Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton

Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton

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Marriage is something that is so important to people. In fact, you probably thought about what your wedding would be like as a child.
When people go into a marriage they think so much about their venue, their cake, their guest list — but they never really think about what they are signing up for. Marriage is, legally, one of the most important things you can do. You are signing away half of your life. And there’s nothing wrong with that – if it’s the right person.

On this episode of The School of Greatness, I brought on someone who knows so much about people being with the wrong person and how to set yourself up for a great marriage: NYC divorce attorney James Sexton.

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Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton


  1. Hi, love this conversation. This is all good if you are not married to a person with a personality disorder

  2. you have to be on the same vibrational level. some spouses want to move onto higher vibrational levels while others like the lower levels to learn more–no judgment here. but the clash of a vibrational level is the true and only cause of divorce. of course if you have two low level vibrational levels, the marriage won’t last anyway.

  3. I clicked out when he said marriage was man-made. It’s not, and that’s why marriages are failing. Marriage was made by God, two people have to honor the Lord first in their marriage and then each other

  4. What an intelligent man!! So glad he’s putting all his knowledge to good use!! It is no accident his name is Sexton though. Got to love the universe !!😊

  5. Wife and I celebrated our prenup with a matching set of monte blanc pens, this is all great premarital advice!

  6. Sometimes you just need to walk away….you do not need to always work things out….just leave…oh and people can lie to lawyers…they are called narcissist….

  7. My divorce attorney gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

    He saw that I was a 40 yr old woman who had 2 sons entering high school. I was willing to take a job anywhere to "get out" of the emotionally abusive relationship I was in.

    My attorney recommended I go to school, to achieve my dream of becoming a pastry chef while still married….since I wasn’t planning on getting into another relationship any time soon.
    It seemed impossible to do, but I did it! A week later, I was enrolled in culinary school, graduated a year after and still chose to divorce my ex, since therapy got us nowhere.

    It’s now 10 years later, and I realize that the attorney helped me to see I didn’t need to settle for "survival " but rather to go after my dreams.

    So, please don’t be afraid, but rather put your dreams in your focus, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there! You can do it! I did. 💜

  8. Isn’t this a conflict of interest listening to marriage advice from a man that makes money from failed marriages 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Divorcing because we like different things ? Nah…..that’s where we compromise and get to do things that we don’t like because the benefit of it is our partner’s hapiness so,our own hapiness as well…..

  10. I used to beg my ex for affection. I said this will eventually lead to our divorce..

    It eventually did but he never really loved me. I realize that now

    We separated because he did the most haneious thing
    After I said if you don’t want this just let me know don’t playme.

  11. 15 years in and for us its about:


  12. Consider looking at cultures where there is no divorce. In cultures where life-long marriages is a norm, how do they prepare the young for the institution of marriage, how do they survive adjusting to living with another person, how do they stick together through the years?

  13. My dad married three times and my mum married twice. I plan to stay married till death. I do not want to be like my parents.

  14. The 3 truths that James Sexton has learnt from life:-
    1) The hard thing and the right thing are almost the same.
    2) It is all about connection.
    3) Don’t take it so seriously.

    James Sexton definition of greatness:-
    Greatness is diving deeply into what you do, identifying the things that make you alive & connected.

  15. We are the 1% been to hell and back…it’s a choice…today healthy and whole. I will however never go through that hell a second time. If you want to go, there’s the door. Each one needs to be 💯 percent committed to the relationship.

  16. i see many people married unhappy just breathing unhealthy lifestyle of comfort food obesity or other bad vibe like
    i know i cannot live with a person that chews loud and messy
    and yes must love to be affectionate no nagging no judging wake up with a happy demeanor

  17. This was really valuable. Thank you for such powerful insights. Gosh, I better dive into my journal and reserve some chats for my boyfriend and I. Will "hit send now" just now! 😅

  18. I am in my mid 40’s and after all these years thinking my happiness lied in marriage or a romantic relationship, I am thanking the universe that it never happened for me. I never thought I would say this and really mean it but I am so thankful I never married and I am single. I am the happiest I have ever been.

  19. This is a western culture whereby marriage is an exchange of benefits. Love shouldn’t come from the outside. You should enjoy your inner nature. Life is rooted in reality, not thoughts and emotions. Divorce lawyers see how this cycle binds you. Spirituality sees how this liberates you. It is the ‘ humanity’ aspect that intellectuals miss.. The US is populated with " how to…." books and I’ve seen little results. Instead of running and looking all over the places , take a step forward. Existentially if you want to move forward, you do something existentially within you. If you gather those psychological things and think you will move on, you will not. Listen to the Indian gurus.

  20. Marriage/divorce causes a huge number of problems in society. Fighting, domestic violence, broken families, damaged children, financial stress, anxiety, depression just to name a few.
    So What’s the solution? Simple. People should NOT marry.

  21. @11:40 Wait… I get what this guy was trying say with his car analogy, and the underlying message of “choose wisely” (which is good), but it seems quite flawed…. A real case of apples to oranges. Picking one car for the rest of your life isn’t really comparable to picking a person. Simply due to the fact that: people are always changing, growing, learning, but cars are not. So yea, a Lambo stays as is but people do not. In fact, there’s plenty of experts in the field of relationships who’s work shows just how adaptive us humans really are, as well as how we can alter the trajectory just by how we choose to show up in our relationships. (E.g. Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. John Gray, Esther Perel, & Dr. Brené Brown just to name a few)

  22. This is the first time I have watched one of your interviews. I was engaged from the first moment to the end.

  23. "My job is to tell stories, my job is to put a halo on my client and horns on the other person" – divorce lawyer making it worse

  24. I have never met a lawyer that ever made me feel protected. They are mostly wishy-washy & noncommittal in their advice.

  25. Although I see his point and agree that throughout most of History marriage was more of a contract between families than a romantic liaison, marriage is not a societal thing. Marriage was initiated by God as a means of procreation & a means of protection of women and children. Marriages were designed by God, but I’m guessing what he really meant was legal marriages in society, which does pretty much the same thing – which was initially to protect women from male predators, and to protect children as well.
    I’ve noticed that people who actually live their religious beliefs tend to fare better in their marriages… & I mean people who actually walk the walk.

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