in a real life situation the courts would take notice that Marlo hasn’t worked at all in years. And when she did she was fired a few days in. But only she lands on her feet, with a job and finding out herself, she can have the kids full time.

  35. I think their love has grown into a different kind. I dont think he would ask Marlowe to move out or anything if they did separate. They could totally be a cute co-parenting family living in the house together as best friends

  36. i’m just catching up on this lp, and i agree that maybe separating is a good decision. neither of them have been able to explore themselves since they were kids, and i think ben’s conflicts about his sexuality are valid and normal. i also think that, understandably so, marlowe is not in an emotional state where she can understand that. i think they both definitely need therapy, and that time apart could be good for them!! my parents got divorced when i was little and although it was rough, they were still amicable for my whole childhood and still are! hoping for that for ben and marlowe, for their sake and the sake of the kids!

  37. I think Ben and Marlow need to get a divorce so they both can better themselves. But maybe the stay living together for the kids. They obviously both still love each other platonically. That way Marlowe doesn’t have to struggle to get back on her feet and they kids can still have both parents, while they figure out their lives without each other.

  38. I feel like it would be really interesting to see a divorce in a series like the filing of divorce, custody of the kids visitation and holidays I think it would be an interesting dynamic

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