Marriage Counselors, What Couples Can’t Be Saved?

Marriage Counselors, What Couples Can’t Be Saved?

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Marriage Counselors of Reddit- Has a couple ever come in where you knew you couldn’t help them?

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  1. 2:45 very true indeed

    6:40 one of the few occasions where maybe stubbornness turned out for the good, good for them

  2. 06:10- Plot twist is that was the counselor’s plan all along. Never underestimate the power of human spite.

  3. "But you´re a marriage counselor, you´re suppossed to fix our marriage" 😂 funny and sad at the same time

  4. I had one couple, the husband didn’t exhibit Antisocial Personality Disorder, he was a GOD DAMN SOCIOPATH. He’d have given Ted Bundy the creeps. In session he’d glare his wife into silence, gas-light her, belittle her. It was a horror show.

    At the end of the last session he strides out of the office ignoring that his wife is even in the room. Just before she leaves she turns to me and asks "is it ever going to get better?" I look at her and say "no, its going to get worse and you need to leave while you can."

    My supervisor said I’d been unprofessional, maybe even unethical.

    I sleep like a baby every night though. Not sure I could do that if I’d continued on and the wife had been hurt.

  5. What I’m hearing from most of these people (the ones who are dragged to therapy by their spouse) is “I don’t want to be the bad guy for breaking up… let’s have someone else do the dirty work and confirm what we already know. They’re a professional, so obviously they know best”.

  6. Weirdly enough, the whole “they come because it’s over” is like the equal reverse of my premarital counselling. I was expecting relationship advice but it was just us complaining about how annoying our mother in laws are during wedding planning. Great sessions.

  7. Of anything people should go to MC when the marriage is good… To keep things good. If you don’t go to MC until it seems like shit is over, shots probably over. And probably should be.

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