Marriage Counseling in San Antonio TX | McAllen TX | Dr Martha Alaniz Ph.D., LPC

Marriage Counseling in San Antonio TX | McAllen TX | Dr Martha Alaniz Ph.D., LPC

Relationship Counseling in San Antonio, Living your best years together

Relationship help is available for couples undergoing difficulties in their romantic life. Sometimes we let the stigma of mental health get in the way of actually solving our relationship issues in a calm and effective manner. Overcoming obstacles is a natural state of being in a relationship, the problems arise when communication is not at its best and misunderstandings grow every day. Yet, there are effective treatment plans and options for couples undergoing difficulties in their relationship. We offer couples counseling in San Antonio.

With the right relationship advice and proper counseling, most couples can overcome premarital and dating issues. Communication is an essential part of any relationship, with the right kind of tools, a relationship counselor might guide you towards archiving more effective communication channels and change destructive patterns within the relationship.

We can help couples by offering:

Premarital counseling
Family counseling
Dating counseling
Anger management
Singles counseling
Infidelity counseling

Counseling can help you archive your goals, organize your life, find effective solutions, and overall improve the quality of your life. In the mental health profession, counselors help patients identify thought patterns and modify destructive behaviors that might be interfering with their life.

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