Marriage Counseling Miami | Marriage Counselor Miami (305) 552-0049

Marriage Counseling Miami | Marriage Counselor Miami (305) 552-0049

(305) 552-0049 Marriage Counseling Miami | Marriage Counselor Miami

Successful Marriages are not a matter of good chance or a luck of the draw, but the result of careful attention to very important steps taken in the right direction. For this reason, basic “instruction” of marriage forms the basis of real success and allows couples to avoid side stepping into the polar opposite result of “destruction.”

A great marriage is the product and result of two mature adults who desire to understand, attain and fulfill the purpose of the marriage relationship. The complex nature of the marriage relationship does not allow for good intentions as sufficient to achieve success.

Welcome to Save Your Marriage. Save Your Marriage is a cutting-edge counselling program founded by Dr. Joaquin and Yvette Molina. The Save Your Marriage program core is practical advice and counseling from some of the world’s best and most experienced teachers. Dr. Joaquin & Yvette Molina founded Save Your Marriage with a vision to reach out to people everywhere who are suffering the painful reality of separation, divorce and broken marriage.

Through powerful insights of wisdom and the practical application of day to day relational truths, they have encouraged hundreds and thousand of couples to embark in the restoration of their marriage and begin afresh a new journey in life’s greatest adventure.

For more information give them a call at 305-552-0049 or visit their website at

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