Marriage, Cruelty & Divorce. Watch Top argument by Senior Lady lawyer in Supreme Court #law #legal

Marriage, Cruelty & Divorce. Watch Top argument by Senior Lady lawyer in Supreme Court #law #legal

Marriage, Cruelty & Divorce. Watch Top argument by Senior Lady lawyer in Supreme Court #law #legal #Advocate.

In this video the honble Judges at SC of India in a bench headed by Hon’ble justice SK Kaul, gets to hear top argument from Senior Lady lawyer V. Mohana. Patna High Court Karnataka High Court Live Stream.
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  1. Why husband harrass their wife by filing a divorce completely in other state where they maintain extramarital affairs why you can’t penalise such men ??

  2. Case 1: If suppose a cruelty case was against wife.
    Who made her cruel, what are the acticities of husband makes a wife cruel, severity of cruel is equal to the amount of mental torture given to wife

  3. In any case of india must be complete the case with in 5 years. The government of india will spend the money Atleast 40 billion us dollars

  4. How can we call this a dissolving marriage when court doesn’t understand the mental torture and living a life thereafter? Another point both the lawyers are trying to earn out of this case.

  5. If I am judge I can grant divorce if husband and wife separate more than two years. Don’t want discuss. Simply waste of time

  6. Personal relationship like marriage should be best settled among families by wise experienced elders and parents , not by lawyers or judges. It will just drain you out from your wealth and time.

  7. Shame on Indian judiciary if justice take 22 guilty on part of Judges….how long human life is … marriage laws in India are mockery for innocents….feel ashamed as citizen of justice take such a long time

  8. In one country there is a different laws for Muslims, Hindu in devorce matter is this fare ? There should be some faster decision in this matter rather then extending it till several years.

  9. मैडम वकील साहिब, आपने सही कहा है कि विवाह सिर्फ स्त्री पुरुष का मिलन नहीं बल्कि दो परिवारों और उनसे जुङे रिश्ते नातों का भी मिलन होता है। परंतु दु:ख की बात यह है कि विवाह जैसे पवित्र बंधन को कुछ अविवेकी लोग बदनाम करते हैं। लिव इन रिलेशन क्या है, क्या भारतीय सामाजिक परंपराओं का हनन नहीं है?

  10. If a wife is not able to do household work whether she is suffering from health issues, if any how long , what are the treatment taken to cure, how is the cause of her illness,
    Suppose A hudband says i am not able to bear the medical expenses
    You can even say go for personal loan
    Women Domestic violence is more

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