MARRIAGE GOD's WAY | Marriage For The Glory of God – Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice

MARRIAGE GOD's WAY | Marriage For The Glory of God – Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice

When a husband and wife institute God’s principles of marriage in the Bible, a solid, healthy marriage results. We must cling to our spouse and become one flesh. Marriage involves a oneness between a husband and wife. Our marriage can be used as a picture to show others the love of Christ.



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Our focus is to inspire, motivate and encourage believers in their walk with God.

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  1. Loved this video, I’ve been married almost 29 years, my wife told me this past feb. she wanted a divorce, we have 16 yr old twins,. This is tough, I’ve prayed, my children have prayed, I’ve been reading the Bible every night trying to find answers, I’m heartbroken & this whole ordeal is taking its tole on me. I know Gods will is not for us to get a divorce, please pray for me & my family, please….

  2. Satan hates men, and Satan hates women, and yes he tries to destroy them in every way he can, like a mirror showing the glory of God he tries to deface; but above all he must hate marriage, because our union with Jesus he detests above all else. Stay strong.

  3. A Good partners they emotionally attach god to get a successful and happy marriage. As a good couple they believe each other, they acceptance each other at any situation, they ready to for give each other. then marriage become a successful.

  4. I m waiting patiently for husband 🙏💐 I have meet one guy but he rejected me by saying he is feeling negative from inside and not able to talk me….now he is engaged with some other women…. Want to forget him…. I m feeling sad…. God please give me strength and bring my right partner infront of me….. Who is above all

  5. Pray for me Christian family. I’m soon to be a soldier and have plans to take a woman’s hand in marriage and build a future with many kids. I want to bring my relationship and marriage to God first and teach my children about God and His unfailing love. I felt it necessary to post this here because I am uncertain of the outcome so far. All I know is the the Lord has plans for me and I am called according to His purpose over my life. Pray that the relationship I seek and the future I intend to build is sanctified through Christ. And please pray for my safety on the frontline. Family is one of the main reasons I intend to return home alive and delivered back to my wife to be. Also any verses that you recommend I should look up please post them in the reply section. Thank you and I love each and every one of you.

  6. Man, before you get married, identify first what form of a puzzle that you have been lacking in your life. Then, find a woman that fits for you. A woman who can give you a purpose, meaning, and can make you a whole person. Then provide your woman a full honor, respect, love and value so that she will stay nurturing your marriage until the end of your time.
    It’s difficult to find a needle at the dessert so you must be wise of choosing what is right for you. Its also difficult to fill in a gap which form is broken, so be sure to see yourself if you are worthy to build a family. Marriage is not a game that when you loss, you will play with another team again and again. God only give you a gift once that is everlasting. so Ask Him, Pray for it.

  7. I am sinner I was with a man the father of children for 17 years since we were teens I love him so much never was married legally we went through physical emotional abuse addictions with Drugs alcohol and among other things I always had a job to be able to maintain my daughters and family I asked him so many times crying my heart out to him I prayed cried out to our Father in Heaven for us to change our ways he heard my tears my daughters father tried but would go back to it and he would pull me back in I was so scared I don’t think he understood that until I prayed and said no more of this life my daughters and I seen a lot of things I got us out of their with the Grace of God and families help now I separated from him and even though I still love him and I still see him and I want to be with him and struggle with my walk with God pls pray for me and my family Heavenly Father forgive me for all sins you are my strength my motivation my savior my everything with out you I would not do it you are my one and only in Jesus name I pray Amen

  8. Hopefully I’ll come back to this comment
    The moment my husband finds me.
    I’m patiently waiting lord, I trust you. 🙌🏽🤍
    God Bless you all 🙏🏽

  9. If this channel has blessed you, make sure to subscribe & share it with others & lift them up to the Lord!

  10. Please pray for my marriage. Every time I have a day off of work we argue. I love her and I want her to be my wife and I her husband. But there’s no respect nor love. I feel more hate then love. Every time I get to spend time with her it’s just anger all the time.

  11. I am Nathan Moses from India aged 34. I am pastor serving God. So God’s people please pray for me to get a suitable girl for my marriage who is dedicated to do Lord’s ministry with me.

  12. What if your husband changes his religion and you are not in favor of it. What if his new faith and beliefs does not reciprocate with that of yours? What should a wife do =(

  13. My Christian fella is out there I trust the Lord with all my heart ❤️ don’t give up sisters he’s out there

  14. Need God to help fix My marriage ✝️😞 6 years 3 years married and 2 beautiful kids. We have had a up and down relationship i want us to be better, Please Pray for my Husband and heal him and make him understand that he has a wife and kids who love his unconditionally. Im not perfect but im working on myself. Home is with him and my kids. Currently separated but praying god brings us back together and STRONGER✝️😔♥️

  15. Pls pray for me and alferius may God forgive us and show mercy on us. Me and alfe was in love for 6yrs but his parents has found a girl for him without his permission pls lord I beg you unite us with your mercy and grace Amen

  16. Nope for me God is 1st and Family is always 2nd my Friend is 3rd and if I had a Boy-Friend they are 4th or if I was married with a Husband they’re 4th

  17. I wasn’t fully committed to my spouse 😪 I recognize this though and I learned alot on the journey. Won’t make the same mistake again 🙂

  18. -become one flesh
    -#1 physical relationship (2nd to God)
    -cleave: glued to my husband
    -RESPECTS husband
    (women need love & men need respect)

    -LOVE husband as you love Christ
    -put his needs above yours
    -make sacrifices

  19. I’m 25 and single, as badly as I would love to have the woman I’m meant to marry forever by my side right now, I know I’ll have to wait since everything happens on Gods time, not mine. But that won’t stop me from praying about it happening sooner rather than later.

  20. But put God first before your marriage because He is the The foundation of marriage and relationship with all believers in Christ.

  21. Just got back from purchasing the ring. Her mom help me with her ring size.. thank God.
    I wanted to meet her and purpose to her somewhere by ourselves. Now her mom wants it done over dinner with the family on Friday night.. I’m nervous now…lol
    Either way I want to do this before I leave… I’ve loved you for years (R) and never thought I would move so fast but it feels right.. God please help me threw this on Friday..🙏

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